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AGS Inventor and Vault Tips and Tricks Are Holand AGS.

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1 AGS Inventor and Vault Tips and Tricks Are Holand AGS

2 Drawing

3 AGS Drawing Dimension filter Linear diameter Copy properties Missing balloons

4 AGS Drawing Selection filter Open part Include all surfaces Center of Gravity Intersection dimension

5 AGS Part

6 AGS Slice Graphics Pattern In the Registry Editor dialog, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\Inventor\RegistryVersion(current release number)\System\Preferences\ColorSchemes\Schemes Expand the “Schemes” folder & click folder of the color scheme number where you want to change the texture. Here is the mapping between color scheme number and name: On a blank area of the right pane of the regedit dialog, right-click > New > String Value. Rename “New Value #1″ to SliceCapTexturePath. The name must be entered exactly — registry variables are case sensitive. Example; Forest

7 AGS Sketch, perfect distance Driven dimension

8 AGS Assembly

9 AGS Shortcut Keys G – Rotate M – Measure V – Move P – Place C – Constrain Tab – Demote Gestures

10 AGS Joint One joint to lock position Simple overview in browser

11 AGS Joint vs. Constraints

12 AGS Vault

13 AGS Check in Keep you workspace clean Check in related files

14 AGS Open drawing Show details from Inventor

15 AGS iProperties Show properties in Vault browser inside Inventor

16 AGS Labels Snap shot of folder in Vault Only files in same folder

17 AGS Replace Replace files in Vault Same file with two names

18 AGS Plot Manager Plot all drawings related to an assembly

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