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GM4CXM and GM3WOJ Personal 10 GHz Beacons

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1 GM4CXM and GM3WOJ Personal 10 GHz Beacons
Alan Dimmick GM0USI and Brian W Flynn GM8BJF

2 Personal Microwave Beacons
Beacons are a good way of generating interest in microwaves – signals there most of the time! Also keep the bands occupied! Bit of a nuisance at your home QTH if active yourself!










12 Spots on


14 Origins of the Beacon Project
Dawned on me that some of the Cairngorm peaks are LoS from both Edinburgh and Lowlands and East Coast of Ross and Cromarty Planned a QSO using “Grampian scatter” from Chris Tran’s QTH Chris offered to Host a beacon if I provided it.

15 Locations and Scatter Plot

16 Path Profile

17 Block Diagram of Hardware

18 Hardware

19 Installed on Tower

20 View South to Ben Macdui

21 Receiver Monitor Dish in IO85JV

22 Spots on

23 Dish and Receiver

24 The Receiver (Not Pretty!)

25 Live Audio

26 Doppler “Tail”

27 Beacon Specification Callsign GM3WOJ Location IO77WS62
Mode(s) JT4G + FSK Frequency MHz Reference OCXO (Usually within 500Hz of nominal carrier frequency) Power 700 mW Antenna 35 cm off-set parabola (Ex BSB dish) Beamwidth 7 degrees Beam heading ~165 degrees JT4G timing GPS

28 Acknowledgements Chris Towns G8BKE – Donation of PA
Susan Kivlin – Soldering of LMX2541 to PCB David Anderson GM6BIG – Donation of OCXO Chris Tran GM3WOJ – The location. Andy Talbot G4JNT - for doing the hard work sorting out the JT4G coding.

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