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J a p a J o e (rev. 2010 May 6) abc kindergarten..

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1 J a p a J o e (rev. 2010 May 6) abc kindergarten.

2 "Everything I ever needed to know I learned in (Anjana Suta Academy) Kindergarten", Popular book title.

3 "In this movement three things are important: Chanting, Dancing and Feasting", Srila Prabhupada

4 PRIME RULE Get up early and get your rounds done. (UERD) Chant with proper Posture, Breathing and Meaning. Jayananda told us that SP said that if you just go on chanting Hare Krsna you will see pastimes that you never read in any of my books. “One must promote himself to the platform of goodness, sattva-guna, by following the instructions of Rupa Goswami, and then everything concerning how to make further progress will be revealed”, (Nectar of Instruction Preface)

5 PROPER MEANING There was an old lady with no family or friends. She had to hobble each day over the hills from her village to where the wood cutters worked to haggle the price for a little wood.

6 Then they would tie it in her bundle, put it on her head and she would make her way with her arthritis back to her village. With help her bundle was down, she would haggle with house wives for the price of fire wood and sleep in the market place in the cold with other beggars.

7 One day as she was walking back to her village the knot on her bundle came undone and all the wood fell on the ground. Of course, she could not pick up all the wood and put it back on her head alone, so she fell to the ground, scratching it with her nails, crying, "Narayana! Narayana! Narayana!", lamenting her fate.

8 And then...... the Supreme Lord Narayana, master of millions universes, god of gods, appeared before her with all His shaktis, all the elemental forces of reality and asked her, "What do you want old woman!" She answered, "Please put all the wood back on my head! !" "Are you sure that's what you want, old woman", asked Lord Narayana? "Yes! ! !!!!", she wailed. "Alright", He said.

9 MORAL: We have to read Srila Prabhupada's books daily to understand what is pure chanting. Otherwise we will keep chanting with material desire and keep reconstucting our own hell again and again, day after day.

10 A MEANING "Oh, Hara! Please pray to Rama and Krsna to swiftly engage You in Their service." (Sita had lost hope that Rama and Laksmana would engage Her in Their service again.)

11 GET UP EARLY TANTRA In the evening, put Hanuman to rest. Then put his cup of water across the room by the lightswitch with your alarm clock. Tell your mind that it cannot turn off the alarm until the light is on. (Make sure that there is a clear path from your bed to the lightswitch).

12 Bllluuuuu! 1.17AM. The alarm goes off in the dark. You have almost no intelligence, but your mind says that you must turn off the light before it wakes-up the neighbors and they come to chastise you with shovels and hoses.

13 You stagger across the room. Your mind and body demand that you go back to bed, but you turn on the light. You see the glass of water. Your mind whines, "I don't want to drink it!". Your intelligence says, "Drink it!". (All in one breath.)

14 Then you go to the bathroom; wash your hands, face and feet; come back to your bed, platform, and sit properly and chant Japa. Your mind says, "I want to lie down!" Your intelligence says, "No, sit up, an easy thing to do no matter how much you feel bad. KEEP YOUR FINGERS AN MOUTH MOVING".

15 After a few minutes you can feel your body hydrating. The intelligence starts to work, breath, posture, Parikrama, sincere crying for Krsna, Get Up Early and Get Your Rounds Done (Eight Magic Words)

16 We are working on Japa Joe. Most of the content is in an unedited but intriguing form at:

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