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Google confidential | Do not distribute MassiveSc ale Consumer Heritage Customer Success Google confidential | Do not distribute.

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1 Google confidential | Do not distribute MassiveSc ale Consumer Heritage Customer Success Google confidential | Do not distribute

2 5M Businesses have gone Google

3 Gmail 25GB inbox with built in search: keep and find everything. Drive Create, share, and collaborate on all of your work, on any device. Calendar Organize your life effortlessly and share calendars simply. Sites Easy-to-build shared work spaces for teams. Google+ Share ideas, build relationships and join meetings from anywhere. Talk Business-class Instant Messaging, Video Chat and Click to Call. Vault Next generation information Governance, Archiving & eDiscovery. Google Apps for Business

4 Enjoy seamless communication and collaboration Gmail web-based communication hub Google Docs real-time collaboration tools Apps

5 Information and analytics for your customers and users Search Appliance for intranets and websites Earth & Maps intuitive geospatial visualisation Apps

6 An operating system built for the web Chrome OS cloud-based desktop * Planned functionality not yet available Devices

7 We’re looking for good partners to help companies migrate from “On Premise” to “100% Web” Secure Data Connector Cloud Connect Contextual Gadgets Device Management Apps Scripts

8 Google Confidential and Proprietary Why is Google focused on Enterprise? Massive Market OpportunityIncredible Momentum Unrivaled InfrastructureConsumerization of Enterprise IT 5 M+ customers worldwide 5,000+ businesses every day source: Gigaom $ 241 B+ Cloud Services market by 2020 (Forrester) 3 M Sept. '10 4 M Sept. '11 5M June '12

9 Google Confidential and Proprietary Google is uniquely positioned to deliver this vision Enormous scale 4th largest server manufacturer 3rd largest IP network Custom Linux Stack Built for our unique architecture Web native Born online Built for the web from day one. Web user base 100s of millions of online users 1% testing With 100s of thousands of users Engineering excellence 99.9% availability SLA With no maintenance windows Leading security SSAE16 and ISO 27001 certifications 218 features launched last year in Google Apps

10 Google Confidential and Proprietary Google Enterprise Solutions Search Appliance Site Search Commerce Search Geospatial Maps Earth Maps Coordinate Enterprise Cloud Google Apps Content Management Cloud Platform Devices Social

11 Google Confidential and Proprietary Google Apps for Business Business Features | Administrative Controls Migration Tools | 99.9% SLA* | 24x7 Support * Google+ not included in SLA or Enterprise Support

12 Google Confidential and Proprietary Gmail Huge inbox with search: keep and find everything. Google Apps: Best Tools for Business Talk Business class IM and VC as easy as email. Groups Let users easily create and work in teams. Calendar Make sharing calendars and schedules easy. Drive Collaborating as easy as creating, accessible anywhere Sites Allow users to manage their own sites. Vault/Postini Security and compliance solutions. Video Unlock the power of video within your business. Marketplace Extend the functionality of Google Apps Google+ Connect people and ideas in your company.

13 Google Confidential and Proprietary Proven Enterprise Results 60 % increase in employee satisfaction increase in employee productivity locations moved to Google's platform $1 M+ 2.8 x 1,000 40 % TCO reduction compared to incumbent 100 % change in the way IT is perceived 1/10 of resources and 1/4 of time to develop apps improvement in first call resolution time 67 % 2,000 google docs created immediately immediate application maintenance savings 5M+ business worldwide, growing at 5,000 per day

14 Google Confidential and Proprietary Visy Google Apps customer since 2012 "To us, innovation is one of the things we have brought to the table by this venture with Google. IT is often considered a bottleneck in companies; not adding value. But what we've been able to do is a paradigm shift - now we are considered an enabler, an innovation maker" David Peano, Director of Business Solutions 100 % One of the world's leading packaging, paper and recycling companies 5,500 employees Across 120 locations across Australia, New Zealand,Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia and trading offices in Singapore and China. Deployed Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sites (replacement of intranet) and Video Built a collaborative site to showcase to our clients - helps us to win business Moved 2/3rds of staff completely off MS Office Integrated Google Apps to our SAP systems Innovation platform has changed perception of IT in Visy Contributed to changing name of our IT department - IT Services to Business Solutions. change in the way IT is perceived

15 Google Confidential and Proprietary NSW Department of Trade & Investment Google Apps customer since 2011 "We actually reduced our risk profile by going Google". "If I was to take it away tomorrow, there would be anarchy!" David Kennedy, Chief Information Officer, Business Technology Services 2 wks State Government department who drives sustainable economic growth in NSW 15,000+ users to support "Fix it, it's broken" mandate from the Director General Change does not happen easily in a Government entity Deployed Gmail, Calendar, Contacts Migrating everyone in the Department across to a single email platform This wasn't an IT project. It was a "business- enablement" project Huge culture change - people are gravitating towards IT Allowed us to get better control over all our services we provided users for users to want to move from exchange

16 Google Confidential and Proprietary Customers working in the future 5,000,000 businesses 50,000,000 users 5,000 sign-up every day

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