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Powerful Words Sense of Sight Sight words describe appearance, shapes, movements, and colors.

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2 Powerful Words

3 Sense of Sight Sight words describe appearance, shapes, movements, and colors.

4 RED Scarlet Burgundy Blood Wine Garnet Flame Carmine Vermilion Auburn Cardinal Crimson Currant Strawberry Coral Rose Salmon pink

5 BLUE Sky Sapphire Azure Delft Porcelain Aquamarine Robin’s egg Prussian blue Peacock Teal Cobalt Powder Ice Bluish Cerulean

6 GREEN Celery Apple Moss Pea Kelly Emerald Neon-green Olive Pistachio Chartreuse Forest Yellow-green Grass-green Verdant Jade

7 BROWN Almond Amber Tawny Hazel Cinnamon Nutmeg chocolate Honey Brunette Cocoa Nut brown Fawn Toasted Coffee Tea Rust Ginger Walnut Bronze Mahogany Caramel Drab Khaki Bay Puce Umber Russet

8 YELLOW Beige Buff Peach Apricot Buttercup Chartreuse Tangerine persimmon Canary Chrome Gold Topaz Ochre Saffron Sulfur Mustard Butterscotch Orange

9 BLACK Coal Licorice Sable Raven Inky Pitch Shadowy Murky Lightless Dark Midnight Swarthy Stygian Moonless Dim

10 GRAY Ashen Dove Silver Platinum Granite Lead Pewter Neutral Slate Dun Mouse Foggy Stormy Misty

11 PURPLE Amethyst Orchid Mauve Plum Pansy Eggplant Mulberry Fuchsia Magenta Wine Violet Pale purple Heliotrope Grape

12 ORANGE Gold Topaz Ochre Mustard Tangerine Persimmon Carrot Ginger Pumpkin

13 WHITE Snow Marble Cream Oyster Platinum Bloodless Sallow Filmy Smoky Alabaster Colorless Pale Pallid Ghostly Bleached Wan Pasty Cadaverous Translucent Chalky Fair Blond

14 General Color Colorless Rainbow Drab Stark Bland Neon Metallic Vivid Vibrant Bright Pale

15 Appearance Freckled Spotted Striped Clear Shiny Glowing Fluid Sparkling Iridescent Glazed Transparent Grimy Dark Dismal Rotted Worn

16 Appearance Continued Curved Loose Crooked Awkward Tired Exhausted Arid Ramshackle Ugly Cheap Messy Shabby Untidy Straight Orderly Formal

17 Appearance Continued Crisp Pretty Heavy Flat Stout Rigid Narrow Overloaded Congested Cluttered Crowded Jammed Packed Squeezed Bruised Stretched Lean Slender

18 Appearance Continued Frightened Nervous Tearful Apprehensive Fearful Shy Timid Miniature Strong Tiny Sickly Pasty Pale Fragile Frail Healthy Robust Hardy

19 Fast Movements Run Scamper Scramble Dart Spin Stride Streak Gallop drive Dash Careen Rush Race Zoom Zip Ram Chase Hurl

20 Fast Movements Continued Sail Fly Swing Plunge Swoop Bounce Plummet Drop smash Swerve Flick Whisk Rip Shove Swat

21 Slow Movement Crawl Slouch Lumber Bend Saunter Loiter Stray Stalk Stagger Lope Waddle Slither Drag Sway soar

22 Slow Movements Continued Lift Drift Droop Heave Dawdle

23 Shapes Scrolled Globular Crimped Crinkled Conical Cylindrical Tubular Hollow Wide Portly Clustered Tufted Pendulous Jutting Triangular Rectangular Hexagonal Narrow Stretched

24 Shapes Continued Octagonal Square Pyramidal Tapering Branching Twiggy Split Broken straight Spindly Skinny Thin Wiry Shapely Winged Shapeless Crooked Curved

25 Sense of Taste and Smell Words that create a vivid picture!

26 Taste Words Cool Creamy Savory Acidic Buttery Bittersweet Hardy Mellow Crisp Ripe Tasteless Vinegary Fruity

27 Taste Words Continued Tangy Unripe Alkaline Medicinal Fishy Gingery Hot Overripe Spoiled Rotten Gooey Tart Nutty

28 Smell Words Aromatic Perfumed Flowery Heady Fresh Balmy Earthy Piney Odorous Pungent Tempting Savory Sharp Gamey Briny Acidic Acrid Gaseous

29 Smell Words Continued Reeking Rotten Spoiled Sickly Stagnant Musty Mildewed Damp Dank Stench Stale

30 The Sense of Touch Words that best create vivid mind picture.

31 The Sense of Touch Cold Icy Lukewarm Tepid Warm Hot Steamy Touch Elastic Wet Slippery Spongy Mushy Oily Fleshy Leathery Silky Satiny

32 Touch Words Continued Frostbitten Brittle Sinewy Bubbly Moist Tender Fragile Thin Dull Dry Pulpy Rough Sandy Prickly Furry Soft Smooth

33 Sense of Hearing Words that create the most vivid sound for the reader to hear.

34 Loud Words Bump Boom Bang Explode Roar Scream Shout Yell Whistle Whine Squawk Bark Bawl Bray Bluster Rage Blare Rumble Grate Slam Clap Stomp

35 Loud Sounds Continued Stamp Noise Discord Jangle Rasp Clash Caterwaul Clamor Tumult Riot Racket Brawl Yowl Shatter

36 Soft Sounds Hum Murmur Whir Twitter Patter Mutter Crackle Bleat Peep Melody Resonance Harmony musical Gurgle Swish Rush Chime Tinkle Clink Hush Still Speechless Mute Faint Inaudible

37 Speech Sounds Stutter Giggle Guffaw Laugh Sing Yell Scream Screech Snort Bellow Murmur Whisper Whimper Talk Speak Drawl Hiss Chatter Growl

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