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Buncombe County Health & Human Services Public Health Social Services Parks Greenways Recreation Behavioral Health.

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1 Buncombe County Health & Human Services Public Health Social Services Parks Greenways Recreation Behavioral Health

2 BOC Proactive Resolutions 1992 2001200620072011 Support of simplified access to Human Services Blue Ribbon Committee site visit to Wake Urging State of NC to amend NCGS 153A-77 – Statutory Authority for Human Services Consolidation Supporting consolidation of Human Services Board In support of Legislative goal for increased county flexibility to organize local Human Services adopted by the membership of NCACC

3 Accounting Contract Management Monitoring Data & Analytics Program/ Fiscal Analysis Team Facilitation Supplies Building Management Safety & Security Leadership Development Staff Training Media & Communication Personnel Implemented in 2005 2005



6 Buncombe County Health and Human Services Percentage Expenditures

7 Buncombe County Workforce in other 60 % Health & Human 40 % Services Employees Departments

8 Reinvested in Core Services Savings & Cost Avoidance of $4,564,236 since the creation of the Human Services Support Team

9 Buncombe County Rate 2 nd Lowest among Large Urban Counties

10 BC Tax Rate $0.59 Total Individuals Served by HHS Programs $0.52 BC Tax Rate $0.52 $0.53 Expanding Services; Containing Costs

11 Strong Families Safe Children Our Children's’ Futures Child Safety is a shared responsibility

12 Geo map Collaboration Social Work & Community Health

13 Collaboration Child Protective Services & School Nurses geo-district team approach Nurse Social Work Teams – School Nurses, At-Risk Case Managers & School SW’s coordinating care DSS & Public Health collaboration brought Nurse Family Partnership to Buncombe County Under Six initiative to focus attention of the needs of children under age 6

14 HHS & Parks, Greenways, and Recreation Collaboration Safe Routes to Schools, Bicycle Safety, Home-School PE Program, Early Childhood Physical activity, Summer Feed Program Child Abuse Preventions, Health Screenings, Parenting Education Community Garden, Health Screenings, Sponsored Exercise, Nutrition Education, Summer Programs for Children Health Screenings, Healthy Eating, Low Impact Activities



17 Food Assistance WIC Family & Children’s Medicaid Family Planning Immuniza- tions Integrated Lobby @ Coxe Ave Access to Health & Economic Services Better, Easier, Faster

18 DSS Apply at DSS Apply over the lobby phone Apply over the phone via the Call Center 250-5500 Apply with a PIA (public information assistant) - generic intake Apply via a self- serve kiosk Apply through Medicaider Apply At HS West Apply at a community outpost site Apply at home on your own time “ No Wrong Door ” System of Access for application

19 Strengthen Service Coordination Strengthen Service Coordination Create Multiple Access Points Create Multiple Access Points Consolidated Brand Consolidated Brand Community Listening Sessions

20 House Bill 438 Enacted 6/29/2012

21 Consolidate provisions of human services under the direct control of a human director appointed and supervised by the County Manager Create a consolidated human services board Assign other county human services functions Board of Commissioners

22 Appointed by Board of Commissioners Initial board is based on recommendation from the sitting DSS & BCDH Boards Serves as rule-making, policy making and administrative board No more than 25 members (reasonably reflects the population make-up of County) Health and Human Services Board

23 July 2012 Nominating Committee Appointed Bill McElrath – DSS Board Chair Susanne Swanger – Health Board Chair Dr. David McClain – DSS Board Vice-Chair, Former Health Board Chair Winnie Ziegler – Former Health Board Chair Dr. Richard Oliver – Former Health Board Chair July 2012 Nominating Committee Meets Model Board Composition Operating Procedures Meeting Schedule →Orientation → Ongoing Nominating Committee

24 Composition of Board 4 persons who are consumers, public advocates or family members 8 Professionals: Psychologist Pharmacist Engineer Dentist Optometrist Veterinarian Social Worker Registered Nurse 2 physicians licensed to practice in NC; one of whom shall be a psychiatrist 1 member Board of Commissioners Other persons including general public representing various occupations

25 Composition of Board Commissioners can elect to appoint a member to fill concurrently more than one category Terms: 2 terms of 4 years To stagger terms, Board of Commissioners may appoint for less than 4 years for initial board Members must be residents of the County

26 Members of HHS Executive Board Bill McElrath – Chair Suzanne Swanger – Vice Chair David McClain Richard Oliver Sharon West

27 HHS Board Structure Commissioners County Manager Asst County Manager HHS Director Health & Human Services Board Executive/Finance Committee Public Health Advisory Board Social Work Advisory Board Parks Greenways Recreation Advisory Economic Services Advisory Board Consumer Advisory Board

28 Standing Committee Board Functions Conduit to the HHS board for budget, fees, policies and program additions/changes Promote evidence based practice Drive innovation and change Model cultural competence Serve as community leadership coalition

29 Authority of HHS Board HHS Board has all the powers & duties conferred by law upon a Board of Health and Board of Social Services Set fees upon recommendation of HHS Director Assure compliance with federal and state laws Adopt rules and enforcement of appeals Performs regulatory health functions required by law Plan and recommend consolidated Health & Human Service budget

30 Requests/Inquiries should be addressed to HHS Director, Mandy Stone – Important in branding of HHS to speak with a unified voice and vision – To manage this from a coordinated and integrated HHS perspective Concerns specific to the board – Bill McElrath, HHS Chair Roles and Responsibilities of HHS Director, Appointing Authority

31 Health & Human Services Leadership Assistant County Manager Health & Human Services Mandy Stone Assistant County Manager Health & Human Services Mandy Stone HHS Support Team Jim Holland HHS Support Team Jim Holland Social Work Services Angie Pittman Social Work Services Angie Pittman Economic Services Public Health Gibbie Harris Public Health Gibbie Harris Parks, Greenways, & Recreation Fran Thigpen Parks, Greenways, & Recreation Fran Thigpen Human Resources/ Consumer Affairs Lisa Eby Human Resources/ Consumer Affairs Lisa Eby Steve Garrison

32 Health & Human Services Matters Opportunity Client Needs/Services Performance Improvement Cost Savings Confidentiality Preserved 10 Reasons Why Consolidating ©2012 American Public Human Services Association. Workforce Bending the Cost Curve Accountability Increased Caseloads Modernization

33 How do we Integrate safety and wellness into every aspect of community life?

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