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Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration INTERNAL SCREENING.

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1 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration INTERNAL SCREENING

2 Why Internal Screening?  § 102-36.35 What is the typical process for disposing of excess personal property? (a) You must ensure personal property not needed by your activity is offered for use elsewhere within your agency.

3  Circulate hardcopy lists  Copies get lost  “Sits” on someone’s desk  Emails  “Buried” with other emails  Nuisance email  Automated AAMS internal screening system  Everyone within the agency in the Nation can screen  Overcomes the problems of hardcopy lists and emails Why AAMS?

4 FEDERAL DISPOSAL PROCESS EXCESSSURPLUS SCREENING Internal Agencies/Bureaus of your Dept USDA - 15 VA - 10 GSA - 5 DOE - 12 DHS – 15 DOI - 15 Federal Agencies Cost Reimbursable Contractors Grantees Public Airports State Agencies for Surplus Property Nonprofit Educational & Public Health Activities Service Educational Activities (14 days if CFL equipment) AGENCY SCREENING SCREENING/ FEDERAL TRANSFER 21 DAYS DONATION NOTIFICATION 5 DAYS SALES DONATION REMOVAL CFL SCREENING Schools Screen Computer Equipment for 7 Days Sales 10 - 30 days Only if donation request


6 GSAXcess® Worldwide Property Two methods to get to the AAMS Menu

7 MAIN MENU FEMA users AAMS Menu will not be grayed out based on each users permissions.

8 AAMS PROPERTY REPORTING Reporting property is the same as you would normally report with two new fields displayed.


10 Drop radio button preselected to “No” so property rolls into GSAXcess after internal screening Excess Release Date is the date of the end of internal screening – system calculates – for AAMS Report Date plus the Agency determined internal screening days


12 AAMS SEARCHING Click on Search Items by Category and you get all items available for selection in AAMS Agency and Bureau internal screening Search and Select for GSAXcess ONLY

13 SELECTING AAMS PROPERTY Just like searching in GSAXcess® - AAMS Internal Screening has 735 items and 279 with photos We are interested in Automobiles and click on the hypertext of Automobiles

14 SELECTING AAMS PROPERTY Click on the Add to Cart to select an item

15 SELECTING AAMS PROPERTY The Add to Cart button changes to “change qty”, the View Cart button increments by 1, and a message is displayed that an item has been added to your cart.

16 SELECTING AAMS PROPERTY Zero out the quantity or click on the Delete button to cancel your request or leave it at one to complete. At this point, nothing happens until you click on Checkout.

17 SELECTING AAMS PROPERTY PROPERTY Review your shipping information and enter Shipping Address Attention to and click “Submit”.

18 SELECTING AAMS PROPERTY Review your selection. You can change quantity, Edit user Profile or Checkout. Zero out the quantity to cancel. Once you checkout, an email will be sent to you and the holding Agency to process the transfer.

19 SELECTING AAMS PROPERTY Confirmation message


21 CHANGING/DELETING AAMS REQUEST If the approving official decides the requestor CANNOT have the property, they can go into AAMS or the NUO can go into AAMS and delete the request.



24 A want list lets AAMS do the searching for you

25 AAMS WANT LIST You can search by FSC, Item Name, Minimum Condition Code, by States

26 Want List Email Notices

27  You will receive want list emails for 180 days from request when property reported in AAMS matches your criteria.  And on expiration date warning you of impending expiration unless you entered less than 180 days.  Creating a want list in AAMS, also creates a want list in GSAXcess® with the same criteria.

28 AAMS PROPERTY REQUEST ALERT When someone requests property, you will see this message upon log in. The requestor and their approving official will receive an email.

29 AAMS PROPERTY REQUEST ALERT Requestor: KRISHNA GOLI Requestor's Email: KRISHNA.GOLI@GSA.GOV Requestor's Phone Number: 703-605-3579 Date of Request: 04/17/2013 The item(s) listed below have been frozen by an internal user. Sl.No. Item Control No. Excess Release Date Quantity ------ ---------------- ------------------- -------- 1 123159-3066-0060 05/02/2013 25 Item Name: BAGS AND SACKS 2 123159-3066-0065 05/02/2013 5 Item Name: BADGES AND INSIGNIA The holding activity should wait until an approved (signed) copy of the AAMS generated transfer order has been received from the requestor. Then, complete the transfer transaction in 'Review and Transfer Multiple Items' located under the AAMS internal module.KRISHNA.GOLI@GSA.GOV703-605-3579 An email is also sent to the reporting or Point of Contact for the AAMS property notifying of the request.


31 TRANSFER AAMS ITEMS By clicking on the Item Control No. you can see who requested the item before you transfer or deny the request.

32 TRANSFER AAMS ITEMS Judy Security is the user name. By clicking on the user name, you can find out more information.

33 TRANSFER AAMS ITEMS This information is also on the transfer order when the request is first made. The transfer is not recorded until the “official transfer” is performed in AAMS.

34 TRANSFER AAMS ITEMS This item has been successfully transferred. To change or delete this transfer, click on the Item Control No.

35 TRANSFER AAMS ITEMS This displays the transfer status of 12 items transferred, if this is in error change here or enter zero to cancel or click the delete button.




39 CURRENT PROPERTY REVIEW Click on Review Report to see items currently screening in all phases and items that have been transferred or withdrawn within the last 7 days

40 PROPERTY REVIEW Agency and AAC automatically pre-filled



43 ALL XCESS & AAMS PROPERTY INQUIRY To view all your property in all phases of disposal for up to one year

44 PROPERTY INQUIRY Enter AAC to see all property and click if you want items currently screening or click on History for items that have completed screening for up to 1 year



47 GSAXcess®/AAMS Contacts  GSA Points of Contact  William Kemp U&D Chief (703-605-2879)  Nancy Brotherton Program Coordinator, GSAXcess® (571-289-0452)  Prerana Bhatt Program Technical Assistant (703-605-2907)

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