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FOCUS Social Media for Sales Why to spread your content virally?  Create as many touchpoints as possible for people to experience your content  Repurpose.

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2 FOCUS Social Media for Sales

3 Why to spread your content virally?  Create as many touchpoints as possible for people to experience your content  Repurpose your content in different formats across different social networks  Improve your SEO rankings  DRIVE TRAFFIC BACK TO YOUR WEB SITE


5 Spreading your content virally After each blog post, do the following: 1.Post your blog title on linkedin, facebook, twitter 2.Post your blog on other relevant community sites 3.Post it on micro ‐ blogging site like Tumblr to widen reach 4.Repurpose blog post in other formats like video or presentation 5.Use email as a notification tool for your blog updates Before you launch your blog, do the following: 1.Add your site to Google 2.Claim it on 3.Integrate your blog with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter 4.Integrate your blog with any other online communities 5.Send it to bookmarking sites like delicious and diggit

6 Add your site to Google – google webmasters google webmasters

7 Add your site to Yahoo/Bing – Bing webmasters Bing webmasters

8 Claim your blog on Technorati

9 Claim your blog on

10 Bookmark your blog on Delicious

11 If you want to spread any further

12 Spreading your blog updates - Hootsuite

13 What is it Hootsuite?  Social media dashboard  Provides efficiency and ease that results in less hassle and more results.  Like Seesmic and Tweetdeck  But more functionality

14 Hootsuite Dashboard

15 Benefits  Extremely powerful and convenient  Provides more features than  Saves time  Easily repurpose material  Adds additional channel for information dissemination; pull vs. push  Schedule/filter messages  Lead Generation

16 Power/Convenience  Aggregator - manage all social media networks from one location (except YouTube), even LinkedIn profiles  Enterprise level software solution  Caveat: only performs basic or most useful features (cannot manage settings, photos, videos etc; must log into respective network for these features | credentials provided)

17 Extra features  Analytics via reports generated from click summary (free; found in analytics – advanced topic)  Built in URL shortener  Save as draft  See your contacts in your different networks  Pro version provides additional features

18 Time Savings, Repurpose, Pull vs. Push  Option to post to all networks at once or stagger (consider indiv “likes” and follows)  People “opt-in” to receive messages/material from you. Make it worthwhile…  Exceptional tool to make sharing an effortless task!

19 Schedule function  Optimal time for message dissemination  Allows for oversight and advanced planning (comprehensive campaigns/promotions/seasonal, etc)  Allot time to complete weekly commitment or bank material; “one and done”

20 Lead Generation  Extremely powerful search feed  Combine with geolocation filter  Use exact terms, negative attitude, positive attitude, ambiguous terms, questions, and hash mark (#) streams

21 How it looks like once you’ve spread it

22 Repurposing your blog post

23 Sending notification email

24 Some tips on email marketing  Get permission  Build a targeted mailing list  Work with a clean database  Adopt a strategy of persistence  Tell a story  Have readers drive design  Have an exit strategy  Know what you want from your prospects


26 Promoting Your YouTube Videos  Embed videos in your website  Add links to your YouTube channel  Get other people to link to you  Email your customers  Promote on Facebook and Twitter  Promote with YouTube pay per click advertising  Promote on other video platforms

27 Embedding a YouTube Video  Use the word ‘video’ in the page title and headline  Use ‘keyword rich’ descriptive text next to the video (Google can’t read moving pictures)  Repeat the ‘call to action’ beneath the video

28 Promote on YouTube alternatives  the site has a focus on episodic content and the unique feature of is that it can distribute your episodes to other video distribution sites (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)  Assuming your content qualifies, your episodes can be viewed via cable service providers (on TV) who’ve partnered with

29 Promote on YouTube alternatives Vimeo  Established in 2004 (one year before YouTube) and it’s a solid alternative to YouTube geared toward skilled content producers  Vimeo doesn’t allow commercial, gaming or pornography videos; or anything NOT created by the user to be hosted on the site

30 Promote on YouTube alternatives Viddler  Has the unique feature of allowing you to make a comment at any point in the video  Videos uploaded under the free service have advertising automatically overlaid, which is kind of lame.  The service does come with powerful paid options (detailed analytics, priority encoding, HD encoding, iTunes support, branding and control over advertising, including a revenue- sharing option)

31 Promote on YouTube alternatives TubeMogul  Can distribute your videos far and wide (to other video distribution hubs like YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo, etc.) and provides powerful statistical analysis and even geographic tracking  Most advanced features are pay-to-play, of course

32 Publish your videos on Facebook  Once you have your YouTube account connected to your Facebook account, you can come in and hit the “Like” button on your video  It will be published on your Facebook Profile wall with the little video player  To get videos onto your Facebook business page you need to copy the URL of your video and paste it onto your wall, or you can try out some of the Facebook apps  

33 Integrate YouTube with your blog  WordPress has two plugins that are seldom used yet provide a powerful integration between your blog and YouTube Genki YouTube Comments plugin  Allows you to feed comments appearing on your YouTube video back to your blog Smart YouTube  Allows you to easily insert YouTube videos/playlists in your post, comments and in RSS feed


35 Sharing buttons

36 Bufferapp


38 The 12 tasks of a social media manager


40 Social Media Checklist




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