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Chapter 5 Section 2 The Reign of Louis XIV.

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1 Chapter 5 Section 2 The Reign of Louis XIV

2 Religious wars and power struggles
Henry Navarre- Descended from Louis IX was the first king of the Bourbon Dynasty (Henry IV) Gave up Protestantism- “Paris is well worth a mass.” Spent time rebuilding peace and prosperity for France Is stabbed to death b/c of religious compromises Edict of Nantes Huguenots would set up their own houses of worship in certain cities. * What did the Edict of Nantes do and how did it lead to Henry IV death?

3 Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu
Louis XIII was a weak king but appointed strong minister Cardinal Richelieu- 2 main things to increase the Monarchy’s Power 1. Moved against the Huguenots 2. Weakened the nobles’ power Involved France in the Thirty Years War

4 Cardinal Richlieu

5 Louis XIV comes to power
Louis XIV- Most powerful ruler in French history “L’etat c’est moi.” Louis the Boy King Is only fourteen- real ruler Cardinal Mazarin Anti- Mazarin riots – Louis’ life threatened Louis Weakens the Nobles’ Authority Excludes nobles from councils Increased power of intendants- collected taxes and administered justice. Jean Baptist Colbert- Louis’ minister of finance Believed in Mercantilism and wanted to make France self Sufficient

6 Why did Louis XIV want to decrease Noble’s power
Why did Louis XIV want to decrease Noble’s power? And How did he accomplish this? After Colbert’s death Louis cancels Edict of Nantes Slows economic progress b/c artisans and business people leave the country

7 Louis XIV

8 The Sun King’s Grand Style
Louis surrounds himself with luxury Louis controls the Nobility Nobles lived at the Palace, and had the “honor” of waiting on Louis Having nobles live there made them dependant on the king an took them away from home Versailles like a small royal city-showed power Patronage of the Arts Louis a Huge supporter of the arts Moliere-Tartuffe Danced in the Ballet The Sun King Purpose of art to glorify the King

9 Versailles

10 Louis fights disastrous wars
Under Louis France is most powerful country in Europe Attempts to expand Frances’s Boundaries 1667 Louis expands into Spanish Netherlands and gains 12 towns 1672 Goes into Dutch Netherlands- very few gains, flood the countryside By end of 1680s other countries of Europe came together to match France’s power The people suffered b/c of poor harvests and high taxes for war

11 Louis fights disastrous wars
The War of Spanish Succession 1700 Charles II dies w/out an heir= promised the throne to Louis grandson Phillip Anjou. Other countries threatened Ban together and fight the Spanish War of Succession War drags on until 1714 End result Phillip Anjou could remain king as long as the thrones were not united Hapsburgs get Spanish Netherlands Prussia and Savoy recognized kingdoms Britain- Gained Gibraltar and gained permission to send African slaves to the American Colonies from Spain France gave them Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

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