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Public Health in Lexington Environmental Health Community Health Emergency Preparedness.

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1 Public Health in Lexington Environmental Health Community Health Emergency Preparedness

2 Public Health is Prevention and Protection through education and enforcement.

3 Public Health in Lexington Board of Health Office of Community Development, Health Division

4 Board of Health Wendy Heiger-Bernays, PhD; Chair Burt M. Perlmutter, M.D. Sharon MacKenzie, R.N., CCM David S. Geller, M.D. John J. Flynn, J.D.

5 Health Division Staff Gerard Cody, R.E.H.S. / R.S. Health Director Kathy Fox, C.F.S.P., C.H.O Health Agent David Neylon, R.N., Public Health Nurse Linda Rainville, Office Assistant Stephanie Scogland, Food Consultant Rebecca Ryan Caruso, rDNA Consultant Jeanine Flaherty, Tobacco Consultant Megan Baldwin, Healthy Communities Consultant

6 Health Division Duties Part of the Office of Community Development Environmental Health Community Health Emergency Preparedness

7 Environmental Health Inspect food establishments, swimming pools, bathing beach, camps, motels and skating rinks. Respond to air quality complaints, ensure that well water is tested, monitor waste treatment systems, collect hazardous and medical waste. Enforce the State Sanitary Code for dwelling units. Issue permits for farm animals. Monitor mosquito control activities.

8 Environmental Health ……

9 Environmental Permits Issued Food Permits rDNA Permits Swimming Pool Permits Tobacco Permits Camp Permits Potable Well permits Septic Systems Cess Pools Geo Thermal wells Monitoring wells Beaver trapping permits Rubbish Hauler Septic Hauler Lodging Permits 170 15 33 15 5 150 88 7 6 2 22 12 4

10 Environmental Inspections Completed Low Risk Food Medium Risk Food High Risk Food Food Plan Review State Sanitary Code Tobacco Permit Nuisance Complaint rDNA inspections Swimming Pool Inspections Camp Inspections 59 260 56 8 19 15 33 15 36 31

11 Environmental - Miscellaneous Old Res Water samples Skating Rink HHP collections Medical waste collections Catch basins treated with a larvacide Health Education programs for food establishments Farmer’s Market – health education program 32 2 8 4 4001 with altosid (methoprene). 4 2

12 Environmental Health - Food Safety Restaurant inspections: proper food preparation and storage, food temperatures, pest control, hand washing, clean bathrooms Required by law to inspect all food establishments between 2 and 4 times per year Investigate Food Borne Illness complaints Review plans for food establishments before they begin to operate. Provide training and act as a resource. US FDA guidelines state that each inspector can only perform 250 food inspections per year (that’s 125 establishments X 2)

13 Environmental Health – State Sanitary Code Housing violations (State Sanitary Code) are very time consuming. Extreme hoarding, a mental illness, creates gruesome dangers for neighbors and emergency responders.

14 Environmental Health – Semi Public Swimming Pools Each semi-public pool must be managed by a person who has completed a training course approved by MDPH and becomes a Certified Pool Operator or CPO. If at any time, a pool does not conform to the requirements of bacterial quality, chemical standards or water clarity, the CPO must close the pool until the pool water conforms to those standards.

15 Environmental Health- Septic Systems Improperly installed or inspected septic system can cause groundwater and drinking water to become polluted.

16 Community Health - Public Health Nurse Prevent, monitor and control communicable infectious diseases (meningitis, flu, hepatitis) Reach vulnerable, high risk populations including children and the elderly

17 Community Health - Public Health Nurse Work with day care centers, nursing homes, medical offices, school nurses and municipal and state authorities to prevent and control outbreaks Document and report trends: West Nile,TB, whooping cough, chicken pox, measles

18 Massachusetts Flu Activity Influenza-like illness (ILI, defined by fever >100F and cough and/or sore throat) activity is very low and is consistent with activity levels normally seen at this time of year.

19 Community Health – vaccination results How many Seasonal Influenza vaccinations were administered by the Lexington Health Division in 2011? How many Seasonal Influenza vaccinations were administered by the Lexington Health Division in 2012 How many Pneumonia vaccinations? One thousand nine hundred (1,934)Lexington residents were vaccinated last year. Two thousand four hundred forty five (2,445)Lexington residents were vaccinated last year. So far this year, 931 have been vaccinated. Twenty eight (28) in 2012 and Nine (9) so far this season.

20 Community Health - The Lexington Healthy Communities Project Grant funded Planning Process to identify ways to improve health and quality of life in Lexington Guided by committee of stakeholders through Sept 2013 Broad definition of health and various factors impacting health Methods include Survey and Focus Groups Will develop plan to address priority issues identified Help us with our ABC's: Assessing and Building Community Together! Take our Survey! communityhealth.cfm This Healthy Communities Planning Grant project is funded through the Northwest Suburban Health Alliance/CHNA 15 DoN funds from Lahey Clinic.

21 Emergency Preparedness Local Planning with Fire, Police, Town Administration, DPW, Human Services and other town departments. Regional Planning with 33 cities and towns, Region 4A

22 Officials have adopted an “all hazards” approach to prepare for natural and man made disasters. Public health and Public safety agencies all work together. Coordinate local emergency plans: shelter, telephone call in lines, mass immunizations Emergency Preparedness


24 Region 4A Acton Ashland Bedford Boxborough Burlington Carlisle Concord Dover Framingham Holliston Hopkinton Hudson Lexington Lincoln Littleton Marlborough Maynard Medfield Millis Natick Norfolk Sharon Sherborn Southborough Stow Sudbury Walpole Waltham Wayland Weston Winchester Woburn Wrentham


26 Communication Networks Homeland Health Alert Network Food Recalls Infectious Outbreaks Vaccine Updates DPH Local Health Citizens

27 Staff Training ICS 100 & 700 - Incident Command Structure Job Action Sheets for Emergency Dispensing Sites

28 Volunteer Training Medical Reserve Corp Upcoming Events Flu Vaccination Clinics Wednesday, October 30 at Diamond Middle School from 4:30 PM to 7PM Wednesday November 6 at Katahadin Woods Apts from 5:00 PM to 7PM.. Wednesday, December 4 at Lexington High School from 4:00 PM to 7PM.. Wednesday, December 11 at Avalon at Lex Hills from 5:00 PM to 7PM..

29 November 22, 2008, sub regional EDS between Burlington Winchester and Lexington. Tested the delivery of a shipment of medicine from the Strategic National Stockpile. November 1, 2008, EDS style flu clinic and training exercise at Cary Hall. Health Staff and MRC volunteers vaccinated 705 citizens in 120 minutes. July 2011 - tabletop exercise – pandemic influenza outbreak July 2012 – tabletop exercise – best practices in shelter operations July 2013 – tabletop exercise – anthrax response (suspicious package and citizen exposure at retail shop). Completed Exercises


31 EDS – Citizen Participation Citizens line up at Cary Hall in order to participate in the EDS clinic. Medical Reserve Corp staff can be seen patrolling the line as a part of the Clinic Flow station.

32 EDS – Registration Citizens are required to complete a medical registration form before receiving a vaccination.

33 EDS – Clinic Flow MRC Clinic Flow volunteers engage citizens and determine which vaccination station is available for the next patient.

34 EDS – Vaccination Station All of the vaccination stations are clearly numbered in order to direct citizens to the next available location.

35 EDS –Staff One Clerical Unit Supervisor, manages the Registration tables and Clinic Flow Staff. One Clinical Unit Supervisor monitors the progress of the RN’s and helps to troubleshoot any supply or technical questions.

36 Shelter Operation – October 2011

37 October 30, 2011 87 visited, 18 overnight October 31, 2011 57 visited, 14 overnight November 1, 2011 27 visited – closed operation at 4PM.

38 Emergency Planning is a Team Effort between a variety of Town of Lexington Departments

39 Public Health Review Prevents outbreaks of disease, food poisoning, cancers, other diseases and deaths Increases life span by promoting healthy behaviors Identifies trends early to develop response and controls Partners with Police, Fire, DPW, Schools and Town Administrators in assessment and response to emergencies.

40 Public Health works to keep our community safe from disease and health hazards. Public Health protects everyone’s quality of life and is an essential service to the Town of Lexington.

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