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单位:淮北煤炭师范学院 课程名称:高级英语 课程性质:专业基础课 授课题目: A Small Kicks in Superland 主 讲 人: 崔义平 职 称: 副教授 学 位: 硕 士.

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Presentation on theme: "单位:淮北煤炭师范学院 课程名称:高级英语 课程性质:专业基础课 授课题目: A Small Kicks in Superland 主 讲 人: 崔义平 职 称: 副教授 学 位: 硕 士."— Presentation transcript:

1 单位:淮北煤炭师范学院 课程名称:高级英语 课程性质:专业基础课 授课题目: A Small Kicks in Superland 主 讲 人: 崔义平 职 称: 副教授 学 位: 硕 士

2 Lesson Eight Small Kicks in Superland 授课人 : 崔义平

3 Teaching Process 1. Word-attack --- word-formation 1) claustrophobic ---claustrum (enclosed space) ---phobia (abnormal fear) ---phobic (adj.) ---phobe (person) If you know the meaning of xeno is “foreigners”, construct a word which means “the violent and morbid repulsions to foreigners ” ---------“xenophobia”

4 2) Appendicitis “itis”-------inflammation the inflammation of appendix (the appendage of the large intestine) If you know gastro-------stomach, guess the meaning of gastritis the inflammation of stomach 3) Supermarket “super”, which means “greater or more than usual” eg. “superpower”, “superman” or “supernatural” -------superwoman

5 Books recommended: 1) Lewis, N.,1978, Word Power Made Easy, New York, Doubleday & Company, Inc. 2) 蒋争, 《英语构词解析》, 1981 年 12 月第 1 版, 北京出版社。

6 2. Warm-up questions: Q1: What is the meaning of the title? Q2: What do you and people around you do in the supermarket ? Q3:What do people in America do when they go to supermarket, according to the text?

7 3. introducing a new organizational pattern used in this text. 1) a. thesis and examples in Lesson 3 (“Thinking of Words”) and Lesson 6 (“Americans and Land”) b. classification or division in Lesson 7 (“ The Recurring Nightmare”) 2) “Saloon”. 3) comparison and contrast



10 4) the lines that indicate the comparison and contrast in the text

11 As in the old neighborhood saloon(pa.2) The neighborhood saloon used to satisfy(pa.1) As in the traditional saloon(pa.7) comparison Unlike the saloon(pa.3) It is inferior to the saloon(pa.9) contrast similaritiesdifferences A clearer picture of supermarket

12 4. Language points and cultural explanations: 1) The supermarket fills… used to satisfy.(pa. 1) In the supermarket, people can meet different people,while some time ago, in the saloon, people can also chat with other people. 2) feeling claustrophobic with family(pa.1)----- ---------having the abnormal fear that you may get enclosed in a small space if you keep staying in the family house 3) As in the old neighborhood saloon, …sold (pa.2) In supermarket, people can buy goods. In saloon, people can buy drinks.

13 4) clothe the visit… purpose(pa.2) – Clothe sth. in: wrap sth up in; cover sth completely with, eg. During the winter, the mountains here are always clothed in snow. ------- disguise our visit as if it is for the purpose of buying things, a purpose which Americans could accept as morally healthy although the true purpose of your visiting the supermarket is for pleasure alone.

14 5. they are doing … hygiene (pa.2) social reform---- ------improving the fabric(organization) of society, Mental hygiene---- -------- mental soundness ------Sexual hedonists hold that their practice of seeking pleasure is to set a model for the society so that they are improving or transforming the organization of our society, a task that they call “social reform”. They also believe that their promiscuous sexual behavior is conducive to mental health or mental soundness. They call this “mental hygiene”.

15 6. drugged senses (pa.3)----- alcohol-intoxicated feeling; the feeling one gets when drunk 7. lift the spirit (pa.4)------more usually “the spirits,” e.g The children lifted my spirits with their laughter. 8. fantastic riches of pointless variety(pa.5)--- unnecessarily huge varieties of goods in immense quantities. “Riches” ----- the goods in large quantities. 9. the excess that is America(pa.5)------ The link-verb ‘is’ equates America with material excess. This gives you the impression that America is the embodiment of material wealth. 10. thirty yards of nothing but paper towels (pa.5)------ thirty yards of displaying shelves filled with nothing but towels made of paper.

16 11. consumption(pa.7)------ goods to be consumed. 12. red meat (pa.7)----meat such as beef or lamb, which is dark brown in color after it has been cooked. Meat such as chicken and pork, which is pale in color after being cooked, is called white meat. 13. peanut butter by the hundredweight (pa.7)---- people buy hundreds of pounds of peanut butter. A hundredweight is a unit of weight equal to 100 pounds in the United States, and 112 pounds in Great Britain. “By” indicates the unit in accordance with which something is sold or counted, as in the following sentences: eg. In England, butter is sold by the pound, but in France it is sold by the kilo.

17 14. candied watermelon rind(pa.7)---- the thick skin of watermelons that has been preserved in sugar. 15. tonnage(pa.8)---- goods which weigh several tons. 16. the whole now reassembled.. on another cat (pa.8)--- ----absolute construction. We can expand it into “with the whole having now been reassembled as..”More examples: (With) the question (having been) settled, the meeting adjourned. 17. they stagger off (pa.8)----“ They” can be omitted, so that the basic structure of the whole sentence would read: ------ “…they heave… see… and stagger off…” 18. drained of their wealth(pa.8)--- having used up their money/rid completely of their riches

18 up the whole supermarket(pa.9)—“up” means “completely, with no more left” a)Eat your dinner up. b)We have used up all our matches. 20. come now(pa.9)—an expression to urge somebody to stop behaving or talking like that but to behave or talk sensibly, with a mild sense of reproach: Come now! We all know you were there the day the murder was committed. So you might as well tell the whole story. 21. my good woman(pa.9)—used to address a woman, as when one wants to calm her down, to tell her “Don’t be crazy” So the customer in question must be a woman. 22. for the day(pa.9)—You have done enough for today’s trip. If you need more the nest day, you can come again.

19 23. a good bit (pa.9)—quite a bit. “Good” is used to emphasize a great degree or amount: I spent a good few years of my life there. 24. eyeball to coffee cake(pa.11)—Her eyes almost touched the cake. “To” means “in contact with” They were dancing cheek to cheek. He clutched the parcel to his chest. 25. Could she have… not as advertised (pa.12)— It was impossible for her to have placed a box she had inspected on the wrong shelf, for different contents have different outer packages. And you needn’t open a package to make sure it is, for example, chicken. Here, the author is joking. The sentences are intended to produce a comic effect, for the usual rule is that once you have opened a box and looked into it you should buy it.

20 26. kneading(pa.13)--- pressing and squeezing; massaging 27. for a yelp of pain(pa.13)--- trying to get a sharp cry of pain 28. television commercial(pa.13)--- advertisement on television 29. squeeze toilet paper(pa.13)--- This is to test the elastic quality of the paper. 30. Was prepared for almost anything (pa.13)---

21 ---In Baler’s view, nothing could be more silly than squeezing toilet paper. Having seen those silly women doing that, he believed he would not be surprised by anything else. However, the bread-kneading woman did startle him. Baker mentions the television commercial to mean that what the woman did in the supermarket as absurd in the extreme. 31. incidentally(pa.14)--- by the way (used to introduce something seen as less important or digressive)

22 Assignment: What social problem about the United States or the western world might be reflected in this article?

23 Thank You ! See You Next Time Thank You ! See You Next Time

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