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France Under Louis XIV Dr. Matthew’s World History.

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1 France Under Louis XIV Dr. Matthew’s World History

2 Religious Wars St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre Huguenots slaughtered by Catholics Catherine de Medici’s daughter marring Huguenot prince – Henry of Navarre Most nobles died, Henry survives Henry IV – Had to Rebuild France Pressured into converting to Catholicism Tries to help France more Edict of Nantes “Declared Huguenots could live in peace in France” Some liked him (peace) some didn’t (religion) Assassinated – Stabbed in a carriage

3 Henry IV

4 Louis XIII Henry IV’s son – Weak ruler Appointed Cardinal Richelieu (RISHuhloo) Real Ruler of France Took Action vs. Protestants – No Walls No More Castles for Nobles Increased Power of Gov’t Agents – Middle Class Wanted World Power – Hapsburgs (Powerful Family) Gets Involved in the Thirty Years’ War

5 Cardinal Richelieu

6 French Writers Skepticism “Idea that nothing can be known for certain” Michel de Montaigne Essay “Brief written work that expresses a person’s thoughts and opinions.” New beliefs replace old ones – Never have absolute knowledge René Descartes “Father of Modern Philosophy” (and Math too…) Scientific Method “I think, therefore, I am”

7 Michel de Montaigne

8 René Descartes

9 Louis XIV’s Reign Most Powerful Ruler in French History 14-years old Cardinal Mazarin (MazuhRAN) Ended the Thirty Years’ War  Taxes & Strengthened Cent. Gov’t Many People Hated Him for This (Nobles) Attempt a Rebellion, but Fail 1 – Distrusted leaders more than Mazarin 2 – Violent Repression 3 – Peasants Hated Fighting – Alternative (Rebellion) Was Worse Key to Who Louis is…

10 Cardinal Mazarin


12 Louis XIV Louis = 22 when Mazarin dies Weakened Noble Power Excluded From Councils Intendants “Government Agents/Tax Collectors/Police” Economic Growth Jean Baptiste Colbert (kawlBEHR) Minister of Finance Believed in Mercantilism Wanted France to be self-sufficient, no imports

13 Louis XIV

14 Jean Baptiste Colbert

15 Colbert Tax Breaks and $$ to French Companies Very High Tariffs Encouraged French Colonies in Canada After Colbert’s Death, Louis Repeals Edict of Nantes Thousands of Huguenots Flee Country (Skilled Workers & Businessmen)

16 The Sun King 8:30 Wake-up Call 100 Nobles - 4 Help Him Dress Keeps Nobles at Versailles Keeps Power With Intendants Grand Style – Showed Wealth and Power Changes Art No Longer to Glorify God – Middle Ages No Longer to Glorify Human Potential – Renaissance Glorify King and Absolute Rule

17 Palace at Versailles

18 War Time Louis invades neighbors to the west Success makes him want to go north Not as successful, flood countryside European-wide alliance League of Augsburg Austria, Sweden, and Spain = France Poor harvests, war, high taxes

19 Succession Charles II of Spain – childless Promise throne to Philip of Anjou Louis XIV’s Grandson HUGE power War of the Spanish Succession - 1701 “War when England, Austria, Dutch Rep., Portugal, German and Italian states try to prevent union of French and Spanish throne.” 1714 – Treaty of Utrecht Philip can keep the throne, but can’t be united Britain gets Gibraltar – Mediterranean entrance

20 Louis’ Death Sad years, apologized to people Cheered his death Mixed legacy Times of great power Military leader of Europe Warfare Versailles – debt Abuse of power His ideas did not die however… Prussia and Austria on deck…

21 This said that all Huguenots could live in peace in France, Louis XIV later repealed it. A.Treaty of Utrecht B.Treaty of Tordesillas C.Edict of Nantes D.Divine Right

22 I helped Louis XIII run France and was responsible for getting France involved in the Thirty Years’ War. A.Jean Baptiste Colbert B.Cardinal Richelieu C.Cardinal Mazarin D.René Descartes

23 I am a skeptic. I also helped develop the idea of the scientific method. A.Jean Baptiste Colbert B.Cardinal Richelieu C.Cardinal Mazarin D.René Descartes

24 I helped Louis XIV run France until he was old enough to do it himself. I pulled France out of the Thirty Years War. A.Jean Baptiste Colbert B.Cardinal Richelieu C.Cardinal Mazarin D.René Descartes

25 I was Louis XIV’s Minister of Finance. I wanted France to be 100% self- sufficient. A.Jean Baptiste Colbert B.Cardinal Richelieu C.Cardinal Mazarin D.René Descartes

26 I became France’s most powerful ruler and called myself “The Sun King” A.Louis XIII B.Louis XIV C.Henry IV D.Henry VIII

27 Louis XIV’s magnificent palace was called this A.El Escorial B.The Sun Palace C.Versailles D.Palace of Westphalia

28 This war was to prevent the thrones of France and Spain to combine. A.War of Spanish Succession B.Thirty Years’ War C.Spanish-American War D.Seven Years’ War

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