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Ma.Carlota Fermín Jorge Matheus

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1 Ma.Carlota Fermín 10-10238 Jorge Matheus 08-10712
POST AND LINTEL Ma.Carlota Fermín Jorge Matheus

2 CONTENT Introduction Definition History Post Bean
Span Material Relations Cantilever Beans Failures Conclusion

3 INTRODUCTION Building systems can be post-and-lintel, vaulted or internal structures. There are several ways to build according to the type and location. How to build depends on the technological level of the community that builds and the needs they manifest. In any case, the construction system uses by a community reflects part of his personality as the building is a way to transform the environment adapted to the human needs. Ever since man left the shelter that provided the cave, until now, there have been three different building systems: lintel, domed and internal structures.

4 DEFINITION Is a simple construction method using a lintel, header, or architrave as the horizontal member over a building void supported at its ends by two vertical columns, pillars, or posts. This architectural system and building method has been commonly used for centuries to support the weight of the structure located above the openings created by windows and doors in a bearing wall.

5 HISTORY From prehistoric times to the Roman Empire, the post – and – lintel system was the root of architectural design. The interiors of Egyptian temples and the exteriors of Greek temples are delineated by columns covered by stone lintels. The Greeks opened their interior spaces by substituting wooden beams for stone, since the wood required fewer supports. The development of the arch and vault challenged the system but could not diminish its importance either in masonry construction or in wood framing, by its nature dependent on posts and beams

6 POST The job of the post is to support the lintel and its loads without crushing or buckling. Failure occurs, as in lintels, from excessive weakness or length, but the difference is that the material must be especially strong in compression. Stone, which has this property, is more versatile as a post than as a lintel; under heavy loads it is superior to wood but not to iron, steel, or reinforced concrete. Masonry post, including those of brick, may be highly efficient, since the loads compress the joints and add to their cohesiveness. Although monolithic stone columns are used, they are extravagant to produce for large structures, and columns are usually built up of a series of cylindrical blocks called drums.

7 BEAN The job of the beam or lintel is to bear loads that rest on it, also includes its own wheigth. -The beam has to be able to do this without deformor break BEAM or LINTEL load

8 Stones are weak in bending, the span it smaller
Span-Material Relations The span between the column or post depends on the bending resistance of the material of the beam. Stones are weak in bending, the span it smaller Steel is strong in bending, so the use of steel beam can produce greater openings in a structure, such as barns.

9 A cantilever beam its a beam that is anchored only at one end.
Cantilever Beams A cantilever beam its a beam that is anchored only at one end. It is often used in architecture to allow overhanging structures like building with balconies, bridges and more.

10 Failures Failure occurs when the material is
to weak or the span is to long to support the load. This makes the beam bend or break. This aspect combined with others can cause many structural accidents, destroying the structure like a house of cards

11 CONCLUSION Form prehistoric times, the post and lintel
System has been used for all kinds of structures. Since the Roman and Egiptian temples to the evolution of frames and archs, the post and lintel system has remained as the basic idea.

12 CONCLUSION Even now modern buildings use a basic post
And lintel system idea. The engineers had combined these two elements to create a mushroom columns. This is column that has a slab at the end making it a column with support fuction it can become the ceiling of a structure.

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