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NGN Behavioural Competencies July 2012. Change and Improvement Embraces, drives and advocates change and improvement, demonstrating a commitment to.

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1 NGN Behavioural Competencies July 2012


3 Change and Improvement Embraces, drives and advocates change and improvement, demonstrating a commitment to keep people engaged. ExpertAdvancedDevelopedCore Sets a culture that values diversity and maximises the differences in people Sets a stretching vision for NGN which is realistic and achievable Communicates the strategy which generates ambition, excitement and competition Leaves no doubt that the future will be different to the past Will consider the radical or unconventional to move the business forward Brings the Executive Team along Demonstrates a passion and enthusiasm which empowers others to make changes Utilises the full potential of the team and harnesses individual contributions to achieve goals Adapts methodology and processes quickly to respond to changes in NGN strategy Learns from past mistakes Establishes and leads change/improvement teams Understands and utilises change tools available to the business eg Lean, Six Sigma Coaches others for improvement Supports those who may be struggling to accept change Encourages all to share ideas and best practice Have the ability to build small teams to work towards a common goal Contributes to the generation of ideas in a changing business environment Recognises, publicises and celebrates success Demonstrates willingness to listen to varying opinions Accepts, supports and implements improvement ideas Has an open mind to creativity and innovation Challenges the Status Quo Makes performance and productivity improvements continuously striving for higher standards What this is not…. Fails to communicate “why” change is necessary Implements without context Criticises and fails to support innovative thinking Blocks ideas, adopts a “not invented here” stance

4 Collaborative Team Builds, maintains and contributes to cohesive teams across NGN ExpertAdvancedDevelopedCore Maximises the use of cross functional teams, bringing together skills from a variety of sources, including external to NGN Creates challenging, safe, team environments to generate innovative improvement solutions Prepared to take risks with teams to facilitate creative thinking Inspires others to deliver major change, coaching and mentoring along the way Creates a compelling vision that generates team ambition, excitement and commitment Able to recognise and deal with potential conflict within teams Demonstrates enthusiasm and brings out the best in everyone they work with Encourages and respects others’ contribution and draws on appropriate experience Promotes collaborative working to achieve shared goals Instigates partnership working with external organisations to seek out best practice Generates a sense of team pride and inspires team members to do their best Regularly works as part of cross functional teams Puts a high value on others’ inputs, gives credit for their contribution Starts to build effective networks and relationships across teams Confronts issues and challenges others in a positive way to ensure completion of specific tasks Sets SMART objectives for all in the team Understands team dynamics and how to get the best from individuals within the team Encourages appropriate debate, ultimately finding a solution Active member of own team Supports and delivers team decisions Understands the team objectives and how the team contributes to being the best Contributes significant effort to make sure the team meets its targets Shares knowledge, experience and expertise freely with others Responds positively to requests for help and support Understands consequences of personal actions on others What this is not…. Creates barriers or conflict within and across teams Excludes and alienates others and other teams Demonstrates a silo mentality Disregard ideas from others and demonstrates “the not invented here” attitude Not being prepared to engage when invited to

5 Commerciality Maximised opportunities, balances costs and risks and understands where value is created for all stakeholders. ExpertAdvancedDevelopedCore Thoroughly understands the regulated environment and has ability to set business agenda Develops strategies that fundamentally change the way NGN does business in the future Exhibits a new level of understanding about “what business we are in”. Constantly thinks “outside the box” Understands NGN’s position in the wider commercial landscape Consider synergistic opportunities Has ability to think ahead and assist in the development of longer term commercial arrangements and relationships Adapts current strategy by anticipating changes required based on an insightful understanding of the regulated business Recognises opportunities that have a significant impact on NGN including benchmarking across sectors Is prepared to challenge the status quo to ensure value from investment Ability to identify waste (products, processes, people) and implement plans to minimise Understands financial accounts e.g. profit and loss, balance sheet, accruals, forecasting etc Understands the need for a robust commercial environment Understands the contract management requirements Understands personal role and how this impacts on business efficiency Understands how the regulated business generates value for stakeholders What this is not…. Lacks understanding of the business Ignores the commercial implications of own actions Is only interested in new initiatives Is wasteful and not open to constructive feedback

6 Communication Effective two way communication which mobilises, energises and influences others to achieve maximum potential and improved effort ExpertAdvancedDevelopedCore Identifies new communication methodology, reviewing and setting the communication strategies appropriate for the audience Influences major external stakeholders with ability to derive the best for NGN Ability to produce exemplary written work e.g. papers, presentations, business cases etc Is alert to the broader environment and brings insights to bear on the NGN business agenda Uses understanding of stakeholders to influence positive strategic outcomes Positively persuades groups in a variety of situations Negotiates and presents ideas and information to people at all levels Communicates effectively with large audiences and senior people Ability to deliver presentations to large groups and/or influencers Advocate for company high level standards of written work, reviewing and providing feedback as the “norm” Knows how to position an initiative or strategic change to ensure a positive success/outcome Positively coaches and/or mentors others demonstrating an understanding of their needs Ability to produce and deliver presentations, fit for purpose for the audience Builds relationships with others developing rapport Encourages engagement from all Provides clear, well constructed written work Understands, adapts and uses different influencing styles to suit the situation, individual or team Take time to listen, building and maintaining trust Keeps others informed about plans and progress Engages with their customer appropriately Uses plain English and correct grammar / spelling Expresses themselves clearly on a one to one and in a team situation Demonstrates appropriate verbal skills Ability to use a variety of communication medium Give and receive timely honest feedback Checks for understanding at all stages What this is not…. Demands compliance without context or explanation Ignores or shows little interest in others’ points of view Only gains consent, not complete engagement with others Lacks social awareness, unable to apply varying communication techniques or styles

7 Customer Influences and builds a positive customer focussed culture that understands and matches our customer expectations ExpertAdvancedDevelopedCore Looks for long term benefits and solutions for enhanced customer experience and develops appropriate strategies Take the initiative to trade off costs for sake of the long term relationship with the customer Continually looks for innovative improvement within the customer experience area Influences major external stakeholders with ability to derive the best for NGN Establishes and maintains ways of gathering customer feedback across the business Actively seeks customer feedback as the basis for measuring the level of service provided. Proactively distributes accurate and helpful information to appropriate stakeholders and the customer Corrects problems promptly and un-defensively Demonstrates effective negotiation skills Can lead customer focus groups to test and develop improvements Designs and implements processes that are truly customer focussed Can coach others to develop customer skills, and identify skills gaps. Asks questions to better understand the customer and their real needs Communicates regularly with the customer in a structured way Understands standards for responding to customer issues, in line with GSOS, Ofgem and The Broader Measure. Demonstrates that they are readily available to the customer Proactively looks to solve customer issues and improve the customer experience Reacts to customer enquiries and problems within expected timescales Demonstrates a positive customer attitude on the telephone, in writing and face to face Views customer contact as a positive opportunity Sees serving customers as core to the role Demonstrates effective communication skills to understand the key issues affecting the customer Understands each element of the customer charter Understands who our customers are – both internal and external What this is not…. Regards complaints as a nuisance Assumes what the customer wants Makes excuses rather than apologising and seeking an acceptable resolution Does not work to the customer charter

8 The NGN Way – Our Values Relentless Pursuit to Be The Best 8 I will take ownership and see things through I will be punctual I will keep things simple I will take pride in what I do I will take personal accountability for making a difference I will seek continuous improvement I will keep my promises I will be considerate, polite and will respect all individuals, without judging them I will keep a confidence when it is shared as such Personal Commitment Personal Drive Personal Integrity “How we do things around here”

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