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Regional Travel Plans – Don Valley and Barnsley Graham Riley Regional Programme Manager Influencing Travel Behaviour.

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1 Regional Travel Plans – Don Valley and Barnsley Graham Riley Regional Programme Manager Influencing Travel Behaviour

2 The Challenges Traffic growth Journey reliability Air quality and climate change Economic prosperity and pressures from new development

3 ITB Programme Influencing Travel Behaviour Travel to workTourism HOV’s & Car SharingCoachesStakeholdersResearch Planning & Monitoring Spatial Planning Policy

4 What is a Travel Plan? “A Travel Plan is a package of measures aimed at promoting sustainable travel within an organisation, with an emphasis on reducing reliance on single occupancy car travel” Public transport initiatives Car sharing Cycling / walking incentives Alternative work practices Car park management strategy

5 Travel Plan Benefits: Improved site access Fewer delays / better timekeeping Improved staff retention (reduced recruitment costs) Improved local air quality Health benefits Parking management revenue Supports CSR ambitions Reduced or removed traffic growth Promote ‘Act on CO2’

6 Area Travel Plan (ATP) Approach Site identification Phase 1 - Feasibility assessment Phase 2 - Assessment of baseline conditions Phase 3 - Travel Plan development Phase 4 - Implementation of measures Phase 5 - Monitoring and evaluation

7 South Yorkshire Approach Lower Don Valley identified as potential site in 2006 Area has been split into three discreet areas for implementation of measures: Carbrook, Sheffield (including Sheffield Forgemasters) Sheffield Business Park Templeborough, Rotherham

8 Carbrook, Sheffield and Templeborough, Rotherham Partners include Sheffield City Council, Forgemasters, Abbey, Meadowhall, Rotherham Council Awareness of travel options raised within companies through tailored events Site specific travel plan advice now being offered across the businesses Bespoke travel website currently being investigated

9 Sheffield Business Park 200 acre business park site Large employers include: Fujitsu Kingfield Heath South Yorkshire Police Awareness of travel options raised through launch event Private car share group launched September 2007 Create helpful partnerships/networks

10 Barnsley Potential sites identified by local authority Phase 1 feasibility assessment being carried out for 2 potential sites: Dodworth Wentworth Business Park & Industrial Estate Potential exists for engaging with large employers in the area on developing travel plans

11 Do they work? Barclaycard HQ building 2 miles from Northampton town centre Accessed from A45 – severely congested at peak periods 3,000 employees Only 2,200 parking spaces

12 Barclaycard (measures) Car share database Car park management strategy Peak hour (dedicated) bus service Personalised journey planning Cyclists changing facilities Staff commuter centre / focus groups A45 HOV initiative Baseline monitoring Set targets

13 Barclaycard (results) Sovs 73% : (May 2006) Sovs 63% : (May 2007) Car sharing 17% (May 2006) Car sharing 24% (May 2007) No change cycle / walk / bus Ave Car occupancy 2.5+ per car

14 Travel Plans of the Future Move towards the provision of real time travel information Links from company websites to - Traffic England / Transport Direct Greater promotion of HAIL Live CCTV images accessible from NTCC Stagger journeys / peak spreading ‘Futureproofing’ new developments and recording carbon mitigated

15 For more information about the Influencing Travel Behaviour Programme in the North contact Graham Riley Regional Programme Manager: Influencing Travel Behaviour Tel 0113 283 6233 Email : Sarah Watson-Quirk Influencing Travel Behaviour Manager: Yorkshire and the Humber Tel 0113 283 6248 Email: Find out more on the HA website:

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