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WELCOME TO S.I.S. Springtown Intermediate School 5 th GRADE ORIENTATION May 14, 2012.

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1 WELCOME TO S.I.S. Springtown Intermediate School 5 th GRADE ORIENTATION May 14, 2012

2 Our campus transitions kids from elementary into secondary. S I S RES SES GCES

3 We teach kids more than academics: organization, responsibility, manners, self-control We ask them to do things that they have not done before: multiple teachers and classrooms, having a hallway locker, enforcing stricter grading and attendance policies. We ask them to take more responsibility for themselves. We know that this whole intermediate experience is new to kids… BEING A LITTLE SCARED ABOUT COMING TO A NEW SCHOOL IS NORMAL…AND OKAY!

4 The Master Schedule There are 7 periods in the school day: - 3 periods with one teacher (Reading; English; Social Studies) - 2 periods with one teacher (Math) - 1 period with one teacher (Science) - 1 period for rotations (PE and Music) Art, Library, and computer time are interspersed. Navigation from class to class is controlled in 5 th grade.

5 Stagger your afternoon arrival time if possible. Don’t use your phone! It is against the law. Pojo Road is not a pick-up or drop-off area. The back parking area is for buses only. Keep the pick-up line moving: don’t stop mid-line! During the morning and the afternoon, pull up as far as possible. SIS staff announces your arrival over the PA system. Students are standing in roped-off lines ready to hop in. BTW: It goes faster if everyone follows the procedures.

6 You think, “I DON’T WANT TO WAIT IN THAT LOOOONG LINE” That’s okay…you can park and walk. * Getting cars through is our priority. * Come and get, don’t sit and honk. * Use the crosswalks, and don’t stop the traffic flow. * Be a good example for your kid. Our procedures are in place for safety reasons. SAFETY WILL ALWAYS TRUMP CONVENIENCE. ALWAYS. YES, ALWAYS.

7 Phone/Email the teachers. Check your students folders daily. Schedule teacher conferences. Access SKYWARD (access in our library if needed) Maintain up-to-date info for our files; effects Parent Link (including “0” work phone calls)

8 Please join and please get involved.

9 All students must register. HOW? ONLINE registration: July 1- Aug 17 - Must have Skyward Family Access to be able to register online. We have forms tonight OR you can access the form on the district website: PAPER registration: Aug 13-17 - Times posted online, via parentlink, and in the newspaper. Students must be registered by Aug 17 th to guarantee DAY 1 transportation!!

10 Please write down any questions/comments on the forms provided. All questions and answers will be posted on the SIS website.

11 Next Up: English, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Honor Choir

12 English/Language Arts/Social Studies (ELAR/S) Orientation Springtown Intermediate School May 14 th, 2012

13 Behavior Expectations CHAMPS in the classroom, school wide and district wide – Come to class on time – Have supplies ready – Adjust speech and body language – Make work neat and complete – Put belongings in locker – Stay on task

14 Supplies Supply List for ELAR/S class – 2” binder with dividers – Paper- wide ruled and loose leaf that fits in binder – Pens/pencils – Map pencils – NO MARKERS – Journal(spiral) – ONE take home folder for ALL subjects(homework and notes)

15 Homework Spelling words and test weekly AR Book Reading( 30 minutes daily) Work not completed in class Make-up work for absences

16 Accelerated Reader: What is it? Our district-wide reading program that monitors the progress of reading improvement for our students based on her/his IRL(Independent Reading Level). Reading level is based on the STAR test provided through our Accelerated Reading program.

17 How will AR affect your child’s reading grade? Each 6-Weeks there are two reading grades from AR: – % of points toward the goal set according to the STAR test results and the teacher’s recommendation. – % correct on all AR tests taken.

18 Our Year at a Glance (YAG) Fiction: short stories and novels Drama Nonfiction: biographies, autobiographies, news articles Comparing genres in literature Writing in response to literature Writing: poems, essays, research paper Grammar Writing Conventions Media Literacy Possible projects: brochures, research, advertisements Independent Reading DAILY!

19 STAAR 2011-2012 school year was the first year the STAAR test was administered. 2012-2013 school year, there will be a standard score needed to be achieved, as well as, good attendance and passing academic grades, to ensure 6 th grade placement. Reading: Practice, practice, practice!

20 Photo courtesy of habitat-on-strawberry-hill. Accessed 5-11-2012.

21 Next Up: Math

22 Math Orientation Springtown Intermediate School May 24 th, 2012

23 Daily Routine “Bell Work” – Usually an opening problem that students work on while everyone settles in to class. Homework is turned in at this time, and sharpening of pencils. Discuss Bell Work answers Facts Practice – Through Math Facts in a Flash software, flashcards, board games, worksheets/timed tests. CSCOPE Lesson – Our District scaffolding and alignment curriculum that is used to ensure the appropriate learning standards are taught at each grade level. These lessons and accompanying work is usually completed in class. Go over homework/re-teach the problems missed Daily Independent practice that is based on the CSCOPE lesson and objectives scheduled to be taught. * All incomplete work is taken home and assigned as homework for the student to bring back the following day completed.*

24 Take Home Folders Students will have a binder that they will carry from class to class. There will be one Take Home Folder expected for each student that will contain all items the student needs to take home and bring back, usually signed by the parent. Each Binder will have the following: – Behavior/Missing Assignment log – Reading log – Incomplete work that needs to be completed and returned – Parent/Information letters – Returned papers

25 STAAR Test 5 th Grade students for the 2012-2013 school year must attain a passing score on the STAAR exam for Math and Reading, along with, acceptable attendance and passing academic grades to ensure 6 th grade promotion status.

26 What can I do to help my student prepare for 5 th Grade Math? #1 Request- Practice and Master their Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division facts with quick mental recall. – Suggestions for practice: and – Unlimited games and AAA Math is scaffolded upon state standards Flash Cards – Either store bought or home made Use a deck of cards or 2 dice. Draw 2 cards and practice the 4 operations. Roll 2 dice and practice with those numbers. Students will start the year with a diagnostic test (STAR Math) that will tell us their appropriate grade level math ability and will be re-tested every 6-weeks to show growth.

27 Next Up: Science

28 Science Orientation Springtown Intermediate School May 14 th, 2012

29 Daily Routine Bell Work – Usually an opening question that students have to work on while everyone is settling into the classroom. Homework is turned in at this time. Answer and review Bell Work answers CSCOPE Lesson – The scaffolding and alignment program for the district. This program ensures that each teacher is teaching to grade level expectations and standards. – Most of the CSCOPE lessons are completed in class. Any incomplete work is assigned as homework to be brought back the following school day. Daily Independent practice – Will consist of different assignments and will be outlined in the lesson plans. Possible Projects – Usually assigned to be done outside of school time. These will always be completed per a specific timeline and rubric and be for a significant grade.

30 STAAR Test 5 th graders will be taking the Science portion of the STAAR exam in the 2012-2013 school year. 6 th Grade Promotion Requirements – Academically passing FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR in their core classes. This year-end average is obtained by taking all “6-weeks” averages from the report card, adding them together, and dividing by 6. – Obtain a passing score on the STAAR Reading and STAAR Math exams. – Maintain acceptable attendance that is outlined in the student handbook available on the district website.

31 How can I help my 5 th Grader? Science is based on using math concepts to understand the physical world around us. Reinforcing math, reading and critical thinking skills all support academic success for our students. Suggestions: – Let your student help you measure anything.(cooking, automotive, housework, construction, etc…) They will be expected to be able to measure reliably and will learn how to convert their measurements. – Discuss how different machines, processes, things work. – Go to the Fort Worth Zoo, Science Museum or other cultural centers to help them be aware of the science culture around them.

32 Next Up: Social Studies, Music and Honor Choir


34 Next Up: Discipline, Buses, Lockers and School Counselor


36 Student Discipline CHAMPS Expectations (Code of Conduct) *Online access Consequences for misconduct: *Detention *Lunch Detention *In-School Suspension *Out-of-School Suspension

37 The Bus Morning Procedures *Student drop-off is in the back of the SIS campus. *All students have the opportunity to eat breakfast upon arrival to school. After-noon Procedures *Bus riders are dismissed prior to parent-pickup kids. *Bus pick-up is in the back of the SIS campus. *Messing around and wasting time after the bell dismisses you can cause you to get left at school!

38 The Bus Rider expectations * Online access Consequences *Not adhering to the expectations will result in loss of bus privileges. *Consequences increase in severity with each bus discipline referral.


40 Cell phones must be turned off during the school day If a phone goes off during school hours, it will be taken up (even if the call is from you). Students using a phone during school hours will have the phone taken up. If a phone is taken up, it will be held in the school office for retrieval by a parent. SIS is not responsible for, nor will SIS investigate lost or stolen phones. Cell Phones


42 Students assume risk that items brought to school could be lost or stolen. Students assume all risk involved in trading items with another student. As with phones, SIS will not investigate lost or stolen items. MP3, Games, Swap Meets

43 SIS not responsible for lost or stolen items. All SIS lockers may have a lock put on them. Lockers



46 BIG school-wide fundraiser kicks off in August… Funds used for – Technology – Student rewards – Teaching supplies – AR/AM Days; Promotion Party Fundraisers

47 Counseling Character Counts STAAR testing *5 th grade: Math, Reading, and Science *6 th grade: Math and Reading The return of SSI (Student Success Initiative) *Promotion requirements: Students must pass the STAAR Math and Reading tests to promote to grade 6. *3 testing opportunities. School Counselor

48 Please write down any questions/comments on the form provided. All submitted questions and their answers will be posted on the SIS webpage: Questions

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