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Open House Presented by: Christine Greb Philadelphia University.

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1 Open House Presented by: Christine Greb Philadelphia University

2 Each year the Office of Admissions is charged with recruiting a class of new students (approximately 700) that meet the goals set forth by the University.

3 Students are more likely to enroll at an institution that they visit. One of our biggest selling points is our beautiful campus.

4 Different Types of Student Visits Tour and meeting with admissions representative Speak with a faculty member Visit a class Meet with athletic coach or University staff Open House

5 Open Houses October November April

6 Budget Total Allocated in Admissions Operating Budget $ Expenses Invitations Food Flowers Trolley Service Rentals (extra chairs, tables, etc.)

7 Attendance RegistrationsShowed October 2000 November 2000 April 2000 October 2001 November 2001 April 2001 October 2002 November 2002

8 Open House Schedule Two schedules used to divide students into different groups to: Stagger arrival time Reduce size tour groups Accommodate groups in presentations

9 Advantages to holding an Open House Accommodate a large number of visitors in one day One stop shopping Saturday

10 Challenges Successfully translating “individualized attention” to a crowd of many Anything can happen


12 “It Takes a Village” Office of Admissions staff President Gallagher Deans of each school and faculty Vice President for Academic Affairs Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs Current students (directly and indirectly) Physical Plant/Housekeeping Safety and Security Dining Services Media Services Public Relations Student Service Areas (Career Services, Residence Life…) Prospective students and family members


14 Planning begins almost a year in advance Set the dates Announcement to campus community Reserve rooms Dining Services/Physical Plant

15 Inviting Prospective Students Paper invitations E-mail Web Telephone

16 Who Does What?

17 Office of Admissions

18 Public Relations

19 Physical Plant Housekeeping

20 Safety & Security

21 University President

22 Deans & Faculty

23 Current Students

24 Dining Services

25 Media Services

26 Student Service Areas

27 The Actual Day

28 Follow-up

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