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GOOGLE APPS FOR WORK 3:30-4:00. GOOGLE APPS FOR WORK: WHAT IS IT?  Cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) business productivity suite which provides.

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2 GOOGLE APPS FOR WORK: WHAT IS IT?  Cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) business productivity suite which provides e-mail, document storage, and access to programs similar to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Lync  Competitor to: –Microsoft Office –Office 365 –Exchange –And, to a much lesser degree Lync and SharePoint

3 GOOGLE APPS FOR WORK: PLAN OPTIONS  Sign up for one of three plan categories –Google Apps for Work o $50.00 per user per year or $5.00 per month per user o 30 gigabyte storage per user –Google Apps Unlimited o Includes Google Vault & unlimited storage o $120.00 per user per year or $10.00 per month per user –Google Apps for Education o Free for K-12, colleges, universities with up to 30k users o 30 gigabyte storage per user –Google Apps for Non-profits o Same as Google Apps for Education except to qualify must be 501(c)(3) accredited


5 GMAIL  Allows subscriber to use own domain  Can use Outlook or other software as client  30 gigabyte storage capacity with option to purchase additional OR “unlimited”


7 DOCS, SHEETS, SLIDES  Similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

8 DRIVE  Similar concept to DropBox, OneDrive, Box  Sync to local device (computer, phone, tablet) for offline access  Serves as primary storage location for files created using Google Apps applications  File sharing features –Share internally or externally –Grant/restrict access rights  Content can be searched and exported for eDiscovery but NOT put on hold




12 HANGOUTS  Real-time communication application: –Instant Messaging (Chat): group or individual –Video conferencing: group or individual –Web conferencing/screen sharing: group or individual –Phone calls (USA and Canada free) –Text messages  Competes with: –Lync –Skype  Built into Google+ (social networking platform)  Works on PC, tablet, phone  Can be turned on or off  Chats can optionally be conducted with individuals outside of organization who also are in the Google Network  Chat history: –Available across different devices –Can be turned off by default BUT users can turn back on individually

13 SITES  Web site creation and management tool: SharePoint “lite”  Create various types of web sites which can be made accessible to: –Public –Company –Partners, customers, vendors, etc.  Types of websites include: –Collaboration –Intranet –Public –Wiki –Blog

14 SITES, CONT.  Features include: –Access rights to view, edit, or own site –Versioning: see earlier page versions  Template driven  Ability to customize pages using a variety of tools and features  Deleted sites are retained for 30 days OR can be permanently deleted immediately




18 WHAT IS GOOGLE APPS VAULT?  Optional service that provides ediscovery and e-mail archiving and retention features  eDiscovery features: –Legal hold: place legal hold on user’s e-mail and on the record chats –Identify and collect e-mail, on-the-record chats, and Drive content –Audit reports of who did what with eDiscovery features  E-mail archiving and retention features –Set retention rules to control how long e-mail messages and on- the-record chats are retained prior to purging –“Journal-like” functionality: can ensure all messages for certain users are retained indefinitely

19 HOW DOES IT WORK? EDISCOVERY FEATURES  Search –Create matter –Define search parameters –Choose what to do with search results o “Count” (# of hits) o Preview o Export –Applies to e-mail and Drive content  Hold –Create matter –Set up hold o Select who is to be placed on hold o Select what is to be placed on hold (limit by date and search terms/operators) –Only applies to e-mails and attachments! Drive content is not held

20 EXPORT SEARCH RESULTS  E-mail exports include: –E-mail in mbox format o 10 gigabyte increments o Can open in some e-mail clients such as Thunderbird and Mac OS X Mail o Can open in text editor such as Notepad o Ingest into eDiscovery tool –.xml file with metadata including: o Addresses (to;, from:, cc:, bcc:) o Message subjects o Send and receive dates o Identifying information so you can locate each email in the mbox file –.csv file with addresses of message senders and number of messages sent –File checksums (MD5 has value) –Error report if errors are present

21 EXPORT SEARCH RESULTS  Drive exports include: –Compressed (ZIP) file with all the files found by the search o 10 gigabyte increments –.xml file with metadata, including: o Document IDs o User email addresses o Created and modified dates for each file o Document types and titles –.csv file with mapping of document IDs (found in the.xml file) to user accounts –File checksums –Error report if errors are present –Google file types are converted as follows: o Google Docs to.docx o Google Sheets to.xlsx o Google Forms (.html and.csv) o Google Slides to.pptx o Google Drawings to.pdf

22 THE TRUTH ABOUT CHATS AND THE VAULT  In The Google Apps blog post it states “Vault provides access to all of your Gmail and ‘on the record’ chats. Does that mean that a user can take the chat “off the record” and Vault won’t retain it? – Yes. Only "on the record" chats are archived.  Can administrators require chats to be “on the record” so that they are retained with Vault? – No. Administrators can only require chats to be “off the record” and can disable chat history.  Do Google+ Hangouts work with Vault? – There is partial compatibility between Hangouts and Vault: o Any history-on (on-the-record) messages can be searched, exported, and placed on hold for eDiscovery purposes. o Retention and archiving policies are not properly applied to history-on messages. For example, once a retention period has expired, history-on messages are expunged from Vault, and they are no longer searchable or exportable by Vault administrators or Vault users with the appropriate privileges. However, your users still have access to their Hangouts histories. – To enable Google+ Hangouts, you must understand how Hangouts works with Vault and then accept a Vault-Hangouts amendment. This amendment prompts for your acceptance when you opt in to Hangouts in the Admin console.Google+ Hangouts

23 HOW DOES IT WORK? E-MAIL ARCHIVING / RETENTION FEATURES  Set default retention rule –Applied to all items unless a custom rule applies –Applies to e-mail and on-the-record chats ONLY, Drive content NOT included –Items are retained for period specified (can be a maximum of 36,500 days) –Can be applied to everyone or just specific Organizational Units (OU) –Suspended for items or users on hold  Custom retention rule: –Retain items based on search criteria –Labels: allows for items to be classified by users and have an associated retention period  “Journaling” option: create a rule which specifies “retain data indefinitely”

24 E-MAIL RETENTION  Different than retention available with Vault  Allows messages to be retained for specific period of time  When time specified has elapsed, two options: –Move messages to the Trash (means messages are available for an additional 30 days) –Delete messages permanently  Can exempt messages based on labels

25 COMPLIANCE RELATED E-MAIL FEATURES  Content compliance –Specify what action to take on messages based on predefined sets of words, phrases, text patterns, or numerical patters –Reject or deliver message with modifications –Only works on text attachments  Objectionable content setting –Specify what action to take on messages based on word lists –Reject or deliver message with modifications –Only works on text attachments  Attachment compliance setting –Specify action to take on messages with attachments –Specify conditions based on file type, size, file name –Specify actions: reject, re-route, add header, etc.


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