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Nutrition and Dignity The Policy Company Limited ©

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1 Nutrition and Dignity The Policy Company Limited ©

2 Policy The Home will ensure that all Residents are offered a choice of nutritious, well-balanced and appetising meals which are based upon a sound understanding of their needs and preferences, and served in a manner which promotes and delivers enjoyment, self-respect and the preservation of dignity. The Policy Company Limited ©

3 Assessment upon admission to the Home All new Residents undergo a comprehensive assessment of their needs upon entering the Home. This detailed assessment covers a variety of topics and includes gaining a thorough understanding of their dietary requirements, their likes and dislikes with regard to both food and drink and their preferences. The Policy Company Limited ©

4 This nutritional screening assessment also looks into the cultural background of Residents, examining what foods, flavours, recipes etc have played an important part in their lives, and which will contribute significantly to their enjoyment of life in the Home. The Home will not make assumptions, however, simply based upon a Resident’s ethnic or cultural background, and will often seek the views of friends, carers, family members where this is likely to be helpful into gaining the best understanding of the Resident’s preferences. The Policy Company Limited ©

5 Food service staff are advised of the dietary preferences and requirements of each Resident, and are instructed to include these, as much as possible in the Home’s food service planning and delivery arrangements. Where a Resident enters the Home and it is apparent, through visual observation that there are, for example, weight issues (significant over or under weight, relative to height), or the Resident experiences difficulties in swallowing, or handling ordinary eating utensils, than that Resident will be referred for professional assessment and support. The Policy Company Limited ©

6 Arrangements for meals in the Home The Home looks upon each mealtime as a special occasion, allowing Residents to mix socially, and enjoy excellent food, locally prepared and sourced, in convivial surroundings. It is accepted, however, that this aim can only be achieved where there is sufficient flexibility in the arrangements for the serving of food, and staff understand the individual needs of each Resident. The Policy Company Limited ©

7 It is likely that some Residents, for example, will have, currently, no special needs – their dietary requirements have been established, and the choice of food available to them reflects this, and they are able to eat and drink, and enjoy mealtimes without assistance. This is unlikely be the case for everyone in the Home. The Policy Company Limited ©

8 Where eating difficulties are apparent, for any Resident, then arrangements will be put into place to ensure that food and drink prepared for them, individually, is appropriate for their needs and condition. The Policy Company Limited ©

9 Where support is needed, for example help with feeding or drinking, then this will be provided on a routine basis. Staff will be alerted as to who needs help, and will ensure that such help is given at the appropriate time, and always in a caring and professional manner. The Policy Company Limited ©

10 Staff training Care staff will undertake training, as necessary, in order that they may:  understand the importance of good nutrition and hydration for Residents in their care;  have the skills to communicate with Residents who have dementia, or communication difficulties;  understand their individual roles in ensuring that Residents eat and enjoy meals within the Home;  act appropriately if they see signs of malnutrition or dehydration. The Policy Company Limited ©

11 Protection of dignity The Home accepts its duty to protect the dignity of Residents at all times, and in every single aspect of their care. This duty is of particular importance in a residential care setting, with communal dining, and the Home will: The Policy Company Limited ©

12  Stagger mealtimes if staffing is insufficient to deal with the individual support needs of Residents at any particular time;  Where necessary, serve meals in the Resident’s room, if this is felt, on balance, to best serve the interests of the Resident;  Provide serviettes, not Bibs; The Policy Company Limited ©

13  Give Residents time to eat their meals properly, and to enjoy the occasion;  Provide routine and sympathetic assistance discreetly, for Residents who have difficulty eating. Generally, assistance will be planned, however staff are instructed always to be on the look-out for Residents experiencing difficulties, and to assist as necessary; The Policy Company Limited ©

14  Provide adapted crockery and cutlery to enable Residents to feed themselves where this is appropriate;  Develop Volunteer schemes to help give support at mealtimes;  Encourage carers, family and friends to visit and offer individual support at mealtimes. The Policy Company Limited ©

15 Food service The Home will strive to ensure that a significant proportion of food served is locally sourced and seasonal. Kitchen staff will be advised as to the dietary requirements of Residents, and any difficulties they may be experiencing in taking food and drink. This information will be used to ensure that individual Resident’s needs are adequately catered for, and that individual choices and preferences become an integral part of the food planning and preparation activities of the Home. Residents will be provided, in a timely fashion, with advance information on the Menus for each day, and the choices available. The Home also offers snacks and drinks for Residents and their visitors upon demand. The Policy Company Limited ©

16 “Quality of Service Programme” The Home will monitor satisfaction levels in all key areas of its operations, and will review, evaluate, and implement improvements, where necessary, on a continuous basis, with the overall aim of becoming a “model of good practice”. This process is known, throughout the Home, as the “Quality of Service Programme.” The Policy Company Limited ©

17 On a regular basis, the Home will:  Respond to complaints in a positive and constructive manner so that lessons may be learned and improvements made;  Seek the views of both staff, Residents and interested “others” on the food service programme provided by the Home, including views on mealtimes, the quality of food, choice, etc. The Policy Company Limited ©

18  Provide feedback on the results of such surveys and questionnaires;  Develop improvement action programmes;  Implement improvements as necessary. The Policy Company Limited ©

19 Any Questions? The Policy Company Limited ©

20 We recommend that you examine carefully this set of slides and make what amendments are necessary in order that the material you present reflects your own situation and circumstances. The Policy Company Limited ©

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