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The influence of gangs on children

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1 The influence of gangs on children
By: Camilla Souki Section 1 Ages: 18+/Parents

2 A gang is any group of three or more people who form an allegiance to the exclusion of others and engage in unlawful or criminal behavior. What’s a gang? Definition of a gang

3 Why do kids join gangs? ·  Acceptance - Many kids feel that they are not getting the attention they believe they deserve at home. They start looking for this attention and love in other places and often find what they are looking for in a gang. The gang essentially becomes their family. · Excitement - This group of kids love the high of committing crimes and getting away with it. They often do their crimes just to be chased by the police. These individuals are adrenaline junkies and love the thrill of criminal activity. · To earn money - More and more, we are seeing gang members turn towards using the gang to make a profit through illegal activities. Selling narcotics, robberies, burglaries, auto thefts, and other property crimes are common in many gangs. Many gangs specialize in specific criminal activity. · Peer Pressure - If your kids are hanging around gangs and gang members, you can almost guarantee that they are being pressured to join the gang. It is important to know who your children are associating with. · Protection - In poor neighborhoods and neighborhoods with high gang activity, kids often have to join a gang just to survive. It is often easier to join the gang than to be victimized on a daily basis. · To Socialize - The best parties in town are gang parties. Easy access to liquor, narcotics, and girls are attractive to potential gang recruits. Young males who have a hard time socializing and talking to girls find girls often with in gangs. Just say the main points marked on red, unless someone has a question.

4 The impact of gang influence is reflected by recent studies that show two crime trends moving in opposite directions: adult crime is decreasing while youth violence is increasing. The most common denominator in the commission of violent crime by young people is gang membership. The impact of gangs:

5 In , approximately 6-8% of girls and 11% of boys in grades 7, 9, and 11 reported that they consider themselves gang members. Statistic .

6 Signs that might indicate your child has become part of a gang:
• Wearing of gang-style clothing. Styles change often; police or local anti-gang organizations can help you know what is currently in style. • Gang-style doodling on homework, notebooks, bedroom walls, or personal property. Look especially for a “moniker” (a gang nickname). • Significant changes in behavior and attitude, including withdrawal, secrecy, and disrespect for authority. • Association with a new group of friends and rejection of relationships with longtime friends and acquaintances. • Use of hand signs and monikers and a different style of language. • An interest in gangster rap or heavy metal music. • Increased contact with law enforcement officers, beginning with truancy, curfew violations, graffiti marking or vandalism, or possession of drugs or alcohol. Signs that might indicate your child has become part of a gang:

7 Pictures of children in gangs, and a baby by guns of gangster parent

8 Is Rap/Hip Hop stars a bad influence on children?
Snoop Dog, The game, Biggie & Tupac, Wiz Khalifa.. Bad influences on children. .

9 How to Keep Your Kids Away From Gangs
•Encourage your child to think independently •Take an active interest in his/her life: Be involved! •Get to know your child's friends and encourage healthy friendships •Teach your child coping strategies to deal with hard times •Support your child with words and actions to instill in them a sense of self- esteem and personal responsibility •Discourage too much exposure to media influences that glorify drugs, sex, gangs and violence to kids How to Keep Your Kids Away From Gangs

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