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Clues to Performing Well on the FCAT

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1 Clues to Performing Well on the FCAT

2 What to do before the test:

3 Get a good night’s sleep the evening before the test.
Wake up early enough to get your brain active by test time. Lack of sleep significantly reduces your ability to think clearly.

4 Avoid simple carbohydrates and sugar before the test
Avoid simple carbohydrates and sugar before the test. They can make you drowsy after a short while and reduce your ability to concentrate. Instead, eat a healthy breakfast that includes protein, such as eggs, and complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal.

5 Dress in layers in case your testing room is unusually cold or warm.
Drink lots of water so your brain-body system will function at peak levels.

6 Avoid conflict in your family the night and morning before the test.
Prepare yourself psychologically by having a positive attitude towards the test and your ability to perform well.

7 What to do during the test:

8 Exercise increases the blood supply to your brain.
Just before the test and during breaks, try standing, walking, and touching alternate shoulder blades, knees, and heels.

9 If you have trouble concentrating, or feel stressed or nervous during the test, try the following exercises at your seat: Close your eyes and take some deep, quiet breaths. Shrug your shoulders several times. Alternate circling and flexing each foot.

10 For multiple choice questions, read each question carefully and think about the answer or solve the problem before you select your answer.

11 Answer questions you are sure about first
Answer questions you are sure about first. Questions are not in order of easiest to hardest, so if a question seems too hard, skip it and go back to that question later. You can put a little mark beside those questions you want to go back to.

12 Be sure to completely fill in the answer bubbles in your answer document. Do not make any stray marks around the answer spaces.

13 There is no penalty for guessing, so it is best to answer all questions, even if you are not sure of the correct answers.

14 Think positively. Some questions may seem hard, but you may be able to figure out how to respond if you read the questions carefully a second time.

15 You may not know all the answers, but it it important to do your best.
Try to show as much of what you know as you can. Use your time wisely and work at a steady pace. Don’t worry about what other students are doing; focus on the test. Don’t get discouraged. No one gets all the questions right.

16 Make sure the test question numbers match the answer choice numbers on the answer document.
If time allows, check all your answers.

17 Stay awake and persevere!
You can do well if you stick to it until time is called. Students who give up early have lower test scores. Stay awake and persevere!

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