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Welcome to the 9 th Annual Greater Philadelphia 2014 SeaPerch Challenge Kick-Off Presented by: Steve Michetti, ASNE-DV 4 December 2013 Competition Dates:

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1 Welcome to the 9 th Annual Greater Philadelphia 2014 SeaPerch Challenge Kick-Off Presented by: Steve Michetti, ASNE-DV 4 December 2013 Competition Dates: 25 and 26 April 2014

2 2014 Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge Kick Off Background and evolution of SeaPerch and SeaPerch Challenge SeaPerch Program Goals Resources provided by the program? –Website, supplies, tools, training, mentoring, support, etc Expectations from teams and advisors Detailed competition overview Awards Special post competition events for winning teams 2

3 Sponsors SeaPerch Partners 3

4 4 Naval Surface Warfare Centers

5 5 What Is SeaPerch? Sea Perch is a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Educational Program –Consists of an educational tool kit that allows middle and high school students to construct a simple underwater ROV –Includes a curriculum-based program that teaches students basic marine design skills Naval Architecture Marine Engineering –Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) as part of the National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering Objective is to develop the next generation of naval architects, marine engineers, naval engineers

6 6 What is the SeaPerch Challenge? The SeaPerch Challenge is the competition conceived and started in Philadelphia for executing the SeaPerch ROV Outreach Program Teams represent companies competing for a simulated navy contract, trying to demonstrate that their SeaPerch Design best meets or exceeds navy technical requirements while staying within budget.

7 7 2005 - SeaPerch design and build initiated various locations - ASNE-DV pilots SeaPerch in local NJ school - Based upon feedback, ASNE teams with Drexel and Phila. School district 2006 - 1 st SeaPerch competition held in Philadelphia (22 schools) 2008 - ONR establishes program to take Philadelphia model to national level 2011 - Philadelphia hosts First National SeaPerch Competition 2013 - Philadelphia moves to a two day competition - increased capacity from 50 to 100 schools -1200 students exposed to SeaPerch annually 2014 - Philadelphia will hold its 9 th Annual Greater Philadelphia Challenge Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge Background

8 8 Program goal is to sustain a long-term effort to address the problem of decreasing college enrollments in engineering and technical programs –Increase student interest in STEM related studies through hands-on activities at the middle and high school level –Provides awareness of Naval Engineering and Naval Architecture as career fields –Helps students prepare for college level work Interface with industry, academia and government engineers Work in collaborative environment Participate in a realistic business Experience a major university campus Participate in a realistic technical scenario SeaPerch Program/Challenge Goals Create a Fun, Challenging and Educational experience for students

9 What is provided? 1.Teams will receive one or two kits depending on availability –Additional kits are available for purchase thru www.Seaperch.Org. 2.Tool kits are loaned to teams based on need & availability 3.Underwater Video cameras required/loaned to HS only 4.Online construction manual, parts lists, lesson plans, and other resources via web and social media sites 5. Access to Learning Modules and Videos –Hydrodynamics –Propulsion Systems –Control Systems –Stability –ROVs in the navy 6.Construction training for new advisors and mentors 7.A naval engineer mentor to visit your team and provide support; Drexel “Near Peer “ engineering students to assist with support; 8.26 trophies; 4 cash awards 9.2014 SeaPerch Challenge T-Shirt (10 shirts per team) 9 Tools and underwater cameras must be returned on competition day.

10 Teacher Training Training Date: Saturday, December 7, 2014 Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Location: between 31 st and 32 nd south side of Market Street Hill Conference room in Le Bow Building Space is limited to one (1) new advisor/teacher per team will be admitted. 10

11 11 is your primary source for all Philadelphia Challenge questions - and is different than the national site

12 12 Resources on

13 13 Technical and Teaching Resources SeaPerch Learning Modules

14 14 This is the national SeaPerch program website Use this for general information and additional resources

15 2014 Challenge Requirements Overview Teams can only participate in one (1) Regional Challenge Only GPSPC winning teams (1 st and 2 nd place in pool performance) may register for the national challenge Familiarize yourself with all posted competition rules Check frequently for updates and information Communications should be done through the or your assigned mentor SeaPerch Design, Build and Test Phase (December thru April) Encouraged to utilize engineering learning modules and other resources Competition Challenge practice (Critical for vehicle performance success) Design Notebook - submit by April 4, 2014 – no exceptions Oral Poster Presentation (competition day) Vehicle Performance round 1 – obstacle course Vehicle Performance round 2 – “The Heist” Team Spirit and Sportsmanship 15

16 16 New for 2014 Competition Step-by-Step Check List must be completed –Teams must complete the check list –Must be certified (initial) complete by a lead judge at each location Registration Compliance 1 Craft Inspection (only 2 team members including advisor) Compliance 2 Water Test (only 2 team members including advisor) Poster Presentation set-up * Checklist completed and entire team seated in gym for opening ceremony by 8:55 a.m. * Drexel students and signage will guide teams to checkpoint locations New Themed Mission –The Heist Challenge File size limitations on design notebooks – 3MB Team Spirit & Sportsmanship Category –Sportsmanship nominated by judges

17 2014 SeaPerch Mission The Mission: Your ROV has been tasked to retrieve (6) communication boxes that were lost at sea and are of great value to the United States. Unfortunately, the communication boxes were discovered by a Russian submarine and temporarily placed in a secure holding area at the bottom of the Baltic Sea until they can be retrieved and decoded. Your task is to clear an underwater minefield, maneuver your ROV through a small security access door, and retrieve the communication boxes before the Russian submarine returns.

18 18 Current GPSPC Registered Schools Map last updated on 07 November 2012

19 19 Design - Build - Test Innovative Design and Build over a Three Month Period –Teams are encouraged to experiment with design changes –Spending capped at $20.00 for vehicle modifications Receipts (or proof of value) required for all additional material –Additional thrusters or larger motors for thrusters are prohibited –Reallocation of original kit parts is permissible and not part of the budget ONLY 1 CRAFT DESIGN CAN BE ENTERED AND USED TO COMPETE

20 20 Design Notebook A Design Notebook (report) documenting team progress and accomplishments will be submitted and judged –Should be no more than 20 pages (excluding Front Matter) 3MB file size limit Document challenges Characterize teamwork Discuss how the team worked through problems Capture lessons learned (including use of learning modules) Repository of the technical work accomplished by the team (drawings, calculations etc.) Process documentation (trial and error, build, test, optimize, etc.)

21 21 Design Notebook Judged Sections of the Design Notebook include –Section I: Front Matter –Section II:Naval Engineering Research –Section III:Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing Process –Section IV:Naval Scenario for Sea Perch –Section V:Teamwork –Section VI:Bill of Material –Section VII:Supporting Documentation Design Notebook Guidance with Section Information will be made available Teams are required to submit Design Notebooks electronically –Adobe PDF or MS Word 2003 (or later) formats only and file size limitations this year DESIGN NOTEBOOKS ARE DUE ON FRIDAY, APRIL 4 th 2014 Notebooks will not be accepted after the deadline – No Exceptions! ½ OF THE NOTEBOOK GRADE

22 22 Oral Poster Presentation Session Teams must create an Engineering Poster and prepare for an oral presentation and Q&A Judges will interact with students about poster content and design Supplemental aids allowed – Ex: Laptop, IPAD, models, etc All team members must participate High School Teams must submit resumes as part of the poster session Last year, 30% to 50% of presentation score was based upon “Innovative Product Design”

23 23 Vehicle Performance Round 1 Obstacle Course Vehicle Performance Round 1: Complete the Obstacle Course –Maneuver through a submerged obstacle course of pre-arranged hoops –Hoop angles and elevations more challenging for High School course 2011 SHS Competition Video Clip

24 24 Vehicle Performance Round 2 The Heist

25 1 st task: Open the vault door –Course consists of a mesh barrier with vault door –All other mission work must be done through the door 2 nd task: Disarm two underwater mines –Mines held by a plunger mechanism –Must be released before retrieving load boxes Six visually identical load boxes to be retrieved –Boxes will be loaded with different weights –No identification of box weights provided –2 of the 6 boxes will be “super heavy” 25 Vehicle Performance Round 2: Complete the Mission –This Year’s Mission: Vehicle Performance Round 2 The Heist

26 26 –Barriers will be placed approximately 8 feet from the pool bulkhead –Mines will sit approximately 2 feet behind the vault –Load boxes will be arranged randomly approximately 2 feet behind the mines Vehicle Performance Round 2 The Heist

27 27 Vehicle Performance Round 2 The Heist

28 28 Vehicle Performance Round 2: Complete the Mission –Mission Points will be scored as followed: 1 st Task: Open the vault door –4 points awarded for defeating the door lock 2 nd Task: Disarm two underwater mines –4 points awarded for each mine released 3 rd Task: Retrieve the load boxes –4 points for each of the (4) “standard” boxes retrieved –8 points for each of the (2) “super heavy” boxes retrieved –44 Total Mission Points could be earned

29 29 Vehicle Performance Power Supply At this time, we are requesting that each team bring their battery to the pool deck to power your Sea Perch. If a power supply is made available for use, the update will be posted on the web site.

30 30 Team Spirit –The experience is about more than winning –Teams gather together in bleachers –Use flags, signs, mascots, and cheers can all be used to show their team spirit

31 31 Awards Team trophies awarded for 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd place finishes (middle schools and high schools) Vehicle performance Poster Presentation Design Notebook Team Spirit Overall Competition winner trophy awarded to (1) middle and (1) high school team based upon final composite scores Typically Four (4) Cash Awards –$100 cash “Contract Award” to overall winners –$100 cash “Engineering Process Awards” “Against All Odds Award” presented by the Atlantic Rangers

32 32 What is the Role of the Mentor Mentor expectations – time, travel, etc Act ‘s as the team’s liaison to the Sea Perch Challenge’s Support Network –Act on questions concerning the competition or craft design –Feed back requests for rulings on satisfying competition requirements Share career experiences Provide help with kit construction Assist teacher with the build & troubleshooting Provide guidance on competition requirements Assist students with troubleshooting Teacher must be present whenever mentors are with teamsTeacher must be present whenever mentors are with teams All communications with mentor must be via the teacherAll communications with mentor must be via the teacher HELP GUIDE TEAM TOWARDS FEASIBLE SOLUTIONS NOT JUST PROVIDE ANSWERS TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS

33 Moving onto Nationals 33 The Philadelphia Regional High School and Middle School teams awarded 1st Place in Pool Performance will be invited to move onto the 4th National SeaPerch Challenge - Campus of Mississippi University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS - Only Regional winners can register - Up to 100 teams will participate For more info visit: Saturday, May 17, 2014,

34 ASNE Symposium Participation 34 Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge Teams that win Overall Competition and 1 st Place Oral Presentation Categories will be invited to participate in EMTS -Teams will be recognized for accomplishments by our Keynote speaker -Interact with 500 scientists and engineers on exhibit floor -Other special events will be planned

35 Independence Seaport Museum (ISM) Test and Help Site 35 -Past Partners at Science Festivals, Symposia, & National SeaPerch Award Ceremony -ISM planning Marine Engineering Education Center in Prime Location with SeaPerch as Centerpiece -SeaPerch test and help site! ISM Field trips make a perfect compliment for teams to continue learning

36 36 SeaPerch Programming Offered at ISM January through Mid-April 2014 Support –Sea Perch Design, Building, and Competition – Mentoring provided on site for assembly, testing and troubleshooting – Practice Tank approximately 10’ x 10’ x 2.5’ dimensions, fitted with obstacles identical to those used at the national competition enabling underwater testing of ROVs – Design Forums Educational Components – Buoyancy, flotation, displacement and the Archimedes Principle – Fluid dynamics and the Bernoulli Principle – Engineering and design principals – Construction techniques – Tours of Museum and Historic Ships for context Visit: Schedule pool time, mentoring support and tours by contacting: Olivia Thomas, Education Coordinator 215 413-8630 * Email:

37 37 SeaPerch Program Chair-Stephen Michetti, NSWCCD Engineer (215) 897-7639 email: Director of Out Reach and Development Joanne Ferroni, Drexel University (215) 895-2288 email: Technical Assistance Bob Valtos, NSWCCD Engineer (215) 897-8591 email: Bill Day, NSWCCD Engineer (215) 897-1299 John Maloney, NSWCCD Engineer (215) 897-7347 Mentoring and Training Mentor Chair, Jeff Merlino, NSWCCD Engineer (215) 897- 7289 email: Program Coordinator and General Assistance Kathleen McGinnis, AMSEC, LLC (215) 897-8833 email: Questions?

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