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1 Serco in confidence Public Sector Customer Service Forum – Serco in HCC Advise | Design | Integrate | Deliver 8th May 2013.

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1 1 Serco in confidence Public Sector Customer Service Forum – Serco in HCC Advise | Design | Integrate | Deliver 8th May 2013

2 2 Serco in confidence Introductions Nigel BatesAndy Bowie Serco Global Services Development Director Serco Global Services Head of E-Services

3 3 Serco in confidence Who are Serco – SGS Public Sector Global Services Public Sector in Brief ● 5454 number of staff ● Over 9,804,000 customers served ● Guaranteed cir £50m savings to the NHS over 8 years ● Helping 2.6m unemployed ● Producing £95m of Health Vouchers per annum ● Helping 50,000 Students access University ● Helping over 100,000 pupils ● Helping 500,000 visa applicants gain employment in the UK ● Over 2m calls helping people get back to work ● Guaranteeing over £100m in savings to Local Authority Customers

4 4 Serco in confidence Hertfordshire SMS Partnership Serco Shared Managed Services is a strategic partnership between Hertfordshire County Council and Serco that aims to support HCC’s vision of leading Council status. This ambition will be realised through modern, flexible and effective services which deliver improved quality to the customer and enable cost savings to the Council. This partnership is a catalyst and enabler for the transformational change delivered by the Council for the Future programme. John Wood, Hertfordshire County Council Chief Exec.

5 5 Serco in confidence Hertfordshire SMS Partnership The Council needed to deliver £150m savings over the next 3 years Serco was chosen because it can realise significant transformation Eight year contract which started in April 2011. End date March 2019 with a possible extension of two years Following Serco’s successful bid, the Council challenged Serco to identify ways to deepen the transformation of services offered to citizens through the Customer Contact Centre

6 6 Serco in confidence Serco – eServices Advise | Design | Integrate | Deliver

7 7 Serco in confidence Adopting the e-services social age

8 8 Serco in confidence Improved Access to Services via Channel Shift ● To significantly lower costs & protect front line services ● To improve the quality and availability of services to customers ● To facilitate and accelerate business change programs across councils ● To support national initiatives and policies for joining up transactions across ● government agencies and bodies but comply with legislation ● High value transactions will not be put online due to the risk of information falling into the wrong hands ● Councils continue to invest in tactical or bespoke authentication solutions for access to specific vendor solutions that may not align with national initiatives, national security requirements and technology standards ● Potential savings will be lost or jeopardised by this lack of consistency and duplication ● The user experience will be inconsistent, further reducing the incentive on customers to migrate to new channels Increased Benefits Increased Risk

9 9 Serco in confidence Channel Shift approach ● Not just channel shift on line, but channel shift to the cheapest resource ● Tiered approach to delivering services ● Reduced costs to deliver ● Avoidable contact eliminated at the earliest chance Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Direction of Channel shift Web Transactions Customer Services multi skilled advisors Customer Services specialist teams Back Office teams £ 0.00 (invest only) £ 14k - £ 17k per annum £ 17k - £ 20k per annum £ 20k Plus per annum

10 10 Serco in confidence eServices – The technology platform “A repeatable set of services which can be delivered on top of a reusable technology platform”

11 11 Serco in confidence Social Care -Information, Advice, Intake & Review ● Redesign Care Pathways to allow transfer of 164 roles into customer contact service ● Enhanced Information, Advice & Brokerage services ● A service where 98% of requests can be handled at first point of contact or online ● An e-marketplace where customers can request services & either pay online using their own funds or a credit allocated to them by HCC following an assessment ● Increased customer choice and faster speed to deliver services to citizen ● Improvement in service delivery & experience against defined KPIs ● Guaranteed savings delivered through transfer and transformation of Social Care and Housing Solutions services ● Increased use of online channels and marketing for these to encourage self service to enable savings of £2.32m per annum, with £1.034m guaranteed 128 FTE from Referral Management Team Occupational Therapist staff Service Finding Team & Review Team

12 12 Serco in confidence Children's Contact Services ● The Contact Service provides supervised contact for parents with children who are Looked After by the Local Authority. ● Phase out high cost Manpower resources over 2012/13, replacing them with Serco ZBC staff -flex to meet peaks in demand ● ZBC staff selected, supervised, trained and managed to provide quality controls. ● Text /SMS reminders sent and replied for cancellations -integration with Lagan ● App with form containing mandated fields for quality and consistency ● Resource optimisation- Scheduling tool in Lagan to maximise people and rooms ● Total Saving £0.6-1.2m ● Guaranteed savings -£580k(net) Cost Avoidance saving -£594k An additional £153k(net) stretch Single referral form utilised - integrated into Lagan workflow Real time write ups - tablet devices and App =reports directly to the system

13 13 Serco in confidence Highways ● Providing an integrated single point of customer service support & resolve 90% of calls at first point ● Improve outcomes for citizens and increased customer self-help and proactive response ● Increased staff productivity ● Future proofed for anticipated increases in demand ● Improved integration of information across technology to cut out duplication and double-keying ● Deliver guaranteed savings of £220k pa to HCC ● The operating model builds upon the core contact centre service solution, and integrating Highways staff ● Visibility of existing faults for citizens to subscribe to preventing double reporting Integrated map based e-forms Citizen Authentication SMS Text updates and response Fault

14 14 Serco in confidence Kana Award Winners Advise | Design | Integrate | Deliver

15 15 Serco in confidence Driver Training -Transport, Access and Safety Unit ● Provide administration and booking service for National Driver training Courses as providers to Hertfordshire Police ● Receive details of the participants from the Police, arrange sufficient courses to meet demand, undertake all the administration and derive a surplus that is re-invested in other activities. ● Significant HCC revenue generation opportunity ● On line booking facility to book courses ● Further communication automated. ● Eligibility checking for ’Out of area’ customers on line or via the Customer Service Centre ● Mediated e applications and payment via the Customer Service Centre ● Automated interrogation of National Driver Offender System (NDORS) database Channel Shift -On Line Course Booking Automated Payments Contact Centre 08:00- 20:00h

16 16 Serco in confidence Driver Training – The Problem ● Serco committed to a number of factors to deliver this service including Guaranteed channel shift to on line as follows April 2013 – 60% April 2014 – 70% April 2015 – 80% Longer opening hours for telephony bookings Improved website to assist with channel shift Allow out of county citizens easier access to book in Hertford An expandable solution to meet the needs of increased bookings ● New course set up by the police called What’s Driving Us ● Antiquated access database used to maintain bookings ● Double keying of data into Access system and police central database ● Large number of manual processes ● County Councils reputation and relationship with the police needed to be maintained ● Offenders attitude towards undertaking a course

17 17 Serco in confidence Driver Training – The Solution ● Application Rationalisation Removed access database Extended Lagan data model All processes handled within Lagan ● Improved on line booking & payment system ● Ability to book on line for citizens offending out of the county ● Move service to Serco customer service center (open 8am – 8pm) ● System and service flexible up and down to meet demand ● Ability to take bookings for “What's Driving Us” course both on line and through phone ● Fully integrated with the police National Driver Offenders Retraining Scheme database ● Automated processes applied where possible

18 18 Serco in confidence Driver Training – Benefits Derived Average number of monthly bookings dramatically increased Online bookings increased to support channel shift strategy Increased Revenue for the client up an average of £51k per month 32% 58% 32% 58% 1700 2300

19 19 Serco in confidence Concessionary Travel ● 180,000 passes in circulation ● All expiring on the same day – 31 st March 2013 ● Re-design of application for OCR ● Single process automated where possible ● On line application available ● Future proofed for flex in demand ● Improved integration of information across technology to cut out duplication and double-keying ● Improve outcomes for citizens and increased customer self-help and proactive response ● 20 day turn around from receipt to pass issue

20 20 Serco in confidence Concessionary Travel – The Problem ● 180,000 renewals to be processed This represents over 2% of all concessionary travel passes in circulation and makes us the 12 th largest issuer of Travel passes in the UK 1 ● All expiring on the same date – 31 st March 2013 ● Incomplete Data provided by the districts ● Political ‘hot-topic’ – councilors have given statements on the county’s website about renewing bus passes Stuart Pile, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport said: “The free bus pass scheme helps many older people in Hertfordshire remain independent. When a letter comes through your door, it’s important that you renew your pass at the earliest opportunity, which will ensure you are still able to benefit from free bus travel after April 2013. ”If you know someone who has a free bus pass, please look out for their letter to arrive and help them with the renewal process if they need it.” ● Average age of eligible citizens and ability to access the web ● 20 Day SLA for issuing passes from date application received 1 statistics obtained from concessionary travel data file BUS0890

21 21 Serco in confidence Concessionary Travel – The Solution ● Anonymous letters to customers – with barcode ● On line application capability ● Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for paper applications received by 3 rd party Serco partners ● Work queues in Lagan for dealing with any changes with streamlined workflow ● Automated workflow in Lagan for processing applications ● Use of returned data to improve the poor data currently held ● Automated extract to the bus pass issuing company ● Targeted districts at a time to stagger responses ● Free prize draw for applications received within 6 weeks of letter being issued to encourage early responses

22 22 Serco in confidence Concessionary Travel – Benefits Derived Automated process replaces the previous 10 minutes average handling time per application 70% of applications processed through the satisfactory response, with no manual intervention at all. That’s 125,000 applications Automated process has avoided costs in excess of £200k to manually process 125,000 applications Reduced the number of required FTE from 22 to 6 to deliver the service

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