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GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE The Gallatin County DUI Task Force in Southwest Montana is a collaborative group of citizens and professionals in the field.

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1 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE The Gallatin County DUI Task Force in Southwest Montana is a collaborative group of citizens and professionals in the field appointed by the Gallatin County Commissioners. The Task Force develops and/or funds public education, awareness, and enforcement projects to reduce the number of alcohol-related crashes and deaths in Gallatin County.

2 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE Our members are  private citizens and members of the business community  treatment and prevention professionals  law enforcement professionals  prosecuting attorneys

3 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE Originally called Montanans Against Drunk Driving (MADD), since 1982 the Gallatin County DUI Task Force has provided a forum for proactive discussion and a place for professionals in the field to come together to discuss this critical issue, and to design constructive and effective courses of action.

4 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE The Task Force is totally self-supporting (through DUI license reinstatement funds) and works on this critical public health and safety issue without particular political agenda, free to address what is most relevant to our county, and to support innovative projects that prevent DUI.

5 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE The Task Force works to  keep your roads safe  prevent impaired driving  reduce alcohol-related traffic crashes  gather and disseminate statistical information regarding DUI in Gallatin County  educate the public on the dangers of driving after consuming alcoholic beverages or other chemical substances that impair judgment and motor function Through programs like  Gathering and disseminating DUI-related statistical information  DUI Enforcement Overtime Patrols funding forms  CEASE Awards for DUI-prevention projects and events  Equipment purchases for Law Enforcement  MSU's Late Night Streamline Ride Service  Presentations  Demonstrations of Fatal Vision Goggles  Creation of educational materials distributed county-wide & marketing campaigns  Informational news items and editorials  Working in collaboration with other prevention/enforcement organizations

6 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE  For the first time in six years, drunk driving deaths in the U.S. have increased. Data just released show that 10,322 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in 2012. One every 51 minutes.  MADD has just released the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving 2014 Report to the Nation which included a rating of 50 states.  Montana is one of only two states that received one star out of a possible five. Drunk driving was responsible for 43% of all traffic deaths in Montana in 2012.

7 IMPAIRED DRIVING Montana has one of the highest fatality rates in the nation for number of deaths caused by impaired drivers per vehicle mile traveled.

8 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE DUI Citations (Arrests) for Gallatin County 2010…936 2011…781 2012…632





13 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE DUI Myths...  I can't get a DUI if I'm under 21  If I just stick with beer, I won't get drunk  They cannot arrest you if you refuse the tests  When I serve alcohol at a party, I'm not liable for what happens to guests when they drive home  I can sober myself up with a cold shower or a strong cup of coffee

14 THE TRUTH IS If you operate a motor vehicle and your ability to safely drive has been impaired (diminished) by alcohol, you could be convicted of DUI

15 THE TRUTH IS As many as eight out of ten people who get DUIs or are involved in alcohol- related crashes report beer as their alcohol beverage of choice. Twelve ounces of ordinary beer contains the same amount of alcohol as a shot of liquor or a glass of wine.

16 THE TRUTH IS Refusing the field sobriety maneuvers will not earn you a free pass and doesn't mean jurors won't view your refusal as an indication you knew you should not have been driving. Consider this: if you take the tests and you are not impaired, you won't get a DUI. Better yet, don't drive DUI and you won't have to worry!

17 THE TRUTH IS Montana recognizes the liability of the social host under a version of the Dram Shop Act. Juries are increasingly being asked to hold social hosts accountable. While it has been applied to bars, the private host should be concerned about this in the same way they are concerned if someone is injured on their property.

18 THE TRUTH IS The essential factor in sobering up, lowering your blood alcohol content and impairment level, is TIME. A drunk who drinks coffee and takes a cold shower is just a wide- awake drunk until the alcohol is metabolized from the system.

19 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE What is driving under the influence (DUI)?  Driving under the influence is simple: Driving or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while the ability to safely operate the vehicle has been impaired by the consumption of alcohol. The jury instructions break it down as:  1: A person commits the offense of driving under the influence of alcohol if, while under the influence of alcohol, a person drives a vehicle upon the ways of this state open to the public.  2: "Under the influence of alcohol" means that, as a result of taking alcohol into the body, a person's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle has been diminished.  Exhibiting signs of impairment while operating the vehicle, during roadside physical maneuvers, and/or through chemical tests may establish sufficient reason for law enforcement to make an arrest and charge a person with DUI. DUI penalties depend on the age of the driver and the type of offense suspected.

20 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE 08% BAC is the “legal limit” or the per se under the influence level In Montana, you may be arrested and charged for driving under the influence if you are impaired and/or your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over.08%. You can be charged with DUI under 61-8-401 MCA or with DUI per se under 61-8-406 MCA. If tests reveal the presence of drugs in your system in a blood test, you may be charged with a DUI-Drugs offense. If you drive a commercial vehicle, the BAC limit is.04%.

21 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) BAC refers to the percent of alcohol in a person’s blood stream. A BAC of.10 percent means that an individual’s blood supply contains one part alcohol for every 1,000 parts blood. One standard drink is based on 12 oz. beer, 1.5 oz. of 80 proof liquor, or 5 oz. wine



24 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE Under 21, the legal limit is.02% 61-8-410 established a Zero Tolerance level, a Juvenile or Mini DUI. It is illegal for those under 21 to consume or possess alcohol. This statute establishes a zero tolerance level for under-age drivers. If found behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, underage drivers who drink any amount of alcohol run a high change of being charged with this offense. If stopped, and an officer suspects the driver of being underage and of consuming alcohol, the driver will be asked to submit to a chemical test of your breath with a Portable Breath Test unit. You may refuse this test, but your driver’s license will be suspended for six months, and if you have refused in the past 5 years, your license will be revoked for one year. Officers have other tests they can use to determine whether you are impaired. You may be charged under 61-8- 410, or you may be charged under 61-8-401 if the officer has reason to believe that you are impaired and not just operating a motor vehicle while under 21 after consuming alcohol.

25 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE Growing Impairment Following are ten snapshots of increasing drunkenness and impairment as blood alcohol concentration increases. Ranges are approximate and vary with the drinker: 1. BAC =.02 = Drinkers begin to feel moderate effects. 2. BAC =.04 = Most people begin to feel relaxed, mildly euphoric, sociable, and talkative. 3. BAC =.05 = Judgment, attention, and control are somewhat impaired. Ability to drive safely begins to be limited. Sensory-motor and finer performance are impaired. People are less able to make rational decisions about their capabilities (for example, about driving.) 4. BAC =.08 = This is legal level for intoxication in some states. There is a definite impairment of muscle coordination and driving skills. 5. BAC =.10 = This is legally drunk in most states. There is a clear deterioration of reaction time and control.

26 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE 6. BAC =.12-.15 = Vomiting usually occurs, unless this level is reached slowly or a person has developed a tolerance to alcohol. Drinkers are drowsy. Drinkers display emotional instability, loss of critical judgment, impairment of perception, memory, and comprehension. Lack of sensor-motor coordination and impaired balance are typical. Decreased sensory responses and increased reaction times develop. The vision is significantly impaired, including limited ability to see detail, peripheral vision, and slower glare recovery. 7. BAC =.15 = This blood-alcohol level means the equivalent of 1/2 pint of whiskey is circulating in the blood stream. 8. BAC =.18-.25 = Drinkers are disoriented, confused, dizzy, and have exaggerated emotional states. Vision is disturbed, as is perception of color, form, motion, and dimensions. Drinkers have increased pain threshold and lack of muscular coordination. Drinkers stagger or lose the ability to walk and have slurred speech. Apathy and lethargy are typical. 9. BAC =.25-.30 = Drinkers display general inertia, near total loss of motor functions, little response to stimuli, inability to stand or walk, vomiting, and incontinence. Drinkers may lose consciousness or fall into a stupor. 10. BAC =.30-.50 = Symptoms are complete unconsciousness, depressed or absent reflexes, subnormal body temperature, incontinence, and impairment of circulation and respiration. Death may occur at.37% or higher. BACs of.45% and higher are fatal to nearly all individuals.

27 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE How much does a DUI cost? The costs of drinking and driving are high. The out-of-pocket expense for a first offense conviction will stay with an DUI offender for several years after a conviction. The DMV will list all DUI convictions on your driving record for 10 years after the date of your arrest. Your costs could include:  Your fine, penalty assessment, court fees, & jail booking fee.  Increased insurance costs: a new 'High Risk driver' policy, per year.  A license "reinstatement fee.  Required alcohol education classes  Car towing; PD release; and storage  Lawyer's fees for pre-trial consultations, trial and experts  Transportation costs For a total as high as $10,000...

28 DUI Prevention: What Can The Average Person Do? Designate A Driver. Before you go to a party or a out for the evening, designate someone in your group who will only stick to non-alcoholic beverages and drive everyone else home safely.  Your judgment is the first thing to go once you start to drink, so don't wait until you get to the party. If everyone in your group wants to drink, call a taxicab to take you to the party or bar and have a taxi bring you home. The fare is a real bargain compared to the dangers and costs of drinking and driving.  Streamline Latenight Service Thursday, Friday & Saturday 7:50PM to 2:50AM

29 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE Tips for Spotting Suspected Drunk Drivers  Weaving/swerving in and out of the lane  Traveling at speeds much slower than the flow of traffic  Braking erratically or stopping in the lane  Sudden stops for signal lights and slow start once they change  Remaining at the signal lights once they turn green – asleep at the wheel  Making wide turns and/or cutting the corner striking the curb  Headlights off at night or on high beams  Driving with the turn signals on  Straddling the center line of the road or lane lines  Aggressive driving – speeding, tailgating and multiple lane changes or unsafe passing may be the tell-tale signs of intoxication

30 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE How to Report a Drunk Driver Call 911 and tell them you wish to report a suspected drunk driver. You do not have to give your name. Give a complete description of the vehicle, such as make, model, color and license plate number. Give the exact location of the vehicle, including the name of the road, cross streets and the direction they’re traveling. Describe the manner in which the vehicle is being driven. Do not try to stop the car or detain the driver. Leave that to a law enforcement officer.

31 GALLATIN COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE Gallatin County DUI Task Force: For information about Gallatin County Alcohol & Drug Prevention Organizations visit: Community-Coalition On Drug Awareness: Gallatin County Alcohol & Drug Services:

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