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Quarterly Business Partner Meeting Tuesday, January 19 th 2010.

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1 Quarterly Business Partner Meeting Tuesday, January 19 th 2010

2 2 Your lines have been muted to suppress all background noise.Your lines have been muted to suppress all background noise. If you have questions, please select the chat icon in the lower left corner of the Webex page and type your question.If you have questions, please select the chat icon in the lower left corner of the Webex page and type your question. We will answer questions at the conclusion of this presentation.We will answer questions at the conclusion of this presentation.

3 3 Agenda Sage “State of the Business” Sally Training and Professional Services – Michelle Marketing – Molly Product - Jennifer Support – Mary New Programs -Tom Wrap Up/Call to action Q &A

4 4 Sage Sally Craig

5 5 Revenue Results ……and we’re off……to a great start!!! New License 112% Upgrades 110% M&S 101% Overall 103% Additional areas to focus: PSG and Training THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM!!

6 6 Sage Business Solutions Objectives Strengthen partner relationship, help close business, fix overarching problems, reduce exceptions Drive consistency with other Sage teams, policies such as ROR, Merger/Acquisitions, Programs Standardize solution selling strategies and terminology Sales Transformation Goal Move from a transaction/margin based approach to a relationship/enablement approach to drive sustainable long term organic growth for the business

7 7 Abra Sales Leadership Team Sally Craig Sales 727.579.1111 x3308 Michelle Hobbs Install Base, Training 727.579.1111 x3383 Dana Ross-PSG 727.579.1111 x 3325 Reinaldo Camera Pre-Sales 727,579,1111 x3509

8 8 What is a Partner Advocate? Key Roles 1. Sales Leader 2. Business Growth Consultant 3. Strategic Relationship Manager 4. Coordinate with Pre-sales and PSG 5. http://www.sagepartnerportal.com The Partner Advocate role is responsible for maximizing sales growth and driving partner satisfaction

9 9 Customer Account Managers Collaborate with partners on their existing customer pipeline to increase install-based closed-sold ratios Contact customers to ensure they have an Extraordinary Customer Experience Identify opportunities to turn detractors into recommenders Look for suite to SQL, upgrade, add-on, and maintenance renewal sales opportunities

10 10 Customer Care Representatives Contact existing customers to ensure they renew maintenance agreements Provide renewal quotes Place order for customer maintenance renewal Identify opportunities to turn detractors into recommenders

11 11 Regional Map - PAs

12 12 Regional Map – CAMs

13 13 Lead Development

14 14 Regional Map – CCRs

15 15 Communication Together… Return phone calls and emails Integrity, Trust and Respect Overall, improve communication Partners… Communicate disposition and progress of leads Maintain certifications Actively participate in regional events, calls, Insights, and Sage executive webcasts

16 16 Training Michelle

17 17 Abra SQL Recertification Recertification on SQL HR Bundled package includes –New UI overview –Briefing of changes from v8.5 to v10 –View Builder overview and demonstration of dynamic information sharing –Recertification exam Available on Sage Partner University –

18 18 Partner University

19 19 Abra Training

20 20 Abra Training

21 21 Abra Training

22 22 Upcoming Training Opportunity Abra SQL Certification Training –March 1 – March 5 –Delivered in St. Petersburg

23 23 Lifecycle Curriculum New approach to curriculum –Task oriented –Role based –New design and approach for training –Alignment of materials for our two core product lines –Shorter, sharper and relevant courses for the different roles of an organization that touch Sage Abra products –Supports a variety of delivery options

24 24 Benefits Broader accessibility of courses –Classroom and online Realtime and Anytime –All day classes that are relevant to customer’s role –Modular –not sure how to do a specific task – take a short 1 – 2 hour online class or a brief Anytime recording Training materials will be in workbook format –Process maps –Key tasks defined –Exercises and scenarios that support the learning objectives Robust Instructor’s Guide –Guided exercises to reinforce key learning objectives –“What if” scenarios to promote discussion

25 25 Next Steps Plan to launch new curriculum model with delivery of Suite v9 Review of Lifecycle and sample workbook will be held on February 12 th Certified Trainer call –If you are a CT and don’t have an invite for the Feb. 12 th meeting, please email me at

26 26 Marketing Molly

27 27 Abra Marketing Update The current environment and Abra product developments have created a unique opportunity. Objectives: 1.Fine-tune Abra’s messaging to be more compelling and relevant for today’s organizations 2.Develop new marketing approach to capitalize on and compliment future product releases and technologies 3.Reinvigorate market and customers

28 28 What’s changed for our target market? Economy has changed people’s roles in their organization Perception of HR has changed Increased demand for timely and relevant HR information

29 29 What’s changed for our target market? Information sharing – viewed very favorably! –Timely information is “mission- critical” to remain competitive –Excel is preferred data manipulation tool “The biggest problem between Management and HR is getting the information you need when you need it.”

30 30 Abra’s Next Steps View Builder will become leading differentiator –Understand how customers are using View Builder to feed future development plans and marketing Fine-tune messaging toward financial job titles –Continued lead generation campaigns in Q2 testing messaging and offers –Redesigned pay-per-click landing pages –Ongoing study of how Abra information is used across organizations

31 31 Abra’s Next Steps Creating unique Abra “real person” perspective –Deep understanding of what customers are going through –Promoting Abra’s impact to company’s bottom line Redesign –Reflect new positioning, packages, etc

32 32 Abra’s Next Steps FY10 focus to increase ESS customer attachment –February – April 2010 Special Pricing –May – September 2010 Case Studies/ROI tools TierPrice <100$1,000 101-250$1,500 251-500$3,500 501-1,000$5,500 +100 (add’l)$200 +500$500 +1,000$2,000

33 33 What you can do now! Become familiar with View Builder Position it as dynamic and exciting tool that only Abra has Work with your customers to develop meaningful dashboards Incorporate Management and Finance in sales process Focus on efficiency and productivity gains Emphasize how Abra can share critical information for enhanced decision making Easy, simple and secure information access Share your feedback with us!

34 34 Product Jennifer Dungan

35 35 Abra SQL HRMS v10 Recap Certified 11/18/2009 Available in November –Made available on 11/30/2009 –Shipped to partners 12/2/2009 –Postponed shipping unless specifically requested due to Year End Payroll Sync Update –Delivered in 2 phases Sync performance improvement Unattended batch process V10 SR1 planned for 3/2010 –As needed based on issues identified Two issues for SR1 Will include payroll sync update

36 36 Abra Suite v9.0 Update Abra Suite v9.0 on Schedule for 4/2010 deliver Highlights of the release –Desktop –Information Sharing –Quality / Value defects –New installation Recruiting now for beta customers –If you have customers to recommend or would like to participate contact –Consultative beta tests to assess VB usage

37 37 Abra Suite v9.0 Installation New Install –Why a new installation program –Benefits of new installation program Simple file copy to server ClickOnce install to client Installed to Program Data not Program Files All Abra code on client –Task force to review impact Presentations to partners and customers Test during beta Manage during delivery

38 38 Abra Suite v9.0 Delivery Customer Communications –First official communication in early February –Ongoing communications through and beyond launch to create excitement in base –Webcasts and recorded demos to preview V9 Release Schedule –Delivery is on schedule for Spring –Manage shipment to customers Beta to include live installation Product available to new customers, partners and existing customers upon request after certification Stagger the release to customers

39 39 Support Mary Encinia

40 40 Year - End Update Period: 12/21/09 – 2/5/10 Call Volume: 9063 calls to date 2% decrease from last year Resolved on First Contact:81.65% Customer Satisfaction: 4.43 Year End Updates: FLS/Empower (NJ) Magmedia (KY) Filing Format (NM) Local Taxes: (NYMC) Upcoming: Federal W2 Forms - Alignments Alerts – Upcoming Postings on SPO/PRO

41 41 Abra SQL HRMS v10 Reach support team directly for: View Builder, SQL Payroll Direct #800-829-0170 Customer number:99999999 28 Customers who have downloaded product Calls to support: 59 calls in Support Setup/Installation/User Interface Connection to Database Client/Server Installs Find Feature Flow/Navigation

42 42 Current Release Update In the first 30 days after the Abra HRMS v10 release, there has been a 5.4% increase in customer contact to support for upgrading, compared to the previous version Abra HRMS v8.5 v10.0 = 18% customers upgraded v8.5 = 12.6% customers upgraded

43 43 Current Release Update In the first 90 days after the Abra Suite v7.8 release, there has been a 46% increase in customer contact to support for upgrading, compared to the previous version Abra Suite v7.7 7.8 = 62% customers upgraded 7.7 = 16% customers upgraded

44 44 New Programs Tom

45 45 Focus on New Abra HRMS As Anchor Focus on Core Market & Expertise Simplify Partner to Offer Broader Capabilities Employer Solutions Market Strategy (Insights 2009)

46 46 Coming in February 2010… The Sage Abra Developer Partner Program! Offering 3 rd party products and services that expand and complement the core Abra HRMS solution  Win more deals and bigger ASP’s with broader Abra solutions  Greater visibility of offerings to partners, customers & market  Common rules and processes simplify business  Part of the Sage DP Program

47 47 Phase 1 Launch Featuring…  The Abra “Extended Solutions Directory” partners (2/17) Look for Your Webcast invitations coming soon for all the details! And…  KnowledgeSync by VineyardSoft as endorsed Abra solution (3/1)

48 48 Wrap Up/Action Items Comments on View Builder to Beta Test Submissions to: – Training Schedule Reminder Talk to your customers about V9/V10! –Show them View Builder and help them to build useful dashboards

49 49 Questions

50 50 Appendix ESS Promo pricing (Feb- April)

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