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Gordon Pierce WESTAR Fall Business Meeting Tempe, AZ April 16, 2012.

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1 Gordon Pierce WESTAR Fall Business Meeting Tempe, AZ April 16, 2012

2  National Monitoring Steering Committee meeting held in Denver, Oct. 25-26  Presentation on most items at the Fall WESTAR Business Meeting  Additional items have been discussed since last meeting

3  NO 2 ◦ “Phased Implementation Approach” going forward (formerly called the “Build and Hold” plan)  50 total sites in CBSA > 1 million  25 sites in 2012, to be operational by 1/1/2013  25 sites in 2013, to be operational by 1/1/2014  $200,000/site = $5 million/year (103 funds) ◦ Will assess data after 1 or 2 years and determine if additional sites needed or if need to do a rule change ◦ Look at near-road sites as the core of a multi- pollutant network ◦ The issue: Potential for legal challenges as does not meet CFR requirements…who takes the liability?

4  NO 2 Phased Implementation Approach Issues ◦ Inconsistency among EPA regions as to how to handle approval of network plans that do not meet CFR requirements for number of NO 2 sites by 1/1/2013 ◦ MSC has looked at 3 approaches:  Put all network info into 1 plan for EPA approval  Put everything but NO 2 in 1 plan and NO 2 only in a 2 nd plan for EPA approval, so EPA can take no action on the NO 2 plan  Rulemaking to change CFR requirements ◦ NACAA has presented to EPA, and EPA is likely looking to do a rulemaking to stagger NO 2 site installation dates

5  Secondary NOx/SOx ◦ Rule has been issued…April 3, 2012 ( effective June 4, 2012 ) ◦ No change to existing secondary NAAQS for SO 2 and NO 2 ◦ AAI (aquatic acidification index) was being looked at, but decision made that not enough information yet ◦ Plans to do a field study  Characterize NOy and SOx in 3-5 sensitive ecosystem areas  Develop ecoregion-specific factors and AAI values  Evaluate monitoring methods for NOy an SOx ◦ Plan is to use CASTNET sites  PM ◦ New NAAQS proposal expected in June 2012

6  Upcoming: May 14-17, 2012 in Denver ◦ Full day of training on Mon. ◦ Full day plenary session on Tues and ½ Thurs ◦ Full day breakout session on Wes and ½ Thurs  Please register/attend

7  MSC will be discussing and reviewing EPA’s draft recommendations regarding the PAMS re-engineering project  Next MSC meeting July 19-20 (after PM proposal is out and after National AQ Conference)

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