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FibreTec ODF Solutions Ordering Guide for The Patch & Patch/Splice Tray FODF-1U-P 1.Production Description 2.Ordering Information 1.FODF-1U-P Tray 2.Splice.

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Presentation on theme: "FibreTec ODF Solutions Ordering Guide for The Patch & Patch/Splice Tray FODF-1U-P 1.Production Description 2.Ordering Information 1.FODF-1U-P Tray 2.Splice."— Presentation transcript:

1 FibreTec ODF Solutions Ordering Guide for The Patch & Patch/Splice Tray FODF-1U-P 1.Production Description 2.Ordering Information 1.FODF-1U-P Tray 2.Splice Trays 3.Accessories 4.Customise/Specials 3.Product Guide 1.Tray Description 2.Tray Capacity 3.Tray Dimensions 4.Cable Management FibreTec Solutions Ltd,,, Phone

2 FibreTec ODF Solutions 1 Product Description The tray comes in two basic formats, The Patch only or the Patch & Splice. The Patch only Tray can be used for loading Preterminated Cables in or can be supplied preloaded with a fully terminated and tested cable of any particular length. The Patch & Splice version comes with a splice tray and this unit is used for when a cable is fed in to the tray on site and this cable is spliced on to preloaded pigtails. Both versions of the tray has a pivot swing out main unit that hold the adapter plate and splice tray. The Tray has two versions that can pivot to either the left or the right The Patchcords are managed inside the front of the tray and are secured where they leave the tray with a velcro band. The tray can be mounted in 19” or 23” frame by using different mounting brackets. FibreTec Solutions Ltd,,, Phone

3 FibreTec ODF Solutions 2 Ordering Information FODF-1U-XX-YY-ZZ-AA-BB Patch Only OP Patch & Splice PS Adapter SC SC Adapter LC LC Adapter MU MU Adapter SC/APC SA Adapter LC/APC LA Cable Length M 1-500M Pigtails PT No Splice Tray 00 12 Fibre Tray12 24 Fibre Tray24 Port Count 1-24 FibreTec Solutions Ltd,,, Phone

4 FibreTec ODF Solutions Splice Trays There are a number of alternative Splice Trays that can be fitted to the Patch & Splice Tray 1.12 Fibre Fusion Splice Trays 2.24 Fibre Fusion Splice trays 3.Mechanical Splice Trays The type of Splice Tray to use will depend mainly on the type of Pigtails Required 1.Tight Buffered 2.Loose Tube The 12 Fibre Splice tray are hinged to allow easy access to each tray. The Trays that require Tight Buffered Pigtails require to be thicker as the tight buffered cable takes up more space that the bare fibre loose tube pigtails, FibreTec Solutions Ltd,,, Phone

5 FibreTec ODF Solutions Accessories Each Tray is supplied with a cable management kit and Accessories, these include the following 1.ETSI Mounting Brackets 2.4 x Cage fasteners for mounting on frame 3.Test Cert (Prewired) 4.Cable Central Strength Member retainer (P & S) 5.Cable ties (P & S) 6.Velcro Patchcord ties 7.Spiral Cable Gland M12 (P & S) 8.Spiral Cable Gland M16 (P & S) The Accessories supplied to both the Patch (Loaded with Cable ) and the Patch & Splice (P & S) ODF Trays are to assist with all standard installation methods. FibreTec Solutions Ltd,,, Phone

6 FibreTec ODF Solutions Customise The trays can be customised to various customer requirements, some examples are 1.Different Mounting bracket positions to allow the tray to be recessed or protruding in the Rack 2.Rear mounting brackets allowing the tray to be secured to the rear of the frame 3.Left or Right pivot opening 4.Special labelling of ports 5.Various cable retaining cable clamps or glands

7 FibreTec ODF Solutions 3Product Guide 3.1 Tray Description The FibreTec 1U ODF Tray is a Rack Mount Panel that provides superior fibre and cable management for interconnecting fibre in various locations. The Tray is generally used in either Telecom intra-facility or Customer Premises to manage the interconnecting of up to 24 individual fibres. Customer Premises The Panel can be mounted in the customer frame and either 1 A preloaded cable that is installed in the panel can be pulled or blown to a splice vault or 2 A Patch & Splice Tray can be installed in the customers frame and a cable can be pulled or blown into the panel where the cable can be spliced on to the preloaded pigtails in the tray.

8 FibreTec ODF Solutions 3.2Tray Capacity The 1U ODF Tray can be loaded with any industry standard Adapters. The following are the capacities for the various Adapter Configurations SC 24 Fibre ST24 Fibre LC48 Fibre For larger fibre counts a 2U tray can be used. This product is (FODF-2U) The Patchcords that are installed to the tray can be either 2mm or 3mm cable. The Management of the Patchcords allow for both types of cable. The Patchcords are managed within the tray and exit the tray at the side or the front. The tray is designed so that when it pivots it does not cause any disruption to the transmission on the fibres

9 FibreTec ODF Solutions 3.3Tray Dimensions W D The tray can be either 19”, or ETSI or 23” Mounted. These various mounting width can be changed by fitting different mounting brackets. Depth=290mm Height=1U

10 FibreTec ODF Solutions 3.4 Cable Management For the Patch & Splice tray the multicore cable is managed by over-tubing the inner fibres with a flexible tubing. This tubing is secured to the tray with cable ties and bend radius is controlled with circular cable guides. These ensure that the fibres do not exceed the minimum bend radius of the fibre. The bare fibre from the multifibre cable is managed inside the splice tray. The pigtails installed consist of loose tube fibre so that the bare fibre from the pigtails is also managed within the tray. This allows easy splicing and good management within the tray where all the fibre is 250um bare fibre (no 900um protected fibre within the tray. The preloaded Pigtails for Singlemode applications are manufactured with G657 fibre (bend insensitive fibre) which help the person splicing not to have loss problems due to marco-bending when coiling the fibres inside the tray after splicing. Patch & Splice Patch Tray For the Preloaded Patch trays the fibre inside the tray is managed by cable guides that maintain bend radius. The cable fan-out block if secured to the swing-out section of the tray. The fibres from the fan- out block are protected with clear 900um tubing that are managed by the cable management spools. The standard SM fibre used is G657 which is bend insensitive fibre.

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