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Literary Concepts in The Giver

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1 Literary Concepts in The Giver
Deep Analysis of The Giver

2 Foreshadowing = Hints & clues about the future
Jonas receives a memory of the sled as his first memory Lily points out that both Jonas and Gabe have pale eyes (“knowing eyes”) Rule #8: You may lie “Changes” – the apple, the audience and Fiona’s hair Jonas is chastised for claiming he’s “starving” Jonas is on the sled at the end Both boys have the ability to “see beyond” Jonas starts to lie frequently Jonas can see pigmentation (permanently) Jonas is starving to death at the end

3 Foreshadowing Continued…
The myth of the man using the river to escape

4 Foreshadowing in Mr. Ryan’s Life
Mr. Ryan’s old fiancée always wanted new things Mr. Ryan was tall and quick Mr. Ryan’s mother and uncle are teachers She eventually wanted a new significant other Mr. Ryan became good at basketball Mr. Ryan became a teacher

5 Symbolism = Something is something else (figuratively)
Glee Killing of memories Dove (symbol of peace) The journey Bitterness Hope, “Open Eyes” (figuratively), Strength of God? Protection from community Escape (Flee) or Path Float on the surface (showy) The Sled The River The Annex Elephant/Poachers Gabriel Lily Asher Rosemary Jonas

6 Symbolism in Mr. Ryan’s Life
Wedding Ring Small Car Beard Love and devotion in marriage Laid back/Doesn’t care about image Free spirit

7 Mood = the feeling the author intends to give you as the reader
The plane flies over the community Jonas sees the apple alter Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory in training Jonas watches the release of the twin Jonas and Gabriel on the sled Uncertainty/Bewilderment Inquisitive/Intriguing/Mystified Apprehensive Mortified/Rage Gleeful???

8 Mood in Mr. Ryan’s Life

9 Themes/Main or Central Idea (inferred) = universal ideas throughout a text
You need both pleasure and anguish in life The importance of the individual Learning from mistakes Protecting people from themselves Good and bad memories Everyone is the same except for “the pale eyes” Only Jonas and the Giver can learn from previous generations mistakes; the community can only learn from themselves Nobody gets to make their own choices

10 Themes or Main/Central Idea (stated/inferred) = universal ideas throughout a text
“Memories are forever” “[Caring] is the meaning of everything” “Memories need to be shared” Ignorance is bliss Love is… Integrity is… Intelligence is… Courage or bravery is…

11 Themes in Mr. Ryan’s Life
Always try your best You can always change but you can’t change the past Mr. Ryan worst grades have been a C+, C+ and C Mr. Ryan still lives with his mistakes from high school

12 Cause and Effect (when something makes something else happen)
He gets voted to be released She asks for her release He stops taking stirring pills Gabriel does not sleep soundly at the nurturing center… Rosemary can’t bear the anguish… Jonas wants to start “feeling” more… Rosemary is released Jonas accidently transmits a memory to Gabe Add two more

13 Cause & Effect

14 Internal Conflict = problems with yourself (decisions/choices) Person vs. Self
Jonas can lie but doesn’t want to Jonas can’t decide what assignment to focus on Jonas wants his stirrings but has to take the pills (Students add two more) Avoids questions, answers other questions, and lies Does many different assignments during volunteer hours Jonas stops taking the dosage

15 Internal Conflict in Mr. Ryan’s Life

16 External Conflict = problems with someone or something else (Person vs
External Conflict = problems with someone or something else (Person vs. Person, Nature, God or Society) Jonas discovers his father kills babies Jonas is literally starving with the snow and hill being obstacles Jonas has to follow the rules of the community or risk “release” Jonas going to heaven??? Add two more Person vs. Person Person vs. Nature Person vs. Society Person vs God

17 External Conflict in Mr. Ryan’s Life

18 Simile = comparison using like or as (compare uncommon things)
Jonas is like an elephant The Giver is like a light switch to Jonas Asher is as dumb as a doorknob The community is as blind as a bat (Students add three) He never forgets He turns the light on for Jonas (figuratively) Doorknobs can’t think – Asher is easily controlled Bats use sonar and the community is blind to what is happening

19 Similes in Mr. Ryan’s Life

20 Metaphors = comparisons using am, is, are, etc
Metaphors = comparisons using am, is, are, etc. (compare uncommon things) The Giver is a switch The community is a trap The sled is a life jacket The river is a treasure map (Student adds two more) He shows Jonas the “light” (the truth) The community tricks the members into many things Helps Jonas escape the community The river leads to escape (Elsewhere is the “X”)

21 Metaphors in Mr. Ryan’s Life

22 Alliteration = using the same consonant at the beginning of a word (at least three times)
“He’d been sleeping so soundly” The Giver gives good and gleeful memories father said in his sweet, sing-song voice” Gabriel gets a great gift from Jonas and gives his gratitude (students add three more)

23 Alliteration in Mr. Ryan’s Life

24 Hyperbole = an exaggerated statement
The Giver’s beard is ten feet long The Christmas tree is the greenest-green ever The sled is lightning fast Asher is always late “Jonas had a thousand questions. A million.” (students three more) His beard may be long, but it’s not ten feet long It may appear to be the greenest but Jonas hasn’t seen all the greens The sled is fast but can’t be as fast as lightning Asher is often late, not always

25 Hyperbole in Mr. Ryan’s life
Mr. Ryan is 20 feet tall Mr. Ryan is 6’5

26 Oxymoron or Paradox (opposites that seem not to make sense but somehow do)
A little big problem (add four more) Gabe is a little child (literally) and starving is a big problem

27 Idioms
A slap on the wrist (students add 4) The children get chastised for every little infraction (literally & figuratively) Explain how it fits the story

28 Personification (giving inanimate objects human traits or qualities)
The river swallowed Caleb The annex confides in no one Students add 3 more (think of our senses) The sled feels The syringe The books (pick an action) The bikes (pick a thought or action) He drowned Secrets are kept in the annex by Jonas & The Giver

29 Onomatopoeia (words make the sound)
The fish sizzled on the stove The children giggled at Asher’s poor use of vocab Students add three more Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Gggggggggggggggggg

30 Irony (Opposites) (Situational, Verbal or Dramatic)
Nobody knows what release is There is homicide in the Utopian community Rosemary made a great receiver The Elders make fantastic decisions People celebrate release Jonas and the Giver planning the escape This is irony because .

31 Compare and Contrast (Similarities & Differences)
Jonas/Fiona Jonas/Asher Jonas/The Giver Father/The Giver Jonas/Rosemary The Giver/Rosemary Rosemary/Fiona . Jonas/Fiona Jonas/Asher Jonas/The Giver Father/The Giver Jonas/Rosemary The Giver/Rosemary Rosemary/Fiona

32 Round/Dynamic versus Flat/Static Characters (Jonas, The Giver, Rosemary, Asher, Gabe)
Jonas, The Giver and three other characters I infer is a round/dynamic character because . I infer is a flat or static character because .

33 Protagonist (main character) versus Antagonist (bad guy or thing)
The Community The Burden of the Memories The Giver’s responsibility as the Receiver to give anguished-filled memories Jonas needs love Jonas Ranking Antagonist and explain your ranking

34 Fact versus Opinion Facts Opinions Jonas is the best receiver
Gabe has golden hair The Giver is too rigid The father is a good liar Fiona releases the old Gabe has pale eyes There is a bridge over the river Rosemary shouldn’t have committed suicide Jonas is starving Jonas & Gabe died The community needs love The annex is a great place for training

35 Chronological Order (Sequencing)
Jonas gets his first memory (snow/sled) Jonas finds out Rosemary was released A plane flies over the community Jonas is bypassed at the ceremony of twelve The twin is released Jonas is given his rules as the new Receiver Jonas abducts Gabe Jonas & Gabe are sliding down the hill Jonas sees the apple change The Giver gives Jonas the memory of war and the soldier The Giver transmits a rainbow Jonas perceives love The memory of the poachers killing the elephant

36 Story Map of The Giver Community is very rigid and can get “released” for transgressions List at least five to seven vital events before the climax Exposition: introduction to story and conflict(s) Rising Action: main events that lead to climax

37 Story Map Continued Climax: most interesting or crucial part; the story “changes” Falling Action: main events after the climax Resolution (denouement): how the major conflict is solved When we find out “release” means murder (climax) List at least three to five events that were imperative after the climax Jonas and Gabriel reach “Elsewhere” (resolution)

38 Setting = time and place
The “perfect” place Where his family lives and where sharing takes place Learning and training take place Can be outside/can’t be outside Where the training is Caleb’s “escape” Where people go after their release

39 Author’s Purpose To inform, To Entertain, To Persuade, To Express an Opinion
Jonas and Gabriel escape the community Mr. Ryan and the Giver have grotesque beards You need to read The Giver, it will make you think differently In the movie the Giver should have a purple beard and a orange robe

40 Author’s Purpose in Mr. Ryan’s Life
I have two dogs – one male and one female You need to come over and mow my grass in order to get a “B” in my class Chivas is the best soccer team After I shave my beard I will glue it back on my face To inform To persuade To express an opinion To entertain

41 Analogies Glee is to happy as somber is to
Utopia is to Dystopia as pigmentation is to Starving is to Anguish as Scars are to Jonas is to Lily as Fiona is to Bruno Memories are to Anguish as Lies are to Vague is to unclear as hue is to synonyms

42 Vocabulary: The Giver (Summarize The Giver in at least two paragraphs)
Anguish Grotesque Recreation Tempted Perceive Transmit Glee Reprieve Inadequate Optimistic or Pessimistic Hue or Hueless Appeal or Bypass Dwelling or Annex Nuisance or Burden Transgression or Infraction Vague or Vividly Apprehensive or Chastise

43 Last Slide: Author’s Purpose To Express an Opinion (at least two paragraphs)

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