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GAS TO POWER Revised Design for the Proposed Energy Park on Land off Dark Lane, Calow, Chesterfield.

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1 GAS TO POWER Revised Design for the Proposed Energy Park on Land off Dark Lane, Calow, Chesterfield

2 2 Initial Statement This Planning Application is for conventional gas extraction It is NOT for shale gas or for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) Alkane / Seven Star Natural Gas have no plans to carry out hydraulic fracturing at Calow

3 3 Alkane Energy / Seven Star Natural Gas Alkane Energy was formed in 1993 and is based in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire at the former British Coal Regional offices Aim was to utilise the methane gas present in abandoned coal mines Specialists in electricity generation from gas Currently we have 22 sites operational that produce enough electricity for 70,000 homes Looking to expand into other sources of gas for power generation Opportunity identified to develop small scale power generation schemes from conventional stranded gas reservoirs Seven Star Natural Gas acquired in May 2010 providing the Nooks Farm and Calow gas fields

4 4 Brief History of the Project, so far Planning application for drilling up to two exploration wells, gas extraction and power generation, on the Dark Lane site submitted in August 2012 Seven Star gave a presentation to residents at Calow Community Centre on the 7 November 2012 A number of objections to the proposals were raised by local residents, the Parish Council and the District Council (NEDDC). Objections were raised regarding noise, visual impact, landscaping, ecology, safety and proximity to housing Because of the need to re-design the site, it was decided that the best and most transparent course of action was to withdraw the original application and submit a new one, incorporating changes to address the objections raised

5 5 Community Liaison Residents were shown around the Alkane Energy’s Warsop Energy Park on the 13 January 2013 Two Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) from NEDDC were taken to Alkane Energy’s Warsop and Gelding sites in January 2013 to see and hear operational power generation sites EHOs taken to see the drilling works at Nooks Farm July 2013 Keen to establish a Community Liaison Group

6 6 Changes to Original Scheme The site orientation has been changed to minimise noise and visual impact The screen bunds have been revised to give better noise and visual screening and these have been agreed with the County Landscape Officer The generator containers will be lower than the rest of the site again reducing noise and visual impact

7 7 Geology of Calow Gas Field Gas has been proven at Calow by four previous boreholes drilled into the anticline during the 1950s and 60s The gas exists in 8 closely spaced sandstones layers between 150-350m below surface Gas held within pores in sandstone The thickest sand layer ‘Chatsworth Grit’ is the target and the crest of this structure is 310m below surface The Chatsworth Grit layer is 21-25m thick

8 8 Section through Calow Anticline NOTES Dark red shading is interpreted extent of gas sands Vertical yellow lines indicate position of old boreholes, some offset from Seismic Line Green Traces indicate sand deflection to left. Chatsworth Grit Redmires Flags Rough Rock Crawshaw Sand Sub Alton Sand Millhouse Sand Loxley Edge Sand Dore Sand Drilling Target

9 9 Geology The sandstone reservoirs can produce gas in the quantities required for power generation and so do not require any fracture stimulation to enhance flow Tests carried out on previous wells have flowed at rates in excess of our requirements Horizontal drilling in the Chatsworth Grit will ensure connection across the reservoir and minimise the number of wells needed for effective gas recovery

10 10 Revised Layout of the Proposed Drilling Site Ashfield House Top Alley Dark Lane

11 11 Drilling Level and solid site required Drilling will take 3-4 weeks 24 hour operation required Drill design approved by regulatory authorities Hole drilled approx 12” diameter Casing fitted in hole to protect water bearing zones and to prevent hole closing in Reservoir section open hole Full-time Site Manager

12 12 Revised Layout of the Proposed Energy Park Ashfield House Top Alley Dark Lane

13 13 3D View of the Proposed Energy Park N orth Acoustic Wall Generators and coolers Close- boarded timber fence screening Landscaping and screen bunds BoreholeSecurity fencing Entrance Gate and Amenity cabin Gas Processing Plant Water Tank GRP Sub-station Switch Container Transformer

14 14 Proposed view of the completed site View from the end of Dark Lane – this shows the proposed screen bund and new hedge in the foreground

15 15 Looking North-East from Dark Lane This gap in the hedge has now been planted up by the farmer who owns the land

16 16 View from the Footpath Near the southern corner of the application area

17 17 View from the Footpath Looking south-west towards the site

18 18 Predicted Noise Level Diagram – Generation Phase

19 19 Overall Summary – Noise There will be some temporary noise during the construction, drilling and gas testing phases. Every effort will be made not to carry out any noisy operations at night Predicted noise levels from the operational phase of the site have been significantly reduced from those put forward in the original planning application. The revised levels has been agreed with the Environmental Health Officer and will not cause a loss of sleep or any disturbance to residents of nearby residential properties Should planning permission be granted, noise would be controlled by the Council’s Environmental Health Officers and by conditions attached to the planning consent

20 20 Air Quality A revised Air Quality Assessment has been prepared by ADM Ltd, Seven Star’s Air Quality Consultants The proposed generator 2.0 MW MWM engines are designed to the TA-Luft protocol, which has a limit of 500 mg/m³, for oxides of nitrogen

21 21 Predicted Increase in Concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO 2 ) Annual Ave. 99.8 th Percentile hourly (Receptor 2) Top Alley 1.3 17.0 (Receptor 7) Ashfield House0.6 16.1 (Receptor 10) Top Road0.8 12.2 (Receptor 11) Top Road1.610.2 Background levels18.8-------- Assessment criteria40200

22 22 Summary of the Air Quality Assessment The estimated existing background concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) in the region of the proposed development are low 18.8 μg m-3 The predictions show that for the design stack height of 11m, the maximum concentrations do not exceed the assessment criteria Airborne emissions from the site will not be a concern to human health.

23 23 Further Involvement We wish to formalise a Community Liaison Group in order to keep residents informed Should Planning Permission be granted we will be pleased to take members of the residents’ liaison group around the site at regular intervals We will be happy to respond to any issues that may arise or concerns that residents may have, in the future We wish, most of all, to be a good neighbour and do nothing that will cause a nuisance or distress to the residents of Dark Lane or of Calow itself

24 24 Answers to Other Questions Raised so far Are there any better / convenient places to extract the gas? Unfortunately no. The chosen site is the ideal one from which to extract the gas, due to the shape of the anticline (strata dome) and faults underground. The gas will be extracted from a depth of about 500m and the boreholes will extend about 800m in length underground. What amount of traffic / type of traffic will be using the lane during all phases of the project?: Site Preparation: Normally up to 10 cars/vans and up to 5 lorries per working day for 3-4 weeks Drilling Phase: Setting up site and dismantling the drill rig ‘lorry’ and other vehicles typically over a 7 hour period Site Construction: Up to 5 cars and 5 lorries per day Operation (Gas Extraction and Generation Phase): Minimal traffic for maintenance & visitors only, plus possibly 1 water tanker per day, if at all

25 25 Answers to Other Questions Raised, so far Traffic Management. A full traffic management plan will be agreed with the Mineral Planning Authority. We will be pleased to notify all residents of Dark Lane before any major vehicle movements. No traffic will pass along the un- made road outside Clifden House, 13, 14 Dark Lane or Ashfield House. Will there be any chemicals stored on site? Nothing of any concern; engine coolant and lubricating oil Visual Impact. The site has been chosen to be as far as possible from buildings given the position of the gas reservoir. The chosen site is tucked in between large overhead power lines. The proposed landscaping scheme has been revised and agreed with the Council’s Landscape Architect to balance visual impact against the need to control noise and airborne emissions. The site will be almost completely screened when viewed from the end of Dark Lane.

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