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Ben Lovell Senior Manager The Outdoor Education Group.

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1 Ben Lovell Senior Manager The Outdoor Education Group

2 The beginning... MGS 0m above sea level

3 The beginning…

4 Coach to Mt Beauty

5 Mt Bogong as seen from Mt Beauty

6 Mt Bogong and the High Plains in late October

7 Snow Shoe on the High Plains

8 Wallace's Hut – oldest on the High Plains 1889

9 Shoes & Poles used

10 Difficult conditions can be experienced

11 Snow camping up near Kelly’s Hut

12 Australian Alpine Walking Trail – Australia’s premier long-distance walking track. From Walhalla to Canberra 650km

13 Walking off the High Plains to the river

14 Safety and Preparation Sessions

15 Rafting on the Mitta Mitta River

16 All gear carried on the boats


18 Problem Solving on the River…

19 Depending on water levels will depend on craft size

20 Taylors Crossing at the Mitta Mitta River

21 Cycle Preparation



24 Group cycling with students

25 No packs and fully supported

26 Fully supported Ride

27 Personal Solo Time


29 Transition to Walking

30 Map reading and navigation

31 Walking Trail through the Alpine National Park

32 Food preparation and food drops throughout the program


34 Group Cooking

35 Challenging Terrain

36 Some difficult and challenging terrain

37 Fun and Games at the campsites

38 Typical River Crossings


40 Davies Plain Hut

41 Snow can hit the area at any time

42 …which can be lots of fun.

43 Murray River Crossing at Tom Groggin


45 Dead Horse Gap – early November

46 Looking up to the High Country

47 Kosciuszko High Country

48 Stunning High Country Scenery

49 Camping above the treeline

50 Cootapatamba Hut



53 Summit Track to Mt Kosciuszko

54 Summit of Mt Kosciuszko 2230m above sea level

55 Reaching the summit for daybreak.

56 Amazing views from the top of Australia.

57 A great journey finally realised

58 MGS Purpose “Our purpose is to enable students to look beyond what they think is possible to achieve the unimaginable.”

59 Who is OEG? Established in 1984 we are Australia’s leading provider of Outdoor Education 140 staff We operate throughout eastern Australia We run programs for K – 12 students We focus on customised Outdoor Education rather than Outdoor Recreation programs

60 Our Mission: To deliver excellence in Outdoor Education through partnerships with our clients, in order to prepare young people for the personal, social and environmental challenges in their lives. Values and Aims: We encourage respect and taking responsibility for self, others and the natural world.

61 Groups There will be 17 separate groups of approximately 12 students. There is a 2 day stagger between each group. The first group departs on 19 October 2013, with the final group returning on 23 November 2013. Groups will finalised in the coming weeks

62 Staff There will be one OEG leader with each group for the entire program. There will be MGS representative with each group for the entire program. Specialist activity staff will join the groups at certain points (rafting, cycling, etc). There will be a number of dedicated support staff allocated to the program from both OEG and MGS.

63 Food & Medical Information Students will be doing all the cooking for the whole program. OEG will provide lightweight stoves, fuel and some basic cooking utensils. The OEG staff on the program are very supportive and will spend time coaching students on how to prepare the food. All dietary requirements are taken into account. No Nuts are allowed on program All medical information will need to be provided pre-program. Any specific issues will be taken into account during the planning phase.

64 Clothing & Equipment All activity specific and safety equipment is provided (backpacks, tents, waterproofs, bikes, rafts, etc) All equipment and clothing should be: compact, lightweight, durable, in good repair and as versatile as possible. Sleeping bags will need to be provided by the students. Sturdy footwear will need to be provided by the students There will be specific information session about clothing and equipment prior in the lead-up phase.

65 Risk Management Dedicated Risk Management Department Highly trained & suitably experienced Field Staff 24 hrs, 7 days a week All Hours Contact system Expert Catering Department who can accommodate student and staff dietary needs, including all food allergies - strict no whole nut policy Specific Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) document for the program Best available communications (sat phone, 3G, UHF, etc) Individual Emergency Response Descriptive Document provided for the program

66 Ben Lovell Senior Manager The Outdoor Education Group

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