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Anna Bernfeld, CAE Executive Director, FAMIC One Voice Impacting Our Future Funeral Service Foundation- June 18, 2014

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1 Anna Bernfeld, CAE Executive Director, FAMIC One Voice Impacting Our Future Funeral Service Foundation- June 18, 2014

2 Dear Funeral Service Foundation Trustees, 2

3 National Funeral Directors Association Cremation Association of North America National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association Casket & Funeral Supply Association Funeral Service Foundation International Memorialization Supply Association International Order of the Golden Rule Monument Builders of North America National Concrete Burial Vault Association Selected Independent Funeral Homes FAMIC Members Life Insurers Council

4 4 The Continuum of Care Casket, Vault & Memorial Professionals Funeral Directors Cemeterians Advance Planning Professionals

5 FAMIC is committed to making available to the public direct and open information regarding death care and memorialization from the leading associations of service providers and businesses. FAMIC Mission 5

6 Determine and promote the value of memorialization. Promote better understanding, knowledge and acceptance of the value of the funeral ceremony. Commemorating a life (memorialization) in a meaningful, appropriate way. Original Campaign Goals 6

7 FAMIC has partnered with Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy (Springboard), a leading national branding and communications firm, to create the strategy, messaging and materials for this campaign. 7

8 Funeral Service Foundation – Initial Grant Matching Funds from 10 FAMIC Members Funding - 2013 8

9 Gathered “internal insights” from FAMIC members Communications audit, leadership interviews, leadership workshop Develop concept boards Membership feedback on concept boards The Process: Internal 9

10 Gathered “external insights” 2010 FAMIC Study (Harris Interactive) –To understand consumer attitudes toward memorialization, cremation, pre-planning. 2012 Funeral Service Foundation Research (Olson Zaltman Associates – ZMET) –To understand depth of consumers’ unconscious motivations. –To understand role a memorialization plays in a person’s life. The Process: External 10

11 FSF/ZMET Summary | Why To better understand what modern consumers are seeking in an end-of-life service or ceremony. Why are end-of-life services and ceremonies important? What are the perceived benefits of non-traditional services compared to more traditional funerals? What experience do consumers want for their friends and loved ones? How do people perceive the funeral industry? In sum: How can FAMIC help its members communicate more effectively with consumers, and create the kind of emotional experiences consumers want from an end-of-life service or ceremony?

12 FSF/ZMET Summary | Who Consumers who “probably” or “definitely” want a non-traditional service or ceremony. Even split between men and women Age 50-70 (evenly distributed) Mix of race/ethnicity and religious affiliation

13 FSF/ZMET Summary | What, When, Where, and How ZMET interviews conducted in June 2012 in Atlanta, GA and Overland Park, KS. Respondents asked to collect: 3 or 4 pictures that represent, “Your thoughts and feelings about traditional visitations and funerals.” and 3 or 4 pictures that represent, “Your thoughts and feelings about your end of life service or ceremony and what it means to you.” Respondents interviewed for 1 ½ hours using the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET).

14 “I mattered” | A lexicon You’ve contributed and made a difference Bob The life that I lived meant something to someone Mary I would like to leave a positive legacy Jay Something that people remember you by Marilyn H. I’ve made a difference in some way. Carole A desire to be known as having a certain creativity and a certain goodness in me. We do leave a legacy. Lee Every person has a unique contribution… They will know what my life meant to others. John I’ll know I made a difference in this world. For however long I’m going to live, I want to know it was worth it. Jody

15 But, at time of “crisis,” family members are on “auto-pilot” Unhappy and unprepared Typically revert to “checklist” Not in the right frame of mind to think creatively Key Findings: External 15

16 The Opportunity  Link the value of memorialization (“I Mattered”) with the need to talk with loved ones about what matters most – how they feel they made a difference. 16

17 FAMIC’s Unique Role Inspire the conversation 17

18 How can I get involved to help my profession? 18

19 The funeral service profession – our profession – holds a critical role in creating meaningful end-of-life services. From funeral directors, cemeterians and cremationists who work directly with families, to the suppliers and vendors whose products and services help families honor a life well lived, we are all essential. We Are All Essential 19

20 In June 2013, FAMIC took an unprecedented step and united the profession with a single, consistent voice by engaging its members in the Have a Talk of a Lifetime grassroots campaign. 20

21 digital ads website and social media presence print and radio ads community outreach presentation consumer video brochures press release media pitch letters social media co-pilot Available Materials 21

22 Download and add to your website. Hyperlinks to consumer landing page. Digital Ads

23 Campaign Landing Page for Consumers 23 Three Calls-to-action 1.Watch video 2.Free brochure 3.Member links

24 Customize with your logo. Distribute at your place of business, consumer and civic events, etc. Brochure

25 Downloadable and customizable. Placement in local media, print flyers, multiples uses. Print Ads 25

26 Social Media 26 Google+ Twitter YouTube Facebook Pinterest

27 2-Minute video includes: Rationale to “Have the Talk of a Lifetime.” Call to Action: Find a FAMIC member and download your free brochure now. Add to website, present at consumer and civic events. Video 27

28 Username: famic Password: campaign To Access Campaign Materials 28

29 Have the Talk Grass Roots Results Member Usage of Marketing Materials 29

30 An online consumer survey was conducted in April, 2014 with over 1,000 respondents. The survey included questions about “Have the Talk of a Lifetime”*. 12.6% of respondents stated they are familiar with or have heard of “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” Almost 60% of respondents who have heard of the “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” ad campaign said it encouraged them to talk to their family about memorialization *Questions were part of a larger NFDA survey Consumer Survey 30

31 Verbatim Comments – NFDA Consumer Survey

32 Phase II Have the Talk of a Lifetime One Voice Impacting Our Future Media Campaign Plan & Fundraising 32

33 Employ an integrated marketing and media strategy that blends digital (online) and traditional (offline) Select cost-effective and efficient media options that are highly targeted to a specific audience in the most appropriate environment Media Campaign Strategies 33

34 Utilize all manners of digital media including: –Pay-per-click, Behavioral marketing, Search engine optimization Target consumers who are most able to act on the Have the Talk message and influence others Drive consumers to the Have the Talk website Continue to enhance the grassroots efforts Media Campaign Strategies 34

35 Short-term (measured every 30 days) Behavioral shifts measured in actions and analytics in terms of: –Visits to the website –Links to FAMIC members –Requests for information such as the downloadable brochure. Media Campaign Outcomes 35

36 Long-term (measured annually or bi-annually) Attitudinal shifts measured in improved perceptions of the funeral service profession, and the connection between Have the Talk and memorialization. This will be assessed in FAMIC’s survey Americans’ Attitudes Towards Death and Ritualization, which is conducted every five years, as well as in additional on-going surveys. Media Campaign Outcomes 36

37 FAMIC is poised to significantly impact consumer perceptions of the funeral service profession for decades to come by capitalizing on the shift toward digital marketing. Change Consumer Perceptions 37

38 A blended strategy of traditional and digital marketing will ensure that Have the Talk will: Reach a national audience. Achieve results on par with well-recognized and highly successful branding campaigns. Maximize the media budget without spending millions of dollars once required in mass media campaigns of similar scope. Blended Strategy 38

39 39 Sample Banner Ads

40 Have the Talk Digital Campaign Test Results 40

41 Your support of the One Voice Impacting Our Future campaign provides you with the opportunity to: Unite our profession and speak with one voice. Enrich the fabric of our communities by endorsing Have the Talk of a Lifetime. Grow your bottom line. 41

42 Your involvement will be what helps us begin to change consumer opinions and attitudes toward memorialization. Now is the time to unite with One Voice and join with FAMIC in this historic public education and awareness campaign. The Time Is NOW 42

43 Our goal is 4 million dollars by the end of 2015. for the lead gift. 43

44 Visionary $500,000 - $999,999 Public Listing Prominent Listing News Releases Convention Exposure Donor Recognition Reception Sponsorship Signage 44

45 Let’s start the conversation! 45

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