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OAUG Training Day Bharath Natarajan Hieu Doan Agilent Technologies 5/1/2015 Page 1 Agilent Siebel Program.

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1 OAUG Training Day Bharath Natarajan Hieu Doan Agilent Technologies 5/1/2015 Page 1 Agilent Siebel Program

2 Agilent at a glance (FY09 Data) $4.5 Billion FY 2009 annual revenue 18,500 employees Customers in 110+ countries 60+ year heritage of invention and innovation 5/1/2015 Page 2 Agilent Siebel Program

3 Agilent Strategic Intent Measurement solutions partner to every engineer, service provider, and scientist in the electronics and bio-analytical markets Measures of Success:  Best-in-industry satisfaction and loyalty among our customers  Best-in-industry leadership as measured by our employees  Outpace the growth of the market  Superior return to our shareholders 5/1/2015 Page 3 Agilent Siebel Program

4 Page 4 Hyperion System 9 Oracle ERP Transactional Siebel CRM SAP ERP SAP CRM Query & Analysis Legacy Systems Oracle Incentive Compensation Essbase Informatica ETL Global Data Warehouse OBIEE+ Sales Comp HR DSS Simplified BI Reference Architecture SAP BI Current Landscape of Major Systems Polaris MatrixOne Calibration PeopleSoft GL, AR OBIEE+ Siebel Analytics Informatica ETL TM1 EMG, LSG/CAG Support Agreements EMG Service & Parts Orders OBIEE+ APCC OBIEE+ OBIA Supply Chain & OM Analytics OBIA Warehouse OBIA Warehouse Oracle ERP Planning ABRT Website Standard Reports Orders OBIEE+ EMG Operational Reports PLM Data Bridge LSG/CAG Service & Parts Orders 5/1/2015 Agilent Siebel Program

5 BI@Agilent ERP Reporting  Custom OBIEE solution for HR and Sales Compensation  Hyperion System 9  Essbase  OBIA - Supply Chain Analytics/Procurement and Spend (In- Progress)  Advanced Planning Command Center (In- Progress)  Major sources – Oracle EBS, SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel, MatrixOne and several custom applications Page 5 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

6 BI@Agilent CRM Reporting  OBIA – Sales (including Channel), Marketing, Call Center and Service Analytics  Major Sources – Siebel CRM, Oracle ERP and Incentive Compensation  Recent OBIA projects in CRM space – - Project Neptune 11/08-6/09 - Siebel 8.x & OBIA 7.9.5 - Sales, Marketing, Call Center to Americas - Project Neptune 2.0 11/09-6/10 - Siebel 8.x & OBIA 7.9.5 - Sales, Marketing, PRM, Call Center to APAC/JPN - Project Neptune 3.0 11/10-6/11 - Siebel 8.x & OBIA 7.9.5 - Sales, Marketing, PRM, Call Center to EMEA Page 6 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

7 Problem Statement What were we trying to solve?  Sales, Marketing, Channel and Call Center businesses were completely disconnected  Different regions had different tools  No closed loop reporting available  Lots of manually intensive processes  No one view of the customer How did we solve it?  Automation of data collection and aggregation  Standard enterprise level business processes  Scalable platforms (single CRM global instance)  360 degree view of the customer Page 7 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

8 Solution Approach Tool Selection Siebel CRM, PRM and BI Apps 7.9.5 were chosen Siebel was the incumbent CRM solution for Service Siebel provided the end to end solution for the Sales, Channel, Call Center and Marketing businesses Pre-built Informatica ETL and Subject Areas as part of BI Apps was a very important consideration Approach OOTB Siebel approach was taken as much as possible BI OOTB Subject Areas were leveraged in addition to custom built Subject Areas Page 8 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

9 Solution Approach – Subject Areas Implemented Page 9 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015 Sales/ChannelMarketingCall CenterService (existing) PipelineCampaign & Event Analysis Service Request Analysis Service Orders Analysis ForecastingPlanning & Budgeting Quote and Order Request Service Agreements Analysis Sales Rep Performance (Custom) Customer AnalysisActivity AnalysisHub Analytics (Custom) Partner Analysis10+ Segmentation subject areas

10 Benefits Achieved - Example Page 10 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

11 Benefits Achieved – Integrated With Siebel CRM Page 11 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

12 Benefits Achieved – Integrated Pipeline Reporting Page 12 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

13 Benefits Achieved – Segmentation Page 13 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

14 Sample Custom Subject Areas Sales Rep Performance Provides comparison of pipeline, quote, forecast and actual Data is at a monthly level for each sales rep Snapshot data every month Historical sales hierarchy as well as current sales hierarchy Data from multiple sources Agilent Customer Summary Used for Account and Contact research Used to determine active and passive customers Contains first and last interactions Custom facts at account and contact levels Page 14 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

15 Sample Custom Subject Areas Page 15 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015 Oracle ERP Siebel CRM Oracle Incentive Compensation Informatica / PLSQL ETL EMG, LSG/CAG Support Agreements EMG Service & Parts Orders OBIEE+ Sales Performance Subject Area CRM Warehouse CRM Warehouse Assets / Master Data All OrdersQuota OBIEE+ Customer Summary Subject Area

16 Customization – Sales Rep Performance SA Page 16 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

17 Customization – Agilent Customer Summary Page 17 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015

18 Lessons Learned Page 18 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015  Do not try to replicate legacy reports in OBIA New tool – New philosophy/New Approach  Engage at the executive level in the business Do not promote downloads into Excel and email to executives – Encourage the executives to use the dashboards (very important for adoption)  Stagger the OLAP design and development behind OLTP if working on a large project Go live at least a few weeks later on OLAP Have contingency plans to pull critical reports till then

19 Lessons Learned Page 19 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015  Do not underestimate complexity of the OBIA upgrade We did not understand the nuances of the upgrade on the ETL side until much later into the program  Understand the OOTB subject areas in detail before design for customization  Data validation and testing Make sure subject matter experts from the business who understand the data are available  Allocate sufficient time for report development after the initial deployment Minimum of three months is when the report developers were able to be self sufficient

20 Lessons Learned Page 20 Agilent Siebel Program 5/1/2015  Do not attempt a big bang roll out Roll out one (or a few) subject areas at a time Let power users test and build reports and dashboards  Performance trumps incremental functionality Increasing complexity at the expense of performance is not going to work. Focus on performance from the beginning on the project

21 5/1/2015 Page 21 Agilent Siebel Program

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