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Autodesk © 2007 Assassin's Creed, image courtesy of Ubisoft Montreal Corporate Overview.

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1 Autodesk © 2007 Assassin's Creed, image courtesy of Ubisoft Montreal Corporate Overview

2 Autodesk © 2007 Safe Harbor Statement During the course of this presentation, we may make forward-looking statements regarding future events and the expected performance of the Company. We wish to caution you that such statements reflect our best judgment based on factors currently known to us and that actual events or results could differ materially. For important factors that may cause actual results to differ from those contained in our forward- looking statements, we would like to refer you to the documents we file from time to time with the SEC and specifically our Form 10K filed on June 4, 2007 and 10Q filed on August 31, 2007. We do not assume any obligation to update any forward looking statements we make to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the date of this presentation.

3 Autodesk © 2007 World’s Leading 2D and 3D Design Software Company Unparalleled Global Presence:  Portfolio of markets and industries  Geographically diversified revenue stream  From small business to enterprise customers  Over 8 million seats have been registered globally  Unsurpassed Channel:  1,700 Partners with 7,500 Feet on the Street  4,500 Instructors  2,700 Development Partners

4 Autodesk © 2007 Diversified Industry Revenues Manufacturing 31% Building 36% Infrastructure 21% Media 12%

5 Autodesk © 2007 Diversified Global Revenues United States 34% Other Americas 6% EMEA 37% Asia Pacific 23%

6 Autodesk © 2007 Outstanding Financial Position A 25-year history of financial success:  Fiscal 2007 net revenue was $1.84 billion  $11 billion market cap  Cash and equivalents of $827 million  No debt

7 Autodesk © 2007 Our Customer’s World is Changing Seeking Differentiation through Design Innovation  Globalization  Global building and infrastructure boom  Sustainability and rising energy costs  Digital life

8 Autodesk © 2007 Autodesk solutions allow customers to experience designs before they are real through digital prototyping Enabling Design Innovation

9 Autodesk © 2007 Benefits include:  Greater innovation  Competitive advantage  Reduced waste and errors  Faster time to market  Reduced cost and number of physical prototypes Digital Prototyping Provides Competitive Advantage

10 Autodesk © 2007  Product innovation  Time-to-market  Cost reduction Manufacturing Market Growth Trends Manufacturing Customers Need

11 Autodesk © 2007 The Company to Deliver AEC Market Growth Trends  Industrialization  Urbanization  Globalization  Sustainability and scarcity of resources  Managing complex infrastructure systems  Redefining design and delivery

12 Autodesk © 2007  High impact content  Mainstream hardware  Evolution of games  Access to talent  Digital prototyping Media & Entertainment Market Growth Trends

13 Autodesk © 2007 Key Trends Driving Our Business  New seats still represent ~2/3 revenue  2D growth remains strong  3D revenue is growing  Emerging economies provide significant opportunity  Subscription continues to gain traction

14 Autodesk © 2007 New Business Drives Revenue Growth Upgrades Subscription New Seats & Emerging Business

15 Autodesk © 2007 Digital Prototyping Vertical Solutions 2D Building Manufacturing Infrastructure Increasing value to customer Revit AutoCAD Architecture MEP AutoCAD Land Desktop Inventor AutoCAD LT AutoCAD Mechanical Electrical Civil 3D 2D and 3D Addressing multiple markets 2D

16 Autodesk © 2007 Strong Growth in 2D 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 FY04FY05FY06 FY07 Vertical Solutions AutoCAD AutoCAD LT Revenue in $ Millions

17 Autodesk © 2007 Total 3D Revenue: Accelerating 22% of FY07 total revenue MSD - Inventor AEC – Revit and Civil 3d ($ in Millions) 0 100 200 300 400 FY04FY05FY06FY07

18 Autodesk © 2007 0 250 500 750 1,000 1/31/04 1/31/051/31/061/31/07 (3D Units in 000’s) 3D Penetration: Biggest opportunity still to come 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 % penetration of installed base

19 Autodesk © 2007 Emerging Markets Accelerate Growth AMER EMEA APAC 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 FY04FY05FY06FY07 ($ in Millions)

20 20 Autodesk © 2007 Industry Leading Revenue Linearity Benefits of Revenue Linearity:  Predictability  DSO improvement  Sales discipline  Operation efficiency Cumulative Revenue ($M) 2006 2003 2005 2004 2007

21 21 Autodesk © 2007 Operating Margin Remains Strong 19% 25% Stock option expense

22 22 Autodesk © 2007 Strong EPS Growth Rate $1.53 $1.19 Stock option expense

23 23 Autodesk © 2007 Guidance Summary Q4 FY 2008  Revenue $575M - $585M  Non-GAAP EPS$0.52 - $0.54  GAAP EPS$0.42 - $0.44 FY 2008  Revenue $2.148B - $2.158B  Non-GAAP EPS$1.89 - $1.91  GAAP EPS$1.50 - $1.52 Q1 FY 2009  Revenue $575M - $585M  Non-GAAP EPS$0.50 - $0.52  GAAP EPS$0.42 - $0.44 FY 2009  Revenue $2.425B - $2.1475B  Non-GAAP EPS$1.84 - $1.90  GAAP EPS$2.20 - $2.26 Long Term Goal  15% CAGR Revenue

24 24 Autodesk © 2007

25 25 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: To produce offshore living quarters. The 44 cabin project was vastly complex, requiring the coordination of all necessary piping, electrical, instrumentation, fire and gas, HVAC and fire fighting systems. “We needed best-in-class tools at every stage of the design process to make sure all the pieces of the project came together seamlessly.” —Jimmy Bergmark CAD Manager Customer Success Pharmadule Emtunga Why Autodesk: “AutoCAD was a natural choice. I’ve had experience with other CAD platforms where it takes new users months to become productive, if ever. That’s not the case with AutoCAD.” —Jimmy Bergmark CAD Manager Results:  Saved time and money. Early detection of design conflicts prevents later resource expenditure.  Reduced new-user downtime. For this team, AutoCAD 2006 is the most intuitive and user- friendly CAD platform on the market.

26 26 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: Design one of the tallest buildings in the world on the most significant site on a fast- track schedule while applying the latest advances in construction technology and the highest quality standards. “The complexity of a project like the Freedom Tower cannot be overestimated. Revit is empowering us to comprehend the building more fully, earlier in the design process than we were able to before.” —James Vandezande, AIA Associate, CAD Manager Customer Success Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Why Autodesk: “We chose Autodesk Revit Building for the Freedom Tower because we believe building information modeling will enable us to design and construct a better building for our client.” —Carl Galioto, FAIA Partner Results:  Open information project  Advanced knowledge of design constructability  Integrated delivery  Reduced errors & waste  Enhanced team communication

27 27 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge:  Company faced strong competition on projects  Operating at razor thin margins to stay competitive  Traditional design software slows progress on projects “We can do our work so much faster. In the past, these questions required more than a week of work to answer, but now we are finished in a few hours.” —Dirk Talsma, Civil Engineering Customer Success Grontmij Netherlands BV Why Autodesk:  Flexibility to create many design alternatives—not just one or two  Reduce risk associated with design changes Results:  Completed design tasks in hours instead of weeks—ten times faster  Extended the useful life of an important waste facility  Beat the competition with innovative technology

28 28 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge:  Firm has many design needs  Roads, pipes, parcels, volumes, roundabouts  Existing software slows progress “Our work was more thorough, not just faster. You usually lose thoroughness with speed, but not with Civil 3D.” — Flavio Branco, Civil Engineer Customer Success Sitios & Formas Why Autodesk:  Enables faster changes  Provides more design alternatives  Enables smarter choices Results:  Increased project profitability due to reduced design time  Recouped training costs ahead of schedule  Completed sophisticated traffic circle design

29 29 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge:  Integration of geospatial data  Need to improve customer service “It used to take 40 days to complete work orders for new telecommunications lines. Now it takes only two days. Autodesk and Oracle solutions gave us the capabilities we needed to become a more dynamic and efficient company.” — Radovan Cvetkovic, Chief Information Officer Customer Success Telekom Serbia Why Autodesk:  Enables more cost-effective asset analysis and management  Provides seamless integration with Oracle Results:  Reduced operational costs and staffing requirements  Dramatically improved productivity, reducing time to complete new line work orders by 95% (from 40 days to 2)  improved customer satisfaction

30 30 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: Implement a real time engineer to order solution for distributed sales force to increase sales volumes and market share. Why Autodesk:  Autodesk Inventor  Supports data re-use downstream AutoCAD Mechanical & ERP  Autodesk Intent  Tight integration with Inventor  ERP vendors could not deliver engineering configuration solution  Autodesk Vault  Engineering data management  Autodesk Streamline and DWF  Publish technical drawing to 80 distributors, over 600 people for customer site installation  Delivered Strategic Business Consulting engagement Customer Success Hytrol Conveyor Company Inc. “Autodesk Consulting helped us to really look at, and understand, our business processes before we started implementing software. They thought of things we hadn’t considered— they’ve given us good direction.” “The Autodesk mantra is about service—that means a lot to us. We know Autodesk is listening, because we can see how they incorporate our feedback into new products.” George Williams Manager of Engineering, Hytrol Conveyor Company Results:  Sales cycles & engineering time will be reduced by automating re-design for each order.  Will enable automated production of BOM and spare parts lists.  “Order management” bottleneck in engineering will be reduced.

31 31 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: Leverage technology advances to take on bigger and more complex projects. Implement data management process that enables team to work simultaneously and collaboratively on projects Why Autodesk:  Autodesk Inventor Professional  Supports cross functional team collaboration on large projects  Easy transition from 2D to 3D  Powerful automation with tube & pipe design  Best AutoCAD compatibility  Handles extremely large assemblies & can visualize entire model  Autodesk Vault  Increases security of data  Autodesk DWF  Improves client communications Customer Success David Laurent “If we had to make the choice again for a 3D solution, I think there is not one member of our staff that would question the choice of Autodesk Inventor Professional.” “Because we are a small company we do not want to have a big complex PDM software to manage our design data, we do not need that complexity or cost. The Autodesk Vault is perfect for us, and now saves us time and prevents loss of data.” Eric Rolland Lead Designer, David Laurent SARL Results:  Saving 20 to 30% design time on all new projects  Using 3D DWF for design reviews with customers cuts design time, catches errors earlier, saves money  Implemented Vault in under 2 hours  Better concurrent engineering data management

32 32 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: Reduce lead times, exceed client expectations though innovation, while improving management of design work-in-progress. Why Autodesk:  Autodesk Inventor  Easy to learn and use, training is not cost prohibitive  Easy communication with clients in building industry through DWG/DWF  Provides best of 2D & 3D plus data management in one package  Autodesk Vault  Provides basic life cycle management  Easy to use and familiar interface aids user confidence Customer Success Kone “ The benefits of Inventor quickly became evident, delivering massive gains in design reviews and customer liaison.” “The Vault is becoming the tool to help us improve project management and provide a foundation for better Product Lifecycle Management”. Brian White Technical Author KONE Escalators Results:  Can show clients existing & planned installations earlier in process.  Clients have confidence KONE can meet their requirements.  Structured file management with Vault improves process efficiency, protects good data from loss.  Vault reduces network traffic, enables multi-user collaboration, eliminates potential errors.

33 33 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: Continuously find ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and bring more innovative products to market faster. Why Autodesk:  Autodesk Inventor Professional  Proven to handle large assemblies of 10,000 parts  Powerful, integrated sheet metal tools  Tube & pipe design automation  Easy to learn and use  Best value  Autodesk is the industry leader with a huge user population  AutoCAD Electrical  Open and flexible compared to competitive offerings  Easy to create custom reports Customer Success Mammoth Inc. “Autodesk always has the lead in the marketplace for CAD and there are so many users out there. AutoCAD users can migrate to Autodesk Inventor very easily.” Matt McFarland Senior Designer, Mammoth Inc. “AutoCAD Electrical is very flexible and easy to use. The fact that it doesn’t limit us is a major advantage.” David Pedersen, Electrical Engineer, Mammoth, Inc. Results:  Costs reduced up to $9,000 / project.  Reduced time spent on piping by 40%.  Improved communication with customers & shop floor.  Reduced time spent running reports for electrical design drawings dramatically.

34 34 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: Double Negative was tasked with delivering some of the most challenging CG shots for Columbia Pictures The Da Vinci Code “In The Da Vinci Code, the reveal of Mary's sarcophagus is a good example where Autodesk Maya became the backbone of a shot. The shot was first pre-visualized in Maya. Camera movement was then programmed onto a motion control green screen plate of the sarcophagus, using Maya. Maya was also used to pre-visualize the Newton’s tomb sequence.” Jesper Kjolsrud CG supervisor, Double Negative Customer Success Double Negative Why Autodesk:  Autodesk Maya  Pre-vis for extensive shots  Seamlessly blend live-action with CG  Easy trasfer of CG assets to compositing environment  Industry-leading toolset Results:  80 shots built for Da Vinci Code  Scenes created that could not have been built without Maya  Enormous time savings from pre-vis to finished shots through use of Maya throughout

35 35 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: To create a next-gen action game that stands out from the numerous titles competing for blockbuster status. Stranglehold is based on John Woo’s action movie Hard Boiled. The extensive range of movements of Chow-Yun Fat’s character Tequila necessitated a digital scan of the actor which could be modelled accurately in 3D. “The way Tequila moves is one of the things that make Stranglehold stand apart from other next-generation games. In the movie, Tequila is known for performing aerobatic moves while he’s firing his guns. To generate all the Tequila moves, we had to create about 10 times the amount of motion you’d create for a typical third-person shooter.” Brian Eddy, Project leader/director Midway Games Why Autodesk: Stranglehold’s characters were modeled in Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max, rigged in Maya, then animated in Autodesk Motion Builder. The Autodesk 3D product portfolio allowed Midway to utilize a range of tools that integrated well within their product pipeline and produced stunning results. Results:  The game features a photorealistic CG version of the actor complete with his signature fight moves  Multiple versions of every object in the game were created so that every one of the hundreds of objects in the game’s eight expansive levels is destructible.  Final result: A hot action sequel highly anticipated by the gaming community Customer Success Midway Games

36 36 Autodesk © 2007 Challenge: To develop a collaborative design project in one semester Why Autodesk: “ Initially, we created a preliminary master plan in AutoCAD. Each of us then worked on a specific portion of the complex in AutoCAD. By pasting the pieces to the original coordinates in AutoCAD, we brought the design together. The individual design files fit together immediately and exactly.” —Pablo Martinez Student Results:  By using Autodesk solutions, a small group of students:  Completed a basic design for a stadium in only six weeks  Completed presentation material in only four weeks  Impressed established architects, local politicians, and business leaders. Customer Success Tecnologico de Monterrey “AutoCAD is an essential platform for design. Being able to use AutoCAD so proficiently has definitely helped all of us in our careers.” —Enrique Yanez Alvarado Student

37 37 Autodesk © 2007 Investors Correlate ADSK Share Price Performance with the U.S. Homebuilding Industry ADSK XHB S&P Homebuilding Index Weekly share prices from inception of XHB 2/06-4/07 Relative Share Price Performance 60% 80% 100% 120%

38 38 Autodesk © 2007 Revenue Performance Does NOT Correlate ADSK XHB S&P Homebuilding Index Relative Revenue Performance Quarterly revenue over last 2 years 100% 110% 120% 130% 140%

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