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Whitehall Football Installing the Defensive Package: Secondary.

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1 Whitehall Football Installing the Defensive Package: Secondary

2 Defensive Foundation Alignment Assignment Swarm to the football Defensive Characteristics Necessary Attitude Concentration Effort

3 Secondary Progressions Alignment/Stance Keys Assignment Run Support Pass Coverage

4 Cover 4 We will install Cover 4 as our base coverage Cover 3 and other coverage's will have same basic principles built in

5 Alignment Cornerbacks – –7 yards deep off outside shoulder of #1 – –2 x 6 if #1 is a TE Safeties – –1 x 8 off #2 (TE) or imaginary #2 – –8 yards deep off inside shoulder of #2 if removed Stance Toe-to-heel stagger with outside foot forward. 70% of weight on outside foot Eyes on Key

6 Keys CB’s: QB “on or off line” for run/pass key –QB “on the line”: run key –QB “off the line”: pass key

7 Pass key: Run key: Safeties: #2 and Uncovered lineman –#2 run block with run block by U.L. is run key –#2 release with pass block by U.L. is pass key –If no #2, key is just the uncovered lineman

8 Assignment Key QB for 3-step drop “Low shoulder” your side, plant and drive forward when hands separate, bringing eyes to #1 “High shoulder” your side, crossover, play Fade, and become the intended receiver QB takes deeper than 3-step drop, bring eyes to #1 and play his pattern CB’s: 3-Step slideback regardless of run/pass key QB hands off: pick up backfield flow and bring eyes to #1 and play him for play-action. If blocking, start up on run support

9 Assignment If pass key, 3-step slideback and key release of #2 Vertical release by #2, you have him man after 8 yards Inside/Outside release by #2, bring eyes to QB QB shoulders on your side, rob #1 QB shoulders away from you, key his release If no #2, key QB to possibly rob #1 Safeties: Flat-foot read If run key, bounce as you pick up backfield flow Flow TO you, work downhill (Force player) Flow AWAY from you, work downhill (Alley player)

10 Run Support With a run-read, DBs will see one of three things: Inside run Outside run--to you Outside run--away from you Elements of Run Support Force Player Secondary Force Player Alley Player Cutback Player

11 Run Support Calls “Sky” means a Safety is the Force player “Cloud” means a Cornerback is the Force player “Bronco” means a Backer is the Force player

12 Support on Outside Runs



15 Support on runs “Inside the Box”

16 Cover 4: Pass Coverage CB’s: have #1 on anything except quick slant FS/SS: have #2 if vertical release Basics on a Pass Read

17 Pattern Reads Vs. 4 verticals

18 Pattern Reads “In” call by right CB

19 Pattern Reads SS gets outside release by #2, keys QB to possibly rob #1 underneath

20 “In” call both sides (both safeties play QB’s intentions) Pattern Reads

21 “Crosser” call by Sam (Mike picks up)

22 Cover 4 vs. Play-Action Vs. Bootleg Pass Vs. Iso Pass



25 Cover 4 Formation Adjustments We will make the following adjustments if we are playing strictly Cover 4




29 Cover 4 Reactions to Motion


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