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Answers to Prayer. Where can I get an answer to prayers? Back East Up North Out West Down South.

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1 Answers to Prayer

2 Where can I get an answer to prayers? Back East Up North Out West Down South

3 Jake, the rancher, went one day to fix a distant fence. The wind was cold and gusty and the clouds rolled gray and dense, As he pounded the last nail in and gathered tools to go. The temperature had fallen and the snow began to blow. When he finally reached his pickup, he felt a heavy heart, from the sound of that ignition, he knew it wouldn't start.

4 So Jake did what most of us do if we'd have been there. He humbly bowed his head and sent aloft a prayer. As he turned the key for the last time, he softly cursed his luck. They found him three days later, frozen stiff in that old truck. Now Jake had been around in life and done his share of roamin'. But when he saw Heaven, he was shocked -- it look just like Wyomin'.

5 So he went to heaven, And met good Saint Peter. "I've always heard," Jake said to Pete, "that God will answer prayers, But one time I asked for help, well He, just plain wasn't there. Does God answer prayers of some, and ignores the prayers of others?

6 Now I ain't trying to act smart, it's just the way I feel, And I was wonderin', could you tell -- what the heck's the deal? Peter listened very patiently and when Jake was done, There were smiles of recognition, “That day your truck, it wouldn't start, and you sent your prayer a flying, You gave us all a real bad time, with hundreds of us a trying.

7 A thousand angels rushed to help But we hadn't heard from you in quite a while And though all prayers are answered, and God ain't got no quota, He didn't recognize your voice, and started a truck in North Dakota. Moral of the story: Pray Early...Pray Often

8 Doctrines associated with prayer  Can you change God’s mind through prayer?  What is the purpose of prayer?  Bible Dictionary (pg 753)  Why do some prayers ‘work’ and others don’t?

9 “Petitioning in prayer has taught me that the vault of heaven with all its blessings is to be opened only by a combination lock. One tumbler falls when there is faith. A second when there is personal righteousness; The third and final tumbler falls only when what is sought is God’s will…

10 “Sometimes we pound on the vault door for something we want very much and wonder why the door does not open. We would be very spoiled children if that vault door opened any more easily that it does. I can tell, looking back, that God truly loves me by inventorying the petitions He has refused to grant me. Our rejected petitions tell us much about ourselves but also much about our flawless Father” (Elder Maxwell, “Insights,” New Era, Apr. 1978, 6).

11 Enos 1:1-8  Vs 1-2: wrestle BEFORE God

12 1. A wrestle with sorrow (2 Cor. 7:10) 2. A wrestle with guilt “There must be a consciousness of guilt. It cannot be brushed aside. It must be acknowledged and not rationalized away…There must be a prickling of conscience, perhaps sleepless hours, eyes that are wet.” (Teachings of SWK, 87). (STORY FROM BISHOP JACOBS)

13 3. A wrestle with time “Often the Lord requires a period of time passing before lifting the burden of sin” (Kimball, Faith Precedes the Miracle, 210). 4. A wrestle in prayer “No casual prayer; no worn phrases; no momentary appeal. All the day long, with seconds turning into minutes, and minutes into hours. Repentance is not a single act of forgiveness. Communication with and approval from the Redeemer determines a soul to press on without ceasing.” (Faith Precedes the Miracle, Kimball, 211).

14 Enos 1:1-8  Vs 1-2: wrestle BEFORE God  Vs 3-4: did Enos kneel down all day long? What’s the longest you’ve prayed?

15 “I remember reading that Jacob wrestled all night, ‘until the breaking of the day,’ for a blessing; and I want to tell you that for eighty- five nights I have gone through that experience, wrestling for a blessing. Eighty-five times, the breaking of the day has found me on my knees praying to the Lord to help me and strengthen me and make me equal to this great responsibility that has come to me.” Spencer W. Kimball, Oct. 1943 General Conference

16 Enos 1:1-8  Vs 1-2: wrestle BEFORE God  Vs 3-4: did Enos kneel down all day long? What’s the longest you’ve prayed?  Vs 7-8: How do you know you’ve repented?

17 “Satan will try to make us believe that our sins are not forgiven because we can remember them. Satan is a liar; he tries to blur our vision and lead us away from the path of repentance and forgiveness. God did not promise that we would not remember our sins. Remembering will help us avoid making the same mistakes again. But if we stay true and faithful, the memory of our sins will be softened over time. This will be part of the needed healing and sanctification process.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf, April 2007 Gen. Conf.

18  Choose one of the following hymns:  “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” (Hymns, no. 26)  “Be Thou Humble” (no. 130)  “Did You Think to Pray?” (no. 140)  “Sweet Hour of Prayer” (no. 142)  “Secret Prayer” (no. 144)  “Child’s Prayer” (Children’s Hymn)  Read the words of their hymn and look for three important principles taught in that hymn.  Video

19  Enos 1:9–10 – Who Enos prayed for  Enos 1:11–14 – Who else he prayed for.  What principle is there?

20 “Any time we experience the blessings of the Atonement in our lives, we cannot help but have a concern for the welfare of our brethren. … “A great indicator of one’s personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others” (The Teachings of Howard W. Hunter, ed. Clyde J. Williams [1997], 248–49).

21 Share a spiritually defining moment/testimony solidifying time in your life. Your own “Enos moment”

22 “The scriptures record remarkable accounts of men whose lives changed dramatically, in an instant, as it were… “But we must be cautious as we discuss these remarkable examples. Though they are real and powerful, they are the exception more than the rule. “For every Paul, for every Enos, and for every King Lamoni, there are hundreds and thousands of people who find the process of repentance much more subtle, much more imperceptible. Day by day they move closer to the Lord, little realizing they are building a Godlike life” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, October 1989).

23 a. Like Enos, I desire to help my family members and friends come unto Christ. One person I will seek to help is (person’s name). I will seek to help this person by … b. Enos prayed for the Lamanites. Like Enos, I want to show the Lord’s love toward those who are unkind to me. One way I will do this is …



26 Here is resting my Dearest wife, BRUNJILDA JALAMONTE 1973-1997 Lord, please welcome her with the same joy I send her to you






32 What do you want your epitaph to say?

33 And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall rest. And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father. (vs 26) ENOS Died 420 BC

34 REMEMBER…  Enos 1:5 The Lord says “Thy sins are forgiven thee.”  Enos 1:7 Enos asks, "how is it done?"  Enos 1:8 The Lord answers, "Because of thy faith in Christ."

35 Answers to Prayer

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