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Exotic/Nuisance/Overabundant Wildlife –Animal damage control (ADC)

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1 Exotic/Nuisance/Overabundant Wildlife –Animal damage control (ADC)

2 Exotic Species –All species have an ecological niche –They evolve to occupy a “realized” niche counteradaptation - e.g., when predator evolves to be effecient at prey capture, prey evolve to avoid predator

3 Result is a narrow realized niche –Transporting such species to a new location removes the counteradaptive constraints –1. Escape from competition –2. Escape from predators, disease

4 How are exotic species introduced? –1. Inadvertent weeds rats –2. Escape of domestics plants burros cats and dogs –3. Purposeful to fill an open niche? –Ring-necked pheasant as predators to control exotic prey mongoose

5 In the U.S. –Red fox, starling, mute swan, nutria, mountain goats (native to western Canada, Alaska, and parts of NW U.S., otherwise introduced)

6 Biological control: –Not eradication but reduction of numbers of the exotic pest –Can use native predators, competitors, diseases –Can use pesticides to target the exotic species with minimal effect on natives "Classical" biological control involves introduction of exotic predators or diseases: –red fox in Australia –mongoose in Puerto Rico strict laws to prevent entry

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