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Safer Communities Manager. Putting Victims First.

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1 Safer Communities Manager

2 Putting Victims First

3 Out goes the……….. Anti-Social Behaviour Order CRASBO Gating Order Dog Control Order Designated Public Places Order Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Drinking Banning Order Individual Support Order Section 30 Dispersal powers S27 notices……….…….and more Putting Victims First3

4 Why change? Perception current powers do not work Putting the victim first Simpler – Cheaper - Quicker Themes of Place and People Further guidance at www. Putting Victims First4

5 Community Remedy Gives victims of ASB and low level crime a say in out of court punishments PCC to develop a suite of options for victims to choose Consultation at www…………………. Reparation, apology, Restorative Justice, payment, positive activities, Acceptable Behaviour Contract Putting Victims First5

6 Community Trigger Victim’s right to request a review of their case Three ‘Qualifying Complaints’ in a six month period where victim feels inadequate response If accepted a multi-agency review meeting is held Action plan developed and Lead Agency work with the victim Piloting in Poole – Pan-Dorset Procedure Putting Victims First6

7 Civil Injunction To stop or prevent individuals engaging in ASB Councils, Police, social landlords Balance of probabilities Two tier test – housing and non-housing Can include ‘positive requirements’ The council and social landlord will prosecute Putting Victims First7

8 Criminal Behaviour Order Issued in criminal court upon conviction Individuals are persistently anti-social and engaging in criminal activity CPS prosecutes upon the request of police or council Scope for positive requirements Breach is a criminal offence – fine, supervision order, imprisonment Putting Victims First8

9 Dispersal Powers Replacing s30 and s27 dispersal powers Police powers only Requires a person acting, or likely to act anti-socially to leave an area for 48 hours A police inspector must have designated in advance a specific area for the powers to be used Putting Victims First9

10 Community Protection Notice (1) To stop a person, business or organisation committing ASB Council and police powers, social landlords can request designation from LA Chief Executive Behaviour having detrimental effect on the quality of life, is persistent or continuing & unreasonable Breach is an offence – Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100 or prosecution with a fine (£2500) Putting Victims First10

11 Community Protection Notice (2) Written warning issued first If behaviour persists CPN issued Remedial works, seizures and forfeitures Behaviours include – loud music, untidy sites, disrepair, verbal abuse, unauthorised works, street drinking, begging, busking, nuisance vehicles, neighbour disputes and so on A powerful new tool with a variety of applications Putting Victims First11

12 Public Spaces Protection Order To stop individuals or groups acting anti-socially Council power in consultation with police, PCC and community Behaviour having or likely to have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of the community Specific area has designated restrictions or requirements eg street drinking, ASB, begging, littering Breach is an offence – FPN of £100 or prosecution Putting Victims First12

13 Premises Closure To close a premises which is used or likely to be used to commit nuisance or disorder Council and police powers to close for 24 or 48 hours (notice) or six months (court order) In the order no one specified can enter the property Breach is an offence – fine and/or imprisonment Putting Victims First13

14 Impacts for Poole New powers – new learning for officers and partners eg Council must now prosecute breaches Which partner does what, when and to whom - partnership protocol under development One decision required at this stage – level of fixed penalty notice - proposal to set at maximum of £100 – members views sought Putting Victims First14

15 Questions Putting Victims First15

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