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Simplifying Application Management CIO Strategies SummIT, Mumbai 23 Jun 2011 Rajesh Raghavan.

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1 Simplifying Application Management CIO Strategies SummIT, Mumbai 23 Jun 2011 Rajesh Raghavan

2 What’s your “Null Release” cycle time? What is the “Null Release” ? “If we changed one line of code in our application (or system), how long would it take us to deploy it into production using our regular release process?” SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 2

3 3 How Long Does It Take To Release? Source: Forrester – February 2011 “Five Ways To Streamline Release Management”

4 Simplifying Application Management SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 4 Adopt Agile & Lean ITSM Automate Release Management

5 Release Management SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 5

6 INFRASTRUCTURE Negative impact on business… 60% 60% of all application failures are release and configuration related. (IDC Survey 2009) Over 75% of operation teams’ time is spent on managing applications. (Forrester, 2009) SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 6

7 Key DevOps Challenges SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 7 Development QA Operations Presentation Middleware Database Physical Servers Virtual Servers Cloud Servers DEVOPS TEAMS SERVICE TASKS APPLICATION TIERS INFRASTRUCTURE × Handover Errors/Bottlenecks Across Teams ×Growing Volume & Frequency of Changes × Application Complexity & Dependencies × Distributed, Heterogeneous Data Centers × Distributed, Heterogeneous Data Centers Updates Bi Weekly Deployment Weekly Auditing Weekly Major Release Monthly Recovery Emergency

8 The Future – Release Automation Manageability, Visibility, Control Deploy Maintain Remediate Recover 3 rd Party Integration Standardization Interface IN Automation Engine OUT Development QA Operations Physical Servers Virtual Servers Cloud Servers Release Planning & Tracking Standardize & Streamline Process Smoothen Handoff & Identify Bottlenecks De-risk Deployment & Increase Throughput Leverage Existing Investments SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 8

9 Confident Release Management Confident Release Management So … Where should you start? Release Automation Release Vault Start with Release Control to address: Audits Emergency releases Undocumented processes Poor visibility and communication Start with Release Automation to address: Error-prone deployment High Volume and high Frequency due to Change Multiple release destinations Start with Release Vault to address: Multiple sources of released code Unsecured production code Incomplete code audit trail Release Control SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 9

10 Forrester Recommendations Start your work at the beginning of the pipeline Find like-minded operations professionals and get them onboard Admit to your own technical debt “Go cloud” – even if it is a private one Find your “null release” and track it Automate, automate, automate Don’t overcomplicate your ALM efforts… SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 10


12 Agile & Lean ITSM drives IT-Enabled Business Growth SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 12 Alignment (Agile) Efficiency (Lean) Low High IT Enabled Growth Maintenance Zone Alignment Trap 11%7% 74% Well Oiled IT 8% Sloan’s IT Alignment & Efficiency Survey 504 Respondents Evaluated on IT alignment and efficiency Source: MIT Sloan Management Review

13 Time to Value Curve – Traditional ITSM SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 13 Productivity Time Current Productivity Level Go LivePurchase Approval Goal Productivity Level Time to Goal Issues & Risks Business is a moving target Users not clear on what they are getting Heavy resource burden Significant learning curve Large up front investment with long wait time for payback Development Runway: 5 – 6 Months

14 Shorten the Runaway SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 14 X Traditional Adaptable

15 Time to Value Curve – Adaptable ITSM SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 15 Productivity Time Current Productivity Level ModelPurchase Approval Goal Productivity Level Time to Goal Deploy Accelerated Time to Goal Go Live “Two Wave” Affect 6 – 8 Weeks Implement OOTB Incremental Improvements


17 Thank You! SERENA SOFTWARE INC. 17 SBM for ITSM 300+ ITSM customers ITSM process content ITSM Experience 15,000 customers ALM market leader IT process expert Global Scale Process-based ITSM Request-to-fulfillment ITIL V3 compliant ITSM Solution Leading process platform 2,000 SBM customers 10,000 process apps Process Leader Serena: Leader in IT Process Solutions

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