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1 SEP Workshop 2007 Arizona February 27-28, 2007.

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1 1 SEP Workshop 2007 Arizona February 27-28, 2007

2 2 Administrative Topics No-cost extensions – typically not denied Carry-over requests – for now, handled same as in past Reporting Requirements – no differences Property certification – required for closeout Closeouts – processed by either Federal or non-Federal personnel at both PMC locations; consequently you will be contacted by someone you’ve not previously dealt with. Budget Revisions – Scope changes require complete application package; work with Project Officer; ensure that requested change is consistent with and necessary to accomplish original objective.

3 3 GRANTS.Gov Registration Prior to submitting an application in, you must COMPLETE a one- time registration process. It is important to follow the steps in the order outlined below. Organization: Requests a DUNS Number Organization: Registers with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) Authorized Organization Representative: Registers with the Credential Provider Authorized Organization Representative: Registers with E-Business Point of Contact: Designates Authorized Organization Representative

4 4 Request a DUNS Number The DUNS number is a unique nine-character number provided by Dunn & Bradstreet that identifies your organization. Most large organizations, libraries, colleges, and research universities already have DUNS numbers. Ask your grant administrator or chief financial officer to provide your organization’s DUNS number. If your organization does not have a DUNS number, go to the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) online registration located at to receive a number free of charge or call 1-866-705-5711.

5 5 Register with CCR The Central Contractor Registration (CCR) collects, validates, stores, and disseminates business information about the Federal Government's trading partners in support of the contract award, grants, and the electronic payment processes. Check to see if your organization is already registered at the CCR website located at You will be able to search CCR by using either your organization's DUNS Number or legal business name. If your organization is already registered: Take note of who is listed as your E-Business Point of Contact (E- Business POC). This person will be responsible for authorizing who within your organization has the responsibility to submit applications at

6 6 Register with CCR If your organization is not registered in Central Contractor Registration (CCR), go to the CCR Website at www. and select the "Start New Registration" option to begin the registration process.www. Please allow up to 7 days for processing of your registration which includes the IRS validating your Employer Identification Number (Taxpayer Identification Number or Social Security Number). When your organization registers with CCR, you will need to designate an E-Business Point of Contact (POC). This designee authorizes individuals to submit grant applications on behalf of the organization. A special Marketing Partner ID Number (MPIN) is established as a password to verify the E-Business POC. Your organization's E-Business POC will need to know the MPIN in the CCR Profile to login to

7 7 AOR Registration Once the CCR Registration is completed by your organization, the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) must register with as the individual authorized to submit grant applications for your organization to There are two elements required to complete this step: Obtaining a username and password from the Credential Provider. Registering with Both of these elements must be completed before receiving authorization by your organization.

8 8 AOR Registration Registering with Credential Provider In order to safeguard the security of your electronic information, utilizes a Credential Provider. The Credential Provider for is Operational Research Consultants (ORC). When you register with ORC, you will receive a username and password which you will need to Register with as an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR). Remember to write down your username and password, you will need it to complete your registration, as well as to submit all of your applications at To register for a username and password, go the website located at and enter your organization 's DUNS OR DUNS+4 Number and then click the "Register" button.

9 9 AOR Registration Registering with Once you have registered with the Credential Provider, you will need to register with on the website located at Enter the username and password that you created during the Credential Provider registration to access the set-up for the profile. You will be prompted to enter your name, phone number, email address, title and your organization’s DUNS number.

10 10 E-Business POC Authorizes AOR After the AOR completes registration, the E-Business POC must authorize you in to verify that you have the authority to submit grant applications on behalf of your organization. The E-Business POC will receive an email regarding your AOR registration with links and instructions to complete the process. You will also be carbon-copied on this email. E-Business (POC) must login to, using organization’s DUNS Number and MPIN password to give you permission to submit applications. When your POC approves your request to become an Authorized Organization Representative, will send you a confirmation email. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBMIT APPLICATIONS UNTIL E-BIZ AUTHORIZATION HAS OCCURRED.

11 11 Home Page The Get Registered Link on the home page located at provides a step by step guide for successful registration.

12 12 WinSAGA to Interface Applications can be submitted via WinSAGA to after the following occur: – The funding opportunity for the grant must be posted on DOE will send a courtesy email notification of the posting. – The E-BIZ POC must login to prior to submitting an application and identify Data Tree, Inc. (the current WinSAGA support contractor) as a valid Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) for the state office.

13 13 WinSAGA to Interface, contd. – The SF424 must be completed and signed in WinSAGA. – The valid Solicitation/Opportunity number must be entered in item 12 of the SF424 screen (this is used in to identify the opportunity you are responding to). Contact DOE if you do not know the number, and it has not already been entered. – The SF424A (budget) must be entered in WinSAGA. – The Annual file must be entered in WinSAGA.

14 14 WinSAGA to Interface, contd. – The following reports should be generated from WinSAGA and saved in PDF format. These will be included as attachments to your submission : The SEP or WAP Annual file. SEP or WAP Master File (as required). SF424A (budget) GOPF20A (budget narrative). Unless you are using a different format to meet the requirement. Note: The above files are submitted as attachments since cannot accept these reports electronically at this time.

15 15 WinSAGA to Interface, contd. New section in WinSAGA

16 16 WinSAGA to Interface, contd. – Attach required files to your application by selecting the Attachments button on the SF424 screen (in the section, immediately below section 21). Files are attached using a windows standard browse option to locate and attach your files. – Attachments can be added or removed at anytime until the Submit button is selected. – After all attachments have been added, select the Submit button, and WinSAGA will perform the following validations: The SF424 is complete and signed. The SF424A is complete. A valid solicitation/opportunity number has been entered. At least one file attachment has been included.

17 17 WinSAGA to Interface, contd. – Once submitted, you will not have the ability to resubmit an application unless the application status has returned with errors. If you inadvertently submit an application, please call the WinSAGA Hotline (866) 492-4546, and they will attempt to stop the transaction. – The submission process occurs following the nightly WinSAGA replication process with the PMC WinSAGA database. Therefore, please allow 1-2 days for the submission to be received by If timing is critical, please call the WinSAGA hotline to ensure that they are aware of the urgency.

18 18 WinSAGA to Interface, contd. – Checking submission status: WinSAGA will retrieve and display the status of your submission in the section of the SF424 screen. Since the status is returned to you through replication, it could be 1-2 days from the time of submission for the status to appear. If the WinSAGA status displays that there were errors, you can select the Show Errors button to view and/or print a report of the errors for correction. For assistance correcting common errors that may be encountered with a submission, click on the Help button in the section of the SF424 screen. At the bottom of the help text, you will find a link for Common Errors.

19 19 WinSAGA to Interface, contd. – Revisions/Corrections/Amendments An application is submitted to once a year ONLY for the annual formula award. Changes or revisions can be submitted into WinSAGA (or the PMC). Carryover amendments are not submitted through

20 20 HELP NETL Liaison: Joellen Nieman 304/285-4307 WinSAGA HOTLINE: (866) 492-4546

21 21 Questions from WAP Conference 1. E-Biz contact person may have retired – does organization need to go through entire registration steps again? No, the organization only needs to change the E Biz POC. The E Biz contact person is identified in CCR - that is where the new person will be added. 2. Once state has DUNS #, do they need separate CCR# per program registration? For each DUNS #, one CCR registration is required.

22 22 Questions from WAP Conference, contd. 3. Is there a prompt or e-mail notification to annually change or re- validate AOR? The E-Business POC will receive an email regarding an AOR registration with links and instructions to complete the process. AOR's do not need to be revalidated annually. However, CCR info needs updated annually. A letter will be sent to the CCR POC informing them to update their information. Also the due date for updating information is listed in CCR. 4. Can E-Biz contact re-validate all AORs annually? See response above. 5. Can one person serve as E-Biz contact & AOR? Yes

23 23 Questions from WAP Conference, contd. 6. Does WinSAGA ownership status play role in interface? For instance, who needs ownership to successfully submit application to Whoever does the submission to needs to have ownership of the Grant module in WinSAGA at the time of submission (the SF424 page is related to Grant ownership). They need ownership of the grant in order to sign the SF424 and have access to the submit 7. If you submit through Winsaga - who does the confirmation message from get sent to? The AOR for the state agency will receive all status messages. The person that signed the SF424 will receive the e-mail notification from the DOE e-Center (IIPS).

24 24 Questions from WAP Conference, contd. 8. How do you remove an "AOR"? The E Biz POC goes into and deletes the AOR in the same place that they give permission to AORs. It is under Manage Applicants.

25 25 Questions from WAP Conference, contd. 9. If a state cannot electronically sign in Winsaga, can they still submit to via Winsaga (i.e., need for a signed 424)? Use of electronic signatures is not required for submissions. States that are not setup for electronic signature can still enter the date the SF424 is signed, and select the name of the person that signed the SF424. If the state is not setup for electronic signatures, they will not be prompted for a pin number, and the box that indicates that the document was electronically signed will not be checked.

26 26 Questions from PMC East Meeting 11/15-16/06 Is it possible to have a Test Area in and WinSAGA so that you can do a dummy solicitation and accept dummy applications? If a State goes through all the steps to create a “dummy” application, they’ve essentially gone through the steps to complete and submit an actual application; because the applications for the formula awards are conducted in a non-competitive environment, there is more flexibility for corrections after applications are received.

27 27 Questions from PMC East Mtg. contd. DataTree, Inc. – who will get e-mail notice and how soon after it is received by DataTree? Data Tree, Inc. will not be receiving the e-mail notifications. They will be sent to the state agency AOR.

28 28 Questions from PMC East Mtg. contd. What information is needed by State to designate DataTree as an AOR? DataTree (DTI) has contacted the State WAP offices that are WinSAGA sites, to collect the information needed to submit to DTI has asked the States to identify the individuals and their e-mail addresses for receipt of the application status update messages. DTI will provide “certificates” to for each of the State/WinSAGA sites.

29 29 Questions from PMC East Mtg. contd. Contd.: DTI will stagger the submission of certificates to to prevent over-loading the support team. After adds the certificates to the production environment, DTI will advise the states so they can then identify DTI as a valid submitter (AOR). DTI will go through the same steps with the State Energy Offices.

30 30 STRIPES PROJECT Objective: –Standardize Department-wide procurement activities with modern technology Benefits: –Increased employee productivity –Improved quality of the final product –Increased process speed and accuracy –Improved record keeping and data analysis opportunities –Enhanced information benefits to the public –Improved security and interoperability with other internal and external systems

31 31 STRIPES PROJECT cont. Product: –PRISM (acquisitions only) –Capability exists for financial assistance line of business –DOE is considering requesting a waiver from OMB to include financial assistance into STRIPES rather than as part of a federal globalization under the President’s E- Government Management Agenda

32 32 STRIPES PROJECT cont. Schedule –Oct. 2006 – Jan. 2007 – Process re-engineering –Jan. 2007 – Oct. 2007 – Configure system –Oct. 2007 – Dec. 2007 – Testing/Training –Jan. 2008 – Deploy No immediate change to the way you do business –Propose using Grants.Gov/WinSAGA

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