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USATF Illinois Association Officials Training Presenters: Mike Powers Jamero Rainey.

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1 USATF Illinois Association Officials Training Presenters: Mike Powers Jamero Rainey

2 Agenda Welcome and Introductions USATF Annual Meeting Recap 2015 Rules Update Review – USATF – NCAA Electronic Measurement Applications

3 About the Presenters Jamero Rainey – Track and Field – Proviso East HS – Began officiating in 1993 with IHSA – USATF official since 1996 – North Carolina – Officiating Highlights Head Horizontals Official Big Ten/ACC Championships Starter State HS Championships MN, NC Worked USATF National Championships – Starter, Horizontals, Officials Coordinator

4 About the Presenters Mike Powers – IHSA Certified Official since 1984 – USATF National Level Official since 2009 – Past President of the ITCCOA – Hall of Fame ITCCOA member 2013 Referee/Starter IHSA State Finals Head PV Judge IHSA State Finals USATF State/Regional Championships

5 About you… Name Where are you from Favorite place to officiate Favorite event to officiate

6 USATF Annual Meeting Held every year, the weekend after Thanksgiving – This year… Anaheim, CA – Spans 4 days – Meetings, Meetings, Meetings Associations, LDR, Law and Legislation, Officials, Youth, Masters, Meet Directors, Athletes Advisory, etc – Hall of Fame (USATF, Officials) – Next year – Houston, TX

7 What did I attend?? Required to attend Officials Sessions – Two general sessions – Other Training sessions Electronic Measurements Certification Chair Referee Scenarios Discussion – Rules

8 Focus on Officials Session Election of NOC Officers – Certification, Jimmy Stuart – Treasurer, Doug Allen – Awards, Scott Rose Ludus Tour Grant – $500 for 10 individuals – USATF National Championships – Under 40 years of age

9 Officials Session (con’t) Safe Sport Requirement from USOC – Training to be provided in 2015 (on-line or at certain National meets – Free to all officials – Specific details on process early 2015 Manage Your Information – Create your own User ID – Update your personal information – More enhancements planned for future

10 Officials Session (con’t) Miscellaneous Items – New Shirts – 2016 (First one free!!) – Plans for International Meets 2016 World Indoor Possible 2019 World Outdoor Bid – 2015 NOC Elections Officials Chair Secretary

11 USATF 2015 Rule Changes

12 2015 USATF Rules Updates 102 Proposed Rule Changes 46 Accepted for 2015 Possible change to two year update on rules Following practice of IAAF and NCAA

13 Video Review of Competition Add Rule 144.3(j) – Not considered assistance – Viewing by athletes competing in field events, of images of previous trial(s), recorded on their behalf by persons not placed in the competition area. (Reference Rule 144.3(b)) The viewing device or images taken from it shall not be taken into the competition area.

14 Update Methods of Timing Rule 165.1 – Four methods of timing are official, hand timing, fully automatic timing, video timing and transponder timing as set forth in this Rule. A timing device that operates automatically at either the start of finish, but not at both, shall be considered to produce ((neither)) hand time. ((nor fully automatic times and should not be used to obtain official times)).

15 Visible Hip Numbers Amend Rule 143.4(b) – The competitors may also be required to wear start list identifying numbers visibly on the hips and in other locations determined by the Games Committee Hip numbers must be visible to facilitate photo timing and for the identification of competitors.

16 Starting Blocks Assistance Addition to 144.3 (assigned letter d) – Receiving assistance in the setting of the competition starting blocks. This will clarify that it is the responsibility of the competitor to set his/her own blocks. Blocks are to be set by the competitor, not by a trainer, a coach or any other third party.

17 Starting Blocks Assistance (con’t) New Rule 161.6 – No competitor shall receive assistance in setting starting blocks except from an individual designated by the starter Allowing third parties onto the track delays the meet and gives some competitors an unfair advantage.

18 Youth Pole Vault New Rule – 302.5K – In order to stage a Youth Athletics pole vault competition, a pole vault box collar pad complying with ASTM F2949-12 shall be used Following NCAA and NFHS rule changes

19 Pole Vault Bar Amend Rule 183.5(a) – After the vault, the bar does not remain on the pegs on which it originally rested because of the action of the competitor while vaulting The rule did not address the bar coming to rest on different pegs from which it originally rested

20 Excused from Competition Rule 302.5(o) and add 302.5(p) – Clarifies excused absences from field events to participate in running events Vertical jumps – Reasonable time limit, but bar will move up and competitor will be passed to the next height Horizontal jumps – No time limit, but must return prior to completion of preliminaries or finals. Failure to return timely results in forfeiture of remaining trials.

21 NCAA 2015-2016 Rule Changes

22 3.2.y – Games Committee Addition: Address challenges to any meet procedures, entries or event seedings prior to the start of the competition This rule change would specify who has authority prior to competition to respond to participating institutions’ concerns and challenges regarding how the competition is being contested.

23 3.4.1, 3.4.2a, 3.4.2e – Referee Responsibilities The powers and duties of the referee(s) shall be: After consulting with the appropriate officials, to decide all questions, take such actions and make such decisions, including, but not limited to, those for which the rules make no specific provision, that provide each contestant a fair and equal opportunity

24 3.4.1, 3.4.2a, 3.4.2e – Referee Responsibilities The changes to Rule 3-4 now mean that the Referee cannot act on violation that are viewed and not reported in any other manner. The Referee can only rule on calls made by other officials or on filed protests. A protest can made be on an official’s call or non-call. A viewed violation can be used as evidence by a Referee after an issue is presented for Referee’s action.

25 4.4.10 – Protest Time Limits Protests relating to matters that develop during the conduct of the meet should be made at once and not later than 15 minutes after the results have been announced or posted. – With new technologies more readily available, coaches have quicker access to results and therefore have the ability to more quickly file their protest. For years there was a 15 minute limit to file a protest for a preliminary round event, and that was sufficient time to file a protest.

26 5.1.4 Starting Procedures …. The runners shall take the “On your marks” position, either crouched or standing, promptly and in such a way that no part of the body touches the track on or beyond the starting line, or outside their assigned lane.

27 5.5.2 a and b – Running Violations … Disqualify a competitor that – Flagrantly impedes another runner Just impeding in any manner is not a violation – In a race run on a curve, steps on or over the lane line to the left with two consecutive steps of either both feet or a single foot Provides clarity to the rule 2014 was two steps with the left foot only

28 6.1.14.a – Recording Performances Performances on a scorecard shall be a distance or an ‘O’ for a successful trial, an ‘X’ for any type of foul/failure or a dash (-) to indicate a pass. – Standardization of officiating notation with IAAF and USATF

29 6.4.3 Order of Competition – Vertical Jumps When the number of competitors exceeds 20, the games committee shall select one of the following options: – a. Utilize a qualifying competition, Rule 6.2.2, following the normal order of competition. – b. Utilize two flights following the normal order of competition. The overall placing is determined by combining the results of both flights. Ties for first place shall not be broken. – c. Rotating flights (five–alive method) may be used until there are 9 or fewer competitors remaining at a bar height.

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