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Pinal County Environmental Health Code Christopher Reimus, R.S., DAAS Assistant Director of Public Health Environmental Health Services Pinal County Public.

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1 Pinal County Environmental Health Code Christopher Reimus, R.S., DAAS Assistant Director of Public Health Environmental Health Services Pinal County Public Health Services District

2 PINAL COUNTY ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SERVICES Promote safe and healthy environment for the residents of Pinal County.

3 Environmental Health Services Regulatory Authority Arizona State Statute and Arizona Administrative Code Delegated to Pinal County by: - Arizona Department of Health Services - Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Pinal County Code - Built upon regulatory foundation Tailored to meet needs of Pinal County citizens Tools to gain resolution Methods to recoup costs (Permits)

4 Environmental Health Services Permits and Inspections Permit and Inspect Facilities Food Service Facilities Restaurants, Day Care Centers, Schools, etc. Motel / Hotel Public Schools Mobile Home / RV Parks Campgrounds Swimming Pools

5 Environmental Health Services Complaint Investigation Investigate Citizen Complaints Permitted Establishments Environmental Illness – Food, Water, etc. Environmental Health Nuisances Vermin – Mosquitos, Flies, Rodents, Cockroaches, Feral Honeybees Solid Waste – Garbage, Animal Feces Liquid Waste – Sewage Illegal Dumping Smoke Free AZ

6 Code Revision Process Develop Draft Sanitary Code ↓ Stakeholders meeting ↓ Evaluate & Revise Code ↓ Public Meeting ↓ Final Revision of Code ↓ √ BOS Work Session ↓ BOS Hearing

7 Code Revision Process Inform BOS of intent to update code – May 2014 Inform stakeholders and the public – May 2014 Update website to maintain transparency and provide documentation. Mailing to every permitted facility and members of the public on our contact list.

8 Initial Stakeholders Meetings Four regional meetings – June 2014 San Tan Valley – 7 attendees Casa Grande – 15 attendees Aravaipa – 5 attendees Apache Junction – 6 attendees Discuss code revision with the regulated community and citizens. Consensus was that the changes to be proposed were reasonable and necessary. 8

9 Environmental Health Code

10 PUBLIC MEETING – 10/23/14 26 Attendees Answered general questions Consensus on code was positive. No objections raised during the meeting. Result: Retained current draft 10

11 Table of Contents Chapter I: General Provisions Chapter II: Food Code Chapter III: Aquatic Health Code Chapter IV: Manufactured Home and RV Parks Chapter V: Schools* Chapter VI: Camps and Campgrounds* Chapter VII: Hotels and Motels* Chapter VIII: Rodents, Insects, and Vermin Chapter IX: Animals Chapter X: Garbage, Rubbish, and Refuse Chapter XI: On-Site Wastewater Treatment Facilities *Adopted current AZ regulations by reference and/or no significant changes to current code and practices

12 Chapter I: General Provisions Definitions and Purpose of Environmental Health Code Explains Permits and Permitting Process Defines violations as public health nuisances under County authority Fee Schedules (No changes) Enforcement Processes Consolidates the enforcement guidelines and procedures specified in state statute and clarifies their use in enforcement of the Environmental Health Code. Highlights: Summary Suspension of Permit – Imminent Health Hazards Removal or Abatement of Nuisances Allows Pinal County to abate nuisances such as illegal dumping as a last resort and apply liens to property to recoup costs

13 Chapter II: Food Code Adopt the 2013 FDA Model Food Code by reference National Standard – Industry Supported Collaboratively developed by industry, academia, and regulators Minor changes and adjustments to maintain consistency with State rules – consistent with 1999 changes Highlights and significant changes Food Service Worker Training All food workers must have completed food safety training or exam approved by the Department. Consistent with other counties in AZ. Food Manager Certification at each establishment Data shows significantly fewer violations with a manager present Rating Card System – defines current processes 13

14 Chapter III: Aquatic Health Code Adopts State Rules by reference Water quality and disease prevention Pinal County does not approve swimming pool construction – this is done by ADEQ Highlights and significant changes Barriers must be maintained to prevent unauthorized entry. Certification of swimming pool operators – provide necessary expertise to solve complex problems at pools Public Pools – full time certified operator Semi-Public Pools – contract with a certified operator who is available weekly or as necessary 14

15 Chapter IX: Animals Retains current provisions with some clarification to keep consistent with nuisance law. Highlights and significant changes Animal Venues Provides public health and safety rules for petting zoos and similar facilities Disposal of Dead Animals Provides guidelines for burial of dead animals on a property to prevent environmental contamination and disease For example: no burying dead livestock in a wash or near a drinking water source 15

16 Summary Common sense and practical changes to Environmental Health Code necessary to promote the health and safety of Pinal County citizens. Brings rules and regulations from a broad spectrum of AZ state law clearly under County authority to one place for ease of access by citizens and regulators. Defines violations as public health nuisances and provides clear enforcement procedures to help gain compliance where necessary. Provides potential for abatement of nuisances to meet public expectations. 16

17 Questions or Comments? Environmental Health Services Website:

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