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Oracle Technology Overview Theodoros Demosthenous Principal Consultant

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1 Oracle Technology Overview Theodoros Demosthenous Principal Consultant

2 Complete Open Integrated Oracle – The Database Company ? “ It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

3 More Value, Less Complexity More Flexibility, Less Cost More Choice, Less Risk Standards-Based Architecture Open Oracle’s Strategy

4 Leader in Key Segments Database Database on Solaris Database Share on Linux Embedded Database Development Language (Java) Unix Server Tape Storage Middleware CRM Retail Communications Human Capital Management Financial Services Banking Public Sector Professional Services Enterprise Performance Management Data Warehousing Oracle is #1 in modern middleware according to several independent research studies

5 Infrastructure

6 Sun Hardware Mission Critical Apps In Demanding Environments Server Storage Network Software

7 Sun Oracle Database Machine Get on the Grid Faster - OLTP & Data Warehousing Oracle Database Server Grid – 8 Database Servers – 64 Cores – 400 GB DRAM Exadata Storage Server Grid – 14 Storage Servers – 5TB Smart Flash Cache – 336 TB Disk Storage Unified Server/Storage Network – 40 Gb/sec Infiniband Links – 880 Gb/sec Aggregate Throughput Completely Fault Tolerant

8 Database

9 Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture Fully Utilizing Redundancy Automatic Storage Management Real Application Clusters Secure Backups to Cloud and Tape Active Data Guard Fast Recovery Area Data Guard Undo Human Error

10 RAC: The Cluster Database Clustered Database Servers Mirrored Disk Subsystem High Speed Switch or Interconnect Hub or Switch Fabric Network Centralized Management Console Drive and Exploit Industry Advances in Clustering Users No Single Point Of Failure Interconnect Shared Cache Storage Area Network

11 Production Database Continuous redo shipping, validation & apply Real-time Reporting Fast Incremental Backups Active Standby Database (physical standby open read-only) Read-write Workload Active Data Guard Standby Database: Offload Production + Failover Target

12 GoldenGate and Data Guard Information Distribution & Consolidation, Application Upgrades & Changes – Use GoldenGate - heterogeneous, active-active, transformations, subsetting Disaster Recovery / Data Protection / HA – Simple Full Oracle Database Protection Use Active Data Guard High-performance, simple, drop-in solution for HA and DR, readable at standby Works for all apps and data types, including packaged apps that can’t be changed – Application desiring flexible HA, active-active, schema changes, platform changes Use GoldenGate Avoid or manage active-active conflicts at application level Combine the two for full database protection and information distribution Oracle Active Data Guard Oracle DB Primary Oracle DB Standby Heterogeneous Distributed Fully-active Subset Replicas Oracle GoldenGate

13 DatabasesO/S and Platforms Capture:  Oracle  DB2  Microsoft SQL Server  Sybase ASE  Teradata  Enscribe  SQL/MP  SQL/MX Delivery - all listed above, plus:  HP Neoview, Netezza, Greenplum, and any ODBC compatible databases  ETL products  JMS message queues  MySQL  TimesTen Windows 2000, 2003, XP Linux Sun Solaris HP NonStop HP-UX HP TRU64 HP OpenVMS IBM AIX IBM z/OS GoldenGate for Heterogeneous Platforms

14 Powerful Combination! Integrated HA, DR and Active-Active Replication GoldenGate - Information Distribution - Heterogeneous Bi-directional Replication SubsettingMySQL Standby Database Active Data Guard - DR & Data Protection - Real-time Query Primary Database RAC - Scalability - Server HA

15 Advanced Compression Option Compression for OLTP 4X Up To Compress Large Application Tables – Transaction processing, data warehousing Compress All Data Types – Structured and unstructured data types Compression Backup Data – Faster RMAN compression – Data Pump compression Typical Compression of 2-4X – Cascade storage savings throughout data center 50X Up To Compression for DW

16 Database Defense-in-Depth Monitoring Access Control Encryption & Masking Monitoring Configuration Management Audit Vault Total Recall Access Control Database Vault Label Security Advanced Security Secure Backup Data Masking Encryption & Masking

17 Disk Backups Exports Off-Site Facilities Off-Site Facilities Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption Complete encryption for data at rest No application changes required Efficient encryption of all application data Built-in key lifecycle management Standard-based encryption for data in transit Strong authentication of users and servers (e.g. Kerberos, Radius) No infrastructure changes required Easy to implement Application

18 Oracle Audit Vault Automated Activity Monitoring & Audit Reporting Consolidate audit data into secure repository Detect and alert on suspicious activities Out-of-the box compliance reporting Centralized audit policy management CRM Data ERP Data Databases HR Data Audit Data Policies Built-in Reports Built-in Reports Alerts Custom Reports Custom Reports ! Auditor

19 Oracle Total Recall Secure Change Management select salary from emp AS OF TIMESTAMP '02-MAY-09 12.00 AM‘ where emp.title = ‘admin’ Transparently track data changes Efficient, tamper-resistant storage of archives Real-time access to historical data Simplified forensics and error correction

20 Fusion Middleware

21 Oracle Fusion Middleware

22 Application Platform Suites Application Infrastructure SOA Application Infrastructure Backend Integration Development Tools Application Server Web Services Platform Enterprise Portal Enterprise Content Mgmt. Enterprise Records Mgmt. Enterprise Service Bus Business Integration Business Process Mgmt. Business Intelligence Corporate Performance Mgmt. Access Management Identity Provisioning Web Services Management Data Integration World’s Best Middleware Suite Gartner Magic Quadrants LEADER

23 Oracle Fusion Middleware 11 g Designed to Solve Important Business Requirements Rich Internet Applications Business Process Management Enterprise Team & Social Computing Application Customization Identity & Compliance Management Systems Consolidation

24 Oracle Fusion Middleware 11 g Designed to Exploit Technology Trends Multi-Core Processors 64-bit Operating Systems & Very Large Memory Virtualization & Private Clouds Storage

25 JDeveloper Single, Integrated Enterprise IDE DBMS Modeling Java Development BPM Development Java EE Development ESB Development Business Rules Portal Development Desktop & Mobile Common Metadata Manager Common Application Lifecycle Management Common Business Catalog Common Modeling Framework Common IDE Framework

26 Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Open Source Development Database Tools Java Development Web Service Development Java EE Development EJB3, JPA EclipseLink Development Spring Development JSF Development (WebTools) WebLogic Server Tools Application X-Ray Dependency Management Common Modeling Framework Common IDE Framework

27 Application Grid High Speed Java VM Optimized for Multi-Core Application Server with Unmatched Performance, Scalability and Reliability In-Memory Data Grid with Terabyte Scale-Out Unified Systems and Application Management Integrated Support for Virtualization and Multi-Core

28 JRockit High-Speed Java Optimized for Multi-Core and Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) Code Generation Thread Mgmt. Language Model I/O External Interfaces Memory & Resource Management C1 L1 L2 C2 L1 L2 L3 Local Memory C3 L1 L2 C4 L1 L2 L3 Remote Memory

29 WebLogic Server Java Enterprise Platform JPA (TopLink) Microkernel Web Services Security JavaServer Faces WebLogic Server (Java EE 5) Service Component Architecture Clusters, Messaging, Transactions, Workload Mgt, JMX GridLink for Oracle RAC

30 Coherence In-Memory Data Grid with Zero Data Loss Java EE on WebLogic Server POJOApplication Java EE on other App Server. NET Application Database Access & O-R Mapping Higher Throughput and Lower Latency Guaranteed Zero Data Loss Dynamic Capacity Adjustment Efficient Data AccessMainframe Offloading C++Application

31 Platform SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard Comments Intel Itanium (IA64) 28,463 World Record Multi Node Intel Xeon 7,311 World Record Dual Node SPARC T5440 6,334 World Record Single Node See: Performance Continued Leadership – Across Multiple Platforms

32 Service-Oriented Architecture Standards-based Event & Service Infrastructure High Speed, Multi-Transport Service Bus Unified Business Process Management Complex Event Processing & Activity Monitoring Integrated Governance & Policy Management

33 Enterprise Portal Unify RIA, Web Sites, Enterprise Portal Development Content, Application, Business Process Integration Social Computing Unified with Business Applications Pre-Packaged, Rapidly Customizable Team Web Sites Pervasive, Multi-Channel Access to Enterprise Portal

34 Highly Scalable & Reliable Directory Infrastructure Unified & Integrated Access Management Declarative, Fine-Grained Entitlement Management Integrated Identity & Role Provisioning & Administration Comprehensive Auditing & Identity Analytics Identity Management

35 High Values Features and Services 35 Oracle ECM Unified and Integrated Content Management Notes / Domino 3 rd Party File Systems Business Intelligence Identity Management Application Grid SOA, BPM, & JDev Oracle Database SecureFiles, AuditVault, Database Vault, Real-Applications Clusters 3 rd Party Storage Database File System Core Content Services FMW Adapters URM SES IRM Document Archiving Document Capture Web Content Mgmt Image Mgmt Digital Asset Mgmt Document Mgmt Rights Mgmt Records Mgmt Oracle Enterprise Content Management Portal Connectors OOTB Web Apps Mobile Delivery Desktop & Office Integrations Application Connectors

36 Oracle Business Intelligence Complete, Open, Integrated Common Enterprise Information Model Data Integratio n Ad-hoc Analysis Interactive Dashboards Essbase Reporting & Publishing Proactive Detection and Alerts Disconnected & Mobile Analytics MS Office & Outlook Integration BI Server Integrated Security, User Management, Personalization Multidimensional Calculation and Integration Engine Intelligent Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse, Datamart Database Machine, Exadata SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Custom Excel XML Business Process OLAP

37 Application Integration Architecture Integrates Any Application Easy to Customize Upgradeable Built on Fusion Middleware – Composite applications – Services published in a registry – BPEL for long running transactions – Service bus for transformation and routing Pre-Built Standard Integrations Oracle E-Business Suite G-Log JD Edwards Agile 3rd Party Applications Legacy Applications Siebel Portal PeopleSoft FlexCube SAP Demantra SPL Retek

38 Smart Office AccessDashboards and Scorecards Interactive Analysis Any Interaction Style Drill anywhere visualization Published Reporting Page-Oriented, High Volume, Pixel-Perfect Secure Integration with Microsoft OfficeRole-based and Personalized

39 Applications

40 The New Normal for Business Constant State of Flux Technology: Business Superhighway Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence for Everyone Collaboration Social Networking Information Relevant to Your Job Changing the Relationship between Business and: Economic Uncertainty Regulation Transparency Risk Communication Customers Employees Shareholders

41 Technology Enables Transformation Next Gen Technologies Enable Agility Internet Enables Globalization ERP Enables “Enterprise” Processes Computing Enables Task Automation 2009 1990 1980 1995 Lower Cost Increased Productivity Better Decisions Rapid Change

42 Integration of Business Processes The Transformation Integration Solution Traditional ApproachOracle Approach  Costly Affordable  Rigid  Unsustainable Flexible Sustainable

43 World ’ s Best Intellectual Property, Most Complete End-to-End Industry Solutions Complete Solutions by Industry Industry Leaders Rely on Oracle Applications Over 300 OEMs & Suppliers Automotive 11 of Top 11 Aero & Defense 5 of Top 10 Global Chemicals 20 of Top 20 Service Providers Communications 65 of Top 100 Consumer Products 10 of Top 10 Global Banks Financial Services 9 of Top 10 Academic Universities Education & Res. Over 300 Leading Providers Healthcare 4 of Top 5 Fortune 500 Engr & Construction 25 of Top 25 Electronic OEMs High Technology

44 World ’ s Best Intellectual Property, Most Complete End-to-End Industry Solutions Complete Solutions by Industry Industry Leaders Rely on Oracle Applications 20 of Top 20 Pharmaceuticals Life Sciences 9 of Top 10 Global Industrial Mfg All in Fortune’s Global 500 Media / Entertain. 20 of the Top 20 Global Insurers Insurance 6 of Top 7 Companies Oil & Gas 12 of 13 Fortune 100 Retail 9 of Top 10 Global IT Services Firms Professional Svcs Over 1500 Organizations Public Sector 3 of Top 5 Airlines in Fortune 500 Travel & Transport 13 of Top 20 Fortune 500 Utilities

45 Management

46 Enterprise Manager Grid Control Resolve Problems Configure Production Apply Updates and Patches Provision Test Environments Test Changes Manage & Tune Performance Manage Changes

47 Built-in and Integrated Manageability For Oracle’s Complete Enterprise Software Stack – Leader in the complete enterprise application stack – Built-in manageability in every tier – Integrated manageability across the entire stack …enables the fastest identification, diagnostics, and resolution of problems…

48 Comprehensive Mgmt. of Business Ecosystem Open and Extensible Middleware Oracle Enterprise Manager Databases Oracle Database Oracle Exadata Oracle TimesTen IBM DB2 MS SQL Server MySQL Sybase Storage Check Point Firewall Juniper Netscreen Firewall F5 BIG-IP Nortel Alteon Switch NetApp Filer EMC Celerra, Clariion, Symmetrix Pillar Axiom Onaro SANScreen OperatingSystems Servers Dell PowerEdge Dell Change Auto. Oracle Enterprise Linux All Unix Microsoft MVS Virtual Servers Oracle VM VMWare Oracle Fusion Mware. Oracle WebLogic IBM WebSphere MS.NET MS BizTalk Server MS IIS MS Commerce Server MS ISA Server MS Active Directory JBoss AS IBM MQ Series Citrix Pres. Server Blue Lane PatchPoint Apache Tomcat Network Applications Oracle Applications Oracle Beehive Oracle Comm & BRM Microsoft Exchange Service Desk Connectors Remedy, HP, Siebel, PeopleSoft Event Connectors Microsoft, HP, IBM

49 Oracle Products – Emerging “Cloud” Model Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Oracle VM for x86 Management Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Mgmt Lifecycle Management Application Performance Management Application Quality Management Database Grid: Oracle Database, RAC, ASM, Partitioning, IMDB Cache, Active Data Guard, Database Security Application Grid: WebLogic Server, Coherence, Tuxedo, JRockit Shared Services Integration Golden Gate Security: Identity Mgmt Process Mgmt: BPM Suite User Interaction: WebCenter Oracle Enterprise Linux Oracle Solaris Oracle VM for SPARC (LDom) Solaris Containers Servers Storage Physical and Virtual Systems Management Ops Center Oracle Applications Third Party Applications ISV Applications VIRTUALIZATIONVIRTUALIZATION Software as a Service

50 Appliance Builder Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Intelligent Capacity Management and Provisioning Virtualization Middleware Application Server Java VM OS ApplianceAppliance Appliance Traditional Deployment Software Appliances Appliance Builder

51 A Q &

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