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Mountain Safety. MS 1_8: FA Basics (Insects, Bites & Stings)

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1 Mountain Safety

2 MS 1_8: FA Basics (Insects, Bites & Stings)

3 Learning Intention: To equip you with the knowledge to avoid, recognise and treat insect bites and stings.

4 Success Criteria: By the end of this session everyone should be able to: Describe what steps to take to avoid, recognise and treat common insect-related problems in a wilderness environment. Some of you may be able to: Describe the symptoms of Lyme Disease and anaphylaxis.

5 Activities: 1.Discussion/Powerpoint: - Insect problems - What can I do to avoid them? - How should you treat them? 2. Video: Tick removal

6 What are the likely insect problems in Scotland?

7 Midges: mostly a nuisance, rarely a medical issue; Bees & wasps: very rare to get stung; Ticks: carry disease

8 Midges

9 How to avoid midges Cover up skin Wear insect repellent Keep on the move Wear a head net when stationary Stay in a breeze Smoke (!) Do not camp near still water (lochs, boggy ground) where they gather and breed Wash pots and do not leave food waste

10 Midge Bites

11 How to treat a midge bite Annoying – only usually a health issue where there are multiple bites Apply anti-histamine cream Do not scratch

12 Bee & Wasp Stings

13 Rare, especially in upland areas Painful, but not generally dangerous Bee stings are best removed with tweezers Not generally dangerous, but a few people can have an anaphylactic reaction…

14 Anaphylaxis AN EXTREME ALLERGIC REACTION Swelling, especially around the mouth and eyes Sufferers should carry medication, often in the form of a self-injecting needle or ‘pen’ Anaphylaxis can be a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, if it threatens the airway Evacuate to hospital IMMEDIATELY

15 Ticks

16 TICKS Common in some woodland Attach themselves painlessly to passing mammals You will not find them unless you check yourself Some ticks can carry Lyme Disease


18 Video: How to remove a Tick

19 Lyme Disease: ‘Bulls-eye’ rash Flu-like symptoms Arthritis & death See a doctor

20 Questions?

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