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WELCOME. A DAM M UERY Counsel for the Office of Special Investigations.

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2 A DAM M UERY Counsel for the Office of Special Investigations



5 Criminal Investigations Division Medicaid Fraud Control

6 Criminal Investigations Cyber Crimes Fugitive Unit Special Investigations Unit Money Laundering

7 Cyber Crimes Performs investigations involving child sexual predators on the internet Performs child pornography investigations Investigates computer fraud, harassment and identity theft Performs forensic examinations of computer equipment

8 Cyber Crimes – What’s New? Almost 80 arrests of Online Predators Professor Raymond Landry of UTPA plead guilty for luring what he believed to be a 13 year old girl to McAllen. Indictments obtained against 4 men from Brenham, Kyle, College Station, and Fredericksburg 40 arrests for Child Pornography Lubbock man was given 10 year prison term for possessing over 13,000 images and videos of child pornography. Cyber Safety Town Hall

9 Money Laundering Performs criminal investigations involving money laundering Provides investigative assistance to local JTTF and HIDTA groups

10 Special Investigations Unit Performs Election Fraud investigations upon referral from the Secretary of State’s Office. Performs criminal investigations involving fraud, identity theft, public corruption. Fraudulent Financing Statements – Sovereign Citizens.

11 Fugitive Apprehends paroled child sexual predators that are fugitives from justice Apprehends Sexual Offenders who fail to register Assists local jurisdictions with long-term investigations Performs internal investigations for the OAG

12 Fugitive Unit – Proposed Expansion Texas Criminal Justice Advisory Council recommended $9.2 million dollar expansion of Fugitive Unit. Would create six regional offices throughout the state for increased proactive sex offender apprehension.

13 Operation FALCON On the last day of the Operation, the Fugitive Unit and U.S. Marshals tracked down Marion Pittman, 58, after he stalked the same San Antonio woman whom he sexually assaulted when she was a child a decade earlier. The victim was 12 years old at the time of the assault.

14 Fugitive – What’s New? O PERATION F ALCON II Nationwide Cooperative effort led by federal law enforcement resulting in over 9,000 arrests nationwide. Fugitive Unit arrested almost 40 fugitive felons bringing the three year total to over 430.

15 Identity Theft Passport Program Program Administrator Rod Napier

16 The Identity Theft Passport Program Rod Napier Identity Theft Passport Program Office: 512.936.2881


18 The Identity Theft Passport Program is designed to assist Texans who have fallen victim to identity-related crimes, with an initial emphasis on victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

19 Enables victims to readily give proof to creditors and law enforcement of their status as a victim of identity theft. The Passport program is a direct response to the recent explosion of identity-related crimes and new Texas legislation created to combat the crime.

20 The Passport Program is a Victims’ Service. Launched as a pilot program in six counties. Initial grant originated with the Federal Department of Justice Designed to work with local law enforcement.

21 Identity Theft Statistics: –Texas was second, behind California, in total number of reported identity thefts in 2005 with a total of 26,624. –The top five cities in Texas are, in order: Houston (3,735) Dallas (1,908) San Antonio(1,760) Fort Worth(1,105) Austin(858)

22 A majority of identity crimes in Texas are occurring outside the major metropolitan areas. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Every 79 seconds in America, someone falls victim to identity theft.

23 New Texas laws concerning identity theft: –SB 122 (effective September 1, 2005) Establishes the Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act. Requires all peace officers to take reports of identity theft and furnish victim with a copy of that report. Enables victim to petition District Court for official status as an identity theft victim. Enables identity theft victims to initiate a “Security Freeze” on their credit reports.

24 How the Program works: –Victim reports crime to local law enforcement. –Local law enforcement investigates claim to a threshold of probable cause. –Local law enforcement enrolls victim in Passport program via the Internet. (A secure connection to a highly encrypted database is provided to local law enforcement)

25 Passport staff verifies victim’s information. (including a victim supplied passphrase, and a digitally captured photograph, thumb print and signature) Information is sent to a third party vendor to create a unique and secure Identity Theft Victim’s Passport.

26 Passport is mailed directly to the victim. Victim calls the Identity Theft Passport Hotline to activate the card. Upon activation, the victim is mailed a one page document that can be faxed to creditors as another form of proof of their status as a victim of identity theft.

27 Questions? Rod Napier (512) 936-2881

28 INTERPOL - The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) serves as the conduit for all state of Texas or local requests for assistance and exchanges of information with the INTERPOL - U.S. National Central Bureau (USNCB).

29 Criminal Investigations Division FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) Analysts –FUGINET –DPS Secure Sex Offender website –Accurint –TWC –Lexis –City of Austin Utilities –FinCEN –Comptroller –Secretary of State –Online Texas DL photos

30 Medicaid Fraud Control Investigates fraud in the Medicaid program and abuse of Medicaid patients

31 Medicaid Fraud Control – What’s New Five in Houston indicted in three cases Sherril Hodnet and Rosarion Jimenez for stealing trust funds belonging to Medicaid residents Connie Persley and Stephanie Diouf operated a health service company and billed for services not provided to disabled children. Gabriela Aguilar arrested for stealing trust funds at Brookshire Nursing Center in Hempstead


33 Criminal Justice Division Post Conviction Litigation Crime Victim Services Criminal Law Enforcement

34 Post Conviction Litigation Defends Texas felony convictions against federal constitutional challenge Defends federal appeals of Texas capital felony convictions

35 Crime Victim Services Manages Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund Sexual Assault Examination reimbursement program Administers Victim Assistance Grants

36 Criminal Law Enforcement Assistance to District and County Attorneys Nuisance Abatement Juvenile Crime Intervention

37 Criminal Law Enforcement – What’s New Fourth ERCOT Guilty Plea Obtained– Several executives with ERCOT were charged with setting up phony moneys and funneling money for work that was never done.

38 Nuisance Abatement Civil suit filed against property owner Designed to curtail pattern of repeated criminal activity

39 Nuisance Abatement Examples of Nuisance Crimes: –Narcotics –Gambling –Prostitution –Gang Activity

40 Nuisance Abatement Property owner may be ordered to post $10,000 bond If bond conditions are violated, bond may be forfeited and property closed for 1 year

41 Juvenile Crime Intervention Provides training on a variety of Juvenile Justice topics Administers the Gang Resource System

42 Gang Resource System

43 Other Services

44 Publications Juvenile Justice Handbook Property Closure Manual School Crime and Discipline Handbook Public Information Act Handbook Texas Evidence Collection Protocol Disaster Preparedness Manual ID Theft Victim’s Kit Many More!!!

45 Articles/ Information Sheets Law Enforcement Monthly Columns Senior Alerts Consumer Alerts Brochures

46 Opinions Written interpretation of existing law. Requires an authorized requestor –Committee of a house of the Texas Legislature –District or County Attorney (requires brief) –See website for complete list Can be searched on the OAG website

47 Conferences and Training Crime Victim Services Annual Conference Open Government Annual Conference Texas Gang Investigator’s Association Annual Conference Regional Gang Training Other Training


49 Questions?

50 A DAM M UERY Counsel for the Office of Special Investigations 512-936-0564

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