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Kim I. Mallalieu, PhD Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering The University of the West Indies Community-Focused Mobile Innovation Michael Hosein,

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1 Kim I. Mallalieu, PhD Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering The University of the West Indies Community-Focused Mobile Innovation Michael Hosein, PhD Department of Math and Computer Science The University of the West Indies Sixth Annual Caribbean Internet Forum The Mobile Internet for Development Port of Spain October 29 – 31, 2008

2 Agenda Community-Focussed Innovation The Mobile Internet and CFI Regional Applications Opportunities for Mobile Applications Communications Requirements and Service Choices Opportunities for Mobile Access to Inet Data Observations Transformations

3 Community Focussed Innovation Measured in terms of Holistic ROI (HROI): social, cultural, economic, intellectual and lifestyle impact and sustainability Focuses on poor and other traditionally marginalized communities, e.g. in T&T: 17% of population estimated as poor As much as 4% of population may be disabled Develops and applies technologies, even if only modest potential for economic return, to increase information reach and impact

4 The Mobile Internet and CFI High penetration of mobile among poor e.g. 94% Jamaica poor surveyed (DIRSI 2007) 86% T&T poor surveyed (DIRSI 2007) Yet Caribbean mobile data use among poor limited to SMS at low levels (e.g. DIRSI 2007): 67% mobile users of Jamaica poor surveyed 46% mobile users of T&T poor surveyed Main barrier to use is not knowing how to use Internet facilitates access to existing facilities; vast and rich resources and global reach mInternet may leverage key resources for CFI:

5 Regional Mobile Data Services & Applications mBanking mPayments SMS Push Competition support Mobile tv Content subscription / Pay per use Internet-to-phone SMS messaging Email Remote sensing e.g. fleet tracking Utilities trouble reporting Community Skills Bank Student Messaging Service Alert Retrieval Cache Finance Entertainment Corporate / Operations Humanitarian / Community-based

6 Alert Retrieval Cache SMS messaging for emergency communication Collaboration led by T&T’s Taran Rampersad Used in major catastrophes, incl. tsunami, since ’05 Emergency no. established for sending text msgs Asterisk server runs scripts to receive and relay messages to email lists, websites and RSS SMS good for disaster as no busy signal In disaster, SMS allows low phone battery use Open Source implementation Various stigmas attached to local R&D Only word of mouth marketing as not COTS

7 Observations Broad-reach Caribbean mobile data services utilize SMS Despite global trends in mobile innovations, mobile data has not empowered the Caribbean poor: Existing applications and services predominantly commercially-focussed Session-oriented and rich content services not accessible to poor (handset cost, service plans and service cost, literacy) Nevertheless significant scope for basic service and application innovations that link to existing online resources / have online component as step to mInet

8 Opportunities for Mobile Applications Stand alone apps Phone to Phone Opportunities for Mobile Applications Wireless Carrier PSTN Device Internet

9 Comms Requirements and Service Choices Basic transfer Push service Basic request/response Session-oriented Image Text / Voice Rich Content Interactivity Content Type SMS / EMS USSD GPRS EDGE MMS GPRS EDGE GPRS EDGE

10 Ready Targets for Mobile access to Inet Data SectorApplication ExamplesRequirements Health m-access to Sangre Grande Poison Info Centre Basic request / response Session-oriented Rich content Government Apps for housing & state lands; community events listing etc. Basic request / response Session-oriented Rich content Employment Skills bank, vacanciesBasic Request/Response Session-oriented Educational support Training noticesPush service Session-oriented CrimemTIPS; mCrime StoppersBasic text message transfer AgricultureNamdevco National Agricultural Market Information System Basic request / response Session-oriented Rich content Remote monitoring to track larceny of crops Push service with text and image

11 Regional Application Opportunities SectorApplication Opportunities Requirements Entertainment Regional entertainment event notification; sample media download Request/Response Push Session-oriented Rich content TourismTourism destination information Basic request / response Rich content Education m-TutoringSession-oriented Disaster Response Disaster event notification: Hurricane wind speed, heading; Relief coordination Basic text & image transfer (Request/Response) TradeRegional market pricing information repository; Customs regulations, duty levels by product, etc. Basic request / response

12 Transformations Policy Develop m-versions of egov information (and services) Develop CFI components of National Innovation System Review UA policy wrt mobile etc. Regulation Disallow anti-poor pay-as-you-go pricing schemes Review service offerings to promote community-focussed innovation activity etc. Research Identify vulnerable communities and explore key opportunities for intervention to guide CFI etc. Transformational Path Plan and stagger Caribbean route to mInternet mInternet CFI for Caribbean Development calls for formal and informal collaborations: community, sector, national, regional

13 Thank You

14 Metrics to Track Innovation Success Traditional R&D budget as % of annual sales % capital invested in innovation activities % workforce time dedicated to innovation In past year / x years: No. new launches No. patents filed No. ideas submitted % sales from products % of revenue from launches No. of entrepreneurs Share of wealth etc etc. Social Financial Sustainability Social Impact Scale of organization Governance Cost Effectiveness Community leadership Employment Environment Customer satisfaction Public expenditure Public procurement Social economy Corporate social responsibility Grant giving and financial investment

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