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The Smart in SmartSystems

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1 The Smart in SmartSystems
October 14, 2009

2 Software Bundle Wizard
Create software bundles to install on Intermec devices Basic / Advanced Mode Separate Download / Install Advanced Operations Transfer Files Registry Settings Local File Manipulation Start / Stop Processes

3 Software Bundle Wizard

4 Software Bundle Wizard Bundle Options
Consider changing the Version number if editing the bundle

5 Software Bundle Wizard – Basic Target Devices

6 Software Bundle Wizard – Basic Add/Remove Files
Settings.xml (config) files are automatically sent to the \SmartSystems\SSConfigDir *.cab files are automatically sent to the \CabFiles directory

7 Software Bundle Wizard – Basic Persistence
Persist = Cab and Settings.xml (config) files are stored in the \Flash File Store\UserAutoInstall directory and an _ssTransferAgent.xml is created to re-install those files after a clean boot. Caution: This _ssTransferAgent.xml will overwrite any existing _ssTransferAgent.xml in the UserAutoInstall directory.

8 Software Bundle Wizard – Basic Build/Install

9 Software Bundle Wizard – Basic Software Vault

10 Software Bundle Wizard Basic Lab
Use the Bundle Wizard Basic mode to create a software bundle to install the file. C:\Devconn2009\SmartSystems\BundleWizardLab1 Install and deploy to the device via drag/drop

11 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced Bundle Options

12 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced Target Devices

13 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced Registry Tests

14 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced Registry Operations

15 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced File Operations

16 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced Process Operations

17 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced Files

18 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced Lab 2
Load the Start the FeaturesDemo.exe \Program Files\FeaturesDemo\FeaturesDemo.exe C:\Devconn2009\SmartSystems\BundleWizardLab2 Install and deploy to the device via drag/drop

19 Software Bundle Wizard – Advanced Lab 3
Create a complex bundle utilizing registry keys, transferring multiple files, manipulating files on the device and starting and stopping processes on the device. Questions / Answers on the Bundle Wizard Tool

20 Provisioning Bundle Automatically Load Software using SmartSystems Server
What is a “Provisioning Bundle”? Consolidates multiple bundles and files to enable one-step provisioning Manual - Drag-n-drop onto single device or folder of devices (folder drop requires AutoDeploy license) Active - Automatically deploys to discovered devices (requires AutoDeploy license) May Contain: Operating System Bundle (Max of 1) SSPB Bundle (Max of 1) Other SmartSystems Bundles and Files Provisioning Bundle can be linked to a SmartSystems Folder Enables software to be loaded by site or other device grouping

21 Provisioning Bundle Automatically Load Software using SmartSystems Server
Use the SmartSystems Client For the highest success rate of provisioning, the SmartSystems client bundle should be included in the provisioning bundle if it is not part of the operating system. Auto Deployment of a provisioning bundle is triggered when an asset message is received by the server. Initial Discovery Drag / Drop to a folder Reboot the device and discover Changing the content on the device does not trigger the Auto Deployment feature of the provisioning bundle.

22 Does not support OS provisioning of
Provisioning Bundle Automatically Load Software using SmartSystems Server Does not support OS provisioning of CK30, CK31, CN2B, or 7xx New Icons States for Provisioning Bundle Normal state (Manual deployment) AutoDeploy to Devices AutoDeploy Disabled Broken Bundle – missing/changed file

23 Provisioning Bundles - Creation
Tools->Create Provisioning Bundle

24 Provisioning Bundles – Creation Select Target Device
Discovered Devices only, or all Computers, one device type only

25 Provisioning Bundles – Choose Bundles
All, Pre OS, OS, SS Client, SSPB, Intermec Apps, User, Settings Change Order Add individual files

26 Provisioning Bundles – Add File
C:\SmartSystems\UserFiles only

27 Provisioning Bundle – Save
Name your bundle and give it a description. This will show up in the software vault.

28 Provisioning Bundle – Validated and Complete
Bundle name and description along with icon status Restart option

29 Provisioning Bundle Lab 1
Clean boot your device Create a Provisioning Bundle to load the SS Client bundle and your FeaturesDemo bundle you created Deploy to your device via Drag / Drop Deploy a second time, nothing happens Edit the Provisioning bundle, add a file Deploy Provisioning bundle again, new file deploys

30 Provisioning Bundle – Device Status
Right click device and select Event Viewer

31 Provisioning Bundle – Device Event Viewer

32 Provisioning Bundle - Edit
Right click to delete, edit or associate your provisioning bundle

33 Provisioning Bundle – AutoDeploy
Indicator that this bundle is set for AutoDeploy for the selected folder Indicator that this bundle is associated to the selected folder

34 Provisioning Bundle Lab 2
Create a Devconn2009 folder in the Console GUI Set up your provisioning bundle for AutoDeploy to the Devconn2009 folder Right click your bundle and select, Change Active Folders Cleanboot your device Discover your device Drag/drop the device to the Devconn2009 folder Note the device is upgraded with your p-bundle

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