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A world of hope through accelerator- based science and technologies.

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1 A world of hope through accelerator- based science and technologies.
iThemba LABS: A world of hope through accelerator- based science and technologies.

2 Our aim is to be the leading African organisation for research, training and expertise in accelerator-based sciences and technologies. iThemba means HOPE, while LABS is the acronym for Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences.

3 iThemba LABS is proud of its local and international status as a leading facility for accelerator-based sciences.

4 iThemba LABS: Key facts

5 The only producer in South Africa of accelerator-based radionuclides, radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine and mainstream radiopharmaceuticals for positron emission tomography (PET) studies, houses the only PEPT-facility in the Southern hemisphere,

6 is home to a high-resolution magnetic spectrometer (K600) to measure proton energies in the 66 – 200 MeV range. A 0o-mode was recently added to expand capabilities, is the only facility globally to offer both protons and neutrons for particle therapy,

7 is the world’s only producer of current Good Manufacture Practise (cGMP) 68Ge/68Ga generators and 22Na-positron sources for annihilation studies, and supplies 25% of the world’s demand for 82Sr.

8 iThemba LABS has commissioned a beam-splitter facility – making it the 2nd facility in the world where particle beams are split and the ONLY facility where the beam rotator is utilised.

9 This will enable enhanced production – being able to irradiate two different target stations simultaneously.

10 iThemba LABS: Welcome to our world

11 iThemba LABS has facilities in two of South Africa’s provinces: the Western Cape and Gauteng.

12 The Western Cape centre houses:
a 200-MeV Separated Sector Cyclotron (SSC), two injector cyclotrons (SPC1, SPC2) and a 6-MV Van de Graaff Accelerator.

13 Three user groups apply the particle beams delivered by the accelerators in:
basic and applied research, particle radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer and production of radioactive isotopes for application in nuclear medicine and research.

14 The Gauteng centre houses a 6-MV Tandem Accelerator.
Particle beams delivered by the accelerator are used for low energy nuclear physics, as well as for analysis techniques linked to the nuclear microprobe.

15 A range of environmental samples is analysed using stable isotopes at the centre’s Environmental Isotope Laboratory. The analysis capabilities are enhanced through the availability of a 370 GBq Am-Be source for neutron activation studies.

16 iThemba LABS is a global player in the production of accelerator-based radionuclides.
Much of its research and development is based on the availability of particle beams.

17 Production of the PARTICLE BEAM

18 It all starts at the ion source – the nuclei of hydrogen atoms.
The nuclei are accelerated by an injector cyclotron before finally entering the Separated Sector Cyclotron (SSC) where they are accelerated to 66 MeV.

19 The SSC at iThemba LABS can accelerate protons to a maximum energy of 200 MeV. At this speed, a proton could travel four times around the earth in 1 second.

20 The 66-MeV proton beam has two end-stations (user communities) within iThemba LABS multidisciplinary facility. It is either used to generate neutrons through a collision with a Be-target or it is used to produce radionuclides through nuclear reactions with various solid targets.

21 Particle therapy PROGRAMME

22 iThemba LABS is the only facility in the Southern hemisphere offering both proton and neutron therapy as a treatment modality.

23 The neutrons generated are used for neutron therapy with the aid of a Gantry which allows the tumour to be irradiated from different directions. The floor in the treatment vault opens to allow the Gantry to rotate a full 360o.

24 The 200-MeV protons are used for fixed-beam proton therapy specialising in tumours located in the head and neck regions.

25 Radionuclide PRODUCTION

26 iThemba LABS is the leading African producer of:
accelerator-based radiopharmaceuticals such as 123I, 67Ga and 81Rb/81mKr generators

27 18F-FDG and current Good Manufacture Practise (cGMP) 68Ge/68Ga generators for PET-studies
22Na-positron sources for annihilation studies, 82Sr and 88Y. 

28 iThemba LABS: Shaping the future

29 iThemba Labs is committed to:
developing a beamsplitter capable of delivering two beams of different intensities, thereby increasing the production of radionuclides,

30 establishing an accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) facility at iThemba LABS - Gauteng, the second in Africa, establishing a radioactive ion beam (RIB) facility to extend research capability and ensure competitive advantage.

31 iThemba LABS: A world of hope through accelerator-based
science and technology.

32 For more INFO: or visit

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