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Government and Economic Types

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1 Government and Economic Types

2 Assignment Following this slide are 7 terms.
Read the slide and create a simplified definition. Create a pictoword for each term. See Mrs. Sunda’s Example

3 A. Democracy “of the people, by the people, for the people”
The people rule directly or through elected representatives All people are equal in the eyes of the law Nations following this formula: Great Britain, France, USA

4 B. Communism Developed by Karl Marx in his book The Communist Manifesto Goal = a classless society where there is no private property No society has yet achieved REAL communism Nations trying to follow this formula: USSR

5 C. Fascism Advocates one strong leader and aggressive hyper-nationalism Term coined by Mussolini, the first fascist War was a means to glorify the state Gave the state absolute authority Used propaganda and slogans such as Mussolini’s “Believe, Obey, Work!” Nations following this formula: Italy, Germany

6 D. Nazism Specific form of fascism found in Germany
Focused on the glorification of Germany’s “Aryan” race, which was thought to be superior Nations following this formula: Germany

7 E. Totalitarianism Complete control of people’s lives by the state (economic, social, educational, cultural, etc.) Tactic used by both Fascists and Communists Nations using this formula: Germany, USSR Mussolini = a dictator, but not considered a totalitarian

8 II. Economic Systems

9 A. Socialism Can be used in combination with any government type
The complete form is when the state owns all businesses and runs them for the people Taken to the extreme, the final stage of socialism is Communism

10 B. Capitalism Private ownership of property and businesses is paramount Profit is the main goal

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