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Testing Effects !!. All Effects /mx.effects+-+Basic+Test+Plan

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1 Testing Effects !!

2 All Effects /mx.effects+-+Basic+Test+Plan /mx.effects+-+Basic+Test+Plan Watch the effect, understand it. Verify it works Verify it works in Parallel Verify it works in Sequence Verify it works in Transition

3 Basic Functionality Play Stop End Pause Resume Reverse

4 Basic Knobs Duration StartDelay RepeatCount RepeatDelay Target/Targets

5 Basic Events EffectStart EffectUpdate EffectRepeat EffectEnd

6 First Level – Simple Effect Test the effect by itself Verify it works when tweaking the basic knobs while calling the basic functionality. Verify it works with a variety of targets – not everyone that exists – just a sample that represents the majority of components in the framework.

7 Next Level – Simple Composite Parallel / Sequence Duration on parallel, duration on effect Target on parallel, target on effect

8 Next Level - Complex Composite Take simple composite Add start delays, repeats, repeatDelays.

9 Next Level – Combinatorial Composite Add other effects. Stagger with delays Again, targets on composite, targets on effects. Same target on composite, or multiple targets in effects Multiple effects, some with overlapping durations and overlapping targets.

10 Next Level - Transitions Simple effect in transition. Composite wrapped effect in transition. Complex composite “” Combinatorial composite “” <- Approaching Thermo Thermo composite in transition. (Thermo’ish) Add/remove items in transition. (Thermo’ish) Multi-group in transition. (Thermo’ish)

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