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ELTM31 Setting the Stage Entry Level Training Module III: Lesson Three.

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1 ELTM31 Setting the Stage Entry Level Training Module III: Lesson Three

2 ELTM32 Factors that Affect Classroom Behavior The Physical Environment Daily Schedule, routines, and transitions Developmentally Appropriate Expectations and Activities Adult Supervision/Interactions Conveying Expectations Rules Special Events

3 ELTM33 Physical Environment Provide adequate space Divide space into play areas/learning centers with furniture, make it cozy but maintain supervision Work around traffic patterns Separate noisy, active areas from quiet areas Reduce over-stimulation (light, sound, etc.) Label areas, shelves, and toy containers Provide enough materials that hold children’s interests * Involve children in arranging and decorating

4 ELTM34 Daily Schedule Plan ahead, avoid rushing Release children in small groups or pairs, stagger routines and transitions * Provide adequate amounts of play/choice time (at least 15 minutes/year of age) Plan group times when children are alert, keep them involved, brief (no more than 5 minutes/year of age) Be consistent Encourage self-help skills Rehearse the schedule in your mind each morning

5 ELTM35 Transitions Keep to a minimum Start new activity when a few children are ready, don’t wait for everyone Use songs, fingerplays, games, etc. while waiting Always warn children of a change ahead of time Plan transition and routine time into the schedule to avoid feeling rushed

6 ELTM36 Appropriate Activities Provide choices, vary the choices regularly Plan activities that match the child’s abilities and interests Plan activities that are multi-sensory Plan activities that encourage independence Make sure all the necessary materials are assembled ahead of time Make sure each child has enough materials

7 ELTM37 Adult Supervision Continuously scan the entire area, be sure you can see everything, focus on the children Intervene before the situation erupts Think ahead, anticipate needs, problems Clearly communicate expectations when introducing something new Keep within ratios, make sure each adult knows his/her responsibility

8 ELTM38 Developing Rules Establish rules with the children Keep rules to a minimum Focus on the positive (what they CAN do) Make expectations and consequences clear and reasonable Enforce rules consistently Give gentle reminders Post a rebus (picture) rule chart, if desired

9 ELTM39 Special Events Examples: field trips, visitors, celebrations, emergencies, etc. Planning ahead and anticipating possible problems is especially important in these situations, always have back-up plans Children “forget” how to behave when they’re excited, prepare them ahead of time, give gentle reminders, model calmness Make sure adults know their responsibility/assigned children, keep one adult responsible for the WHOLE group

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